24. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [7] – part 2


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24. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [7] – part 2

As I politely refused,

「You see.『Always pay your debt』is my creed. Even if you’re good, I’m not.」

Rize-san shut my mouth with her slender index finger.

「That’s right… Yeah, let’s do this. If Allen is in trouble in the future, please come to my house. I’ll help you just once at anytime.」

「At any time…?」

「Aa, that’s right. You can come at any time.」

At any time, I can get the support of one of the Five Wealthy Merchants once.

(I obtained an incredible right…)

Five Wealthy Merchants is an authority of this country, along with the directors of Five Academy. Although it’s only once, but to be able to borrow her power… It’s one hell of a trump card.

Then Rize-san whispered in my ear.

「And unlike my sister… I’m quite worried about you.」

「…! To be concerned about someone like me, how should I say…」

To have such an excellent soul-dress user worrying about me… Honestly, I’m a little happy.

(…Oh yeah, I can use the right to borrow her power to help me with my training!)

I have no intention of begging for money or expensive things with this right. I don’t need that much money. I only want to live a modest life with my mother – if I have the least amount of money for that, that’s fine.

There is nothing special I want either. If there was something I wanted, then it would be a new sword. So, after all – isn’t it best to use that right for training?

「Aa, mou! I really can’t get enough of your honest expressions…!」she said, and licked her lips..

And then,

「Excuse me, you’re troubling Allen…!」

「Don’t go closer than that…!」

Ria and Rose, who had been listening quietly from a while ago, suddenly jumped in front of me simultaneously.

「Oh my, you girls have quite the stiff guard…」Rize-san laughed, and moved back a step.

And when the peaceful conversation ended, she narrowed her eyes and gave me a piece of advice.

「Maa, I’m not trying to intimidate you, but… you guys should think about your safety a little bit from now on, alright? The black cloaked group just now was the『Black Organization』that’s been stirring up a fuss among the public.」

「…So, it was them.」

I thought that it「might be」judging from their distinctive outfit, but to think it actually was them.

Black organization – a large criminal organization that has been the talk of the country in recent years. Manufacturing of drugs, Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Assassination of Key People, and other various criminal acts. And also the organization which Dodriel is currently serving under.

(If I could, I didn’t want to get involved…)

However, there’s no helping for what happened at Daido Firm. Not swordsmen or anyone else – rather, simple ordinary people were attacked by the mysterious group that suddenly appeared. If I made the decision not to take action at that time, I would have regretted it forever. So, this time, there really was no helping it.

「Thank you for the advice.」

「Yes, be careful. Well, I have to deal with the aftermath now, so I’ll be taking my leave here. Let’s meet again sometime, Allen-kun.」Rize-san said, and laughed gently whilst narrowing her fox eyes.

「Yes, let’s meet again sometime.」

Then we parted ways with her and for the time being we returned to the Kimono Rental Main Store. Of course, to compensate for the yukata that had been torn. However, the people in the store had already heard of the incident, and said that the compensation was not necessary. On the contrary, they even said,「Thank you on behalf of Drestia」.

About three weeks after the turbulent Daido Commercial Festival.

Subjugation of Giant Worm.

Procuring 3 kilos of rare grass.

Subjugation of Goblin Lord.

Having achieved all of today’s requests that was given by Bons-san, I reported the quest completion at the reception desk of the Magic Swordsman Association.

「Yoshi! Allen, Ria, Rose – thanks for everything up until now!」

He came all the way out of the reception and shook hands firmly with each of us.


It’s been exactly a month since we were suspended.

This is the day that marked our end as magic swordsmen.

「Thank you for everything, Bons-san.」

「Thank you very much!」

「You were very helpful. Thank you.」

「Oh, that’s good! Thanks to you guys, I was saved from all the accumulated requests!」

When we were exchanging farewells with Bons-san,

「Uoooooo… Allen… It feels so lonely already…」

「Aa, Ria-jou and Rose-jou… Two flowers who soothed our hearts… Kuuu…」

「Come and see us again at any time! You will be free after classes, right?」

All of the magic swordsmen, including Dread-san, were saddened by our departure.

There are places where they are a little rough in their actions and behaviors, but…

When you hangout with them, you’ll understand that they are all kind, good-natured people.

「It was only a month, but thank you for everything…!」

「We are also grateful to you! If you are ever in town again, please call us!」

「Till we meet again.」

After saying our goodbyes to everyone, we left the Magic Swordsman Association.

The sky had already darkened, and a slightly cool breeze calmed my body and mind.

「Haa… A lot of things happened, but being a magic swordsman was fun.」

「Un, at first I was surprised, but… When it was over, it all turned out to be really fun.」

「Being a Magic Swordsman is fun.」

Until now, I’ve had a big idea of becoming a Holy Knight, working for the people, and getting a stable salary. But this month’s experience broadened my horizons a little. Becoming a magic swordsman, listening to the wishes of people, a lifestyle that helps everyone… it wasn’t too bad.

「Well then, it’s late already, so let’s depart.」

「Un, we’re finally returning to Thousand Blade Academy tomorrow!」

「I’m looking forward to the soul-dress classes.」

「Aa, that’s right.」

Thus, after a month of successful training as a magic swordsman, we decided to return to Thousand Blade Academy.



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