24. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [7] – part 1


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24. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [7] – part 1

I didn’t stop the group of black cloaks and Dodriel from escaping. Rather, there was no time to stop them.

「Ria, Rose…! Wake up!」

I shook their shoulders strongly, but… perhaps the damage was too much, as they did not react at all.


I had no choice but to carry the two of them on both sides and start running towards the exit at full speed.

(Please… let it just be my over-thinking…!)

The group of black cloaks pulled back easily. Too easily that it gave me an uneasy feeling.

Their retreat was too timely… and that scared me.

The presence of a second explosion – a much larger explosion inevitably crossed my mind.


I desperately rushed down the stairs.

Rather than rushing down – it was more the momentum of falling down from jumping.

From 6th to 5th floor.

From 5th to 4th floor.

From 4th to 3rd floor.

I moved cautiously and quickly so as not to burden the two unconscious as much as possible.

「A little bit more…!」

When I finally arrived on the first floor and saw the exit.

There was a nasty sound like a pin or something had came off.

Spine-chilling pressure froze my whole body.

(No, way…!?)

A second later, there was an enormous explosion that was incomparable in scale to the previous one.

The center point was probably the VIP room on the seventh floor.

And the power was far beyond my expectations. Not just to the extent of this building. It was powerful enough to blow away the whole area.


I ran.

With the explosion being just a fraction of a second behind me.

But – no matter how much training I have, I’m human after all.

There is a limit to my speed, and I can’t outrun an explosion.

(Shit, I won’t make it out in time…)

At least as minimal resistance, I hugged the unconscious Ria and Rose tightly.

(If I can act as a shield even a little for the both of them…)

A fraction of a second later, while bracing for the impact of the explosion,

「Desiccate -〈Withered Parasol〉」

The explosion that was closing in right behind me disappeared in one breath.


While I was stunned,

「If it wasn’t explicitly a surprise attack, such a poor and boring explosion is no big deal.」

The woman who erased the explosion laughed mysteriously.

「Y-You are…」

The moment I spoke.

「As expected of Rize-sama… Aaaaaa!」

「That was well done! As expected of the lone woman of the Five Wealthy Merchants!」

「Hahaha! House Dorahain will be safe for decades to come!」

The people around me were cheering excitedly.

(…House Dorahain?)

That name is surely… the same name as Ice King Academy’s director, Ferris-san’s House.

When I looked closer, the facial features and the garments were similar to Ferris-san.

Healthy, youthful and smooth skin.

Long slit fox eyes.

A beautiful fire-like kimono with red and white as the basis.

Long red-and-white hair is put together on the side, and the ornate hairpin which imitated a brilliant fire stood out well.

(Perhaps they are sisters…?)

While I was thinking about that,


「…W-Where am I?」

Ria and Rose regained consciousness.

「Ria, Rose! You finally woke up…!」

And when I patted my chest in relief,

「Allen…? O-Oh right, that guy!?」

「Where is that swordsman!?」

They must have recalled Dodriel. The two stood up immediately and went on guard.

「It’s alright, I’ve already defeated him.」

「…I-I see. You really are strong, Allen…」

「…How frustrating.」

Then they quietly bite their lips. The loss to Dodriel seems to be quite unbearable.

(What should I say at times like this…)

When I was thinking about such a thing, a woman suddenly called out to me.

「Iyaa, thank you, Allen-kun. You truly saved us.」

It was the lady of the famous noble house, House Dorahain, who erased the big explosion just a while ago, and was showered with loud cheers.

Her northern accent was stronger than Ferris-san.

「N-No, I’m also thankful for the help. That was really wonderful… To erase that powerful explosion in an instant.」

If I remember correctly, she called it〈Withered Parasol〉.

What kind of ability does that soul-dress have?

「Ahaha. Iyaya, that was just a minor self-defense technique. You’re really good at flattery, yaa… Allen-kun.」she said, and laughed happily, hiding her mouth with her kimono sleeves.

「Self-defense technique… is it?」

The『pressure』that I felt only for a moment was far beyond that level though…

「Oops, I’ve yet to introduce myself – I am Rize-Dorahain. I handle the large-scale financing system of the Five Wealthy Merchants. Let’s get along from now on.」

「I am Allen-Rodore. I’m a student at Thousand Blade Academy, and now I’m working as a magic swordsman for certain reasons.」

「Aa, I knew it! You’re that Allen-kun!」

She clapped her hands together, and nodded understandingly,

「I’ve heard a little about you from my younger sister, Ferris.」

「Is that so?」

As I expected, Ferris-san and Rize-san seem to be sisters.

「I heard that you defeated that girl’s most favourite, Sid-kun…『Absolutely won’t forgive him!』or so, she cried out!」

「W-Well, what can I really say to that…」

「Fufu, it’s just like the grumbling of a small child, don’t worry about it.」

Unlike some sorry people such as Leia-sensei and Ferris-san, Rize-san was an『Adult Woman』.

How do I say, she had something like composure and elegance… such charms was overflowing from her.

「Uun, but now I’m hugely indebted to Allen-kun… What should I do?」she said, tilting her head.

「It’s not really a d-debt… I just did the most natural thing as a swordsman-」



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