236. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [7]

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236. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [7]

I immediately denied the president, Ria, and Lilim-senpai’s claims.

「No, I did not cheat. In the first place, this Life game was prepared by the president, wasn’t it? There was no time nor opportunity for me to do anything.」

As I honestly stated that,

「W-Well, that’s…」

「T-That’s true, but…」

「Guh… As expected, Allen-kun. You don’t let people get dirt on you easily.」

The three of them stared at me as they trembled in frustration.

「B-But… I have never seen anyone get “over 500 million gold” in this game! Something weird is definitely going on!」

「Moreover, Allen is the only person who did not stop on a tile with a “bad event” even once in the entire three matches!」

「T-That’s right! Please explain that by all means, Allen-kun.」

The president and Ria pointed out a suspicious point, and Lilim senior backed them up.

「Ahaha, isn’t that obvious. Why would I stop on a bad event tile by choice?」

The moment I gave an extremely obvious answer,


The three looked at each other with a surprised expression.

「C-Come to think of it, I have heard rumours of “Professional dealers” who live in the “shadows” and can manipulate the roulette at their own will.」

「Nee, Allen… Since you have physical ability that is out of human norms, I think you might actually be able to achieve such feats.」

「W-What about that!? Answer honestly!」

The president, Ria and Lilim-senpai asked a very “obvious” question.

「Yes, of course I can.」

I didn’t feel the need to hide it, so I decided to answer honestly.

I was taught all kinds of play from bamboo geezer, and of course I enjoy roulette as much as the next person.

I’m not as good at it as card games, but getting the number that I’m aiming for is a piece of cake.

I do not stop on tiles with bad events, take the occupations with the best salary, and always stop on the few super lucky tiles.

In this way, I won with an overwhelming difference.

「For example, if I want a “10”, then I do it like this…」

While saying that, I spun the roulette with force.

It spun at high speed for about twenty times, and then gradually slowed down and eventually stopped exactly at the number I proclaimed – “10”.

At that moment,

「T-This is cheating… Allen-kun is a natural “Cheat master”! That’s how you’ve always been toying around with all your onee-san!」

「T-This is unfair! No one can beat Allen like this!」

「Allen-kun, you…!」

The three of them stood up vigorously and immediately approached closer.


They pushed me back so far that, my back was cornered to the wall in no time.

「Allen-kun, you’re prepared for what’s coming, aren’t you?」

「Allen, being unfair is not good.」

「The match between swordsmen is a serious battle. You’re not going to say that you forgot, right?」

I made a proper rebuttal to the three who pushed even closer still.

「It’s a misunderstanding! This is “technique” and is not a “cheat” by any means!」

Technique and cheat, these two can be clearly distinguished.

It is the technique that stops the roulette on the desired number.

On the other hand, adjusting the “slipperiness” of the roulette with your palm sweat and secretly preparing “tricks” on the table is what you call a cheat.

「After mastering all kinds of basic techniques, we will fight while employing a variety of cheats. This is the real thrill of the “game”.」- This is what I was taught by bamboo geezer a long time ago.



My rebuttal seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as they began a secret conversation amongst themselves.

「Ria-san, Lilim. How should we deal with Allen?」

「Let’s see… I think it would be best to make him listen to our “request”, after all.」

「Oh, that’s a good idea! Then I want Allen-kun to teach me his unique swordsmanship very closely! His skill is cool and above all, it’s very practical!」

「I-If that’s the case, I think I will ask for something that can remain with me like an accessory.」

「Yeah, I wonder if I could get a massage or something… N-Not in a strange meaning… L-Lately, my shoulder has been quite stiff is all.」

「Flying Shadow, Instant Flash, and Yatagarasu – Fufufufu! Next year is the era of Lilim Tsuorine!」

The president and Ria started blushing, whereas Lilim-senpai eyes were gleaming.

(This is bad…)

I don’t know what they’re talking about secretly, but…

It was easy to imagine that I would get into another troublesome thing if I didn’t interrupt that conversation somehow.

(The president, Ria, and Lilim-senpai – all three of them are very simple at their root.)

For those three who are always curious and hate to lose, this “bait” will surely be the most effective.

「Umm… Would you like to know how to “control the roulette at will”?」

The moment I threw the “groundbait”,

「「「H-How to control roulette at will!?」」」

The three of them easily took the bait.

(Fuu, thank goodness. I managed to perfectly “hook” them.)

Thus, I succeeded in “fishing” Ria and the rest and interrupted their suspicious secret conversation.


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