241. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [12]

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241. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [12]

The sakura product that was at the end of Ria’s gaze was a beautiful accessory.

(Sakura ring… 10 thousand gold, huh.)


…No, considering that it’s a ring, you can say it’s relatively cheap.

However, from my sense of money and wallet situation, the price of 10 thousand gold is extremely high.

(But why is she making such a troubled face?)

Ria is so rich that I could never compare with her.

(Something like 10 thousand gold, should be of no problem to her.)

The moment I was thinking about that vaguely, a blitz across my mind.

(Speaking of which, Paula-san said something a long time ago.)

If I remember correctly, it was on her birthday.

When I was twelve years old at the time, I planned to present an apron to Paula-san as thank you for taking care of me everyday.

(I went out far to the next town to look for it, but… I couldn’t find a size of more than two meters at all. I just stood in the crowd not knowing what to do.)

I still remember the anxiety I felt at that time very clearly.

I searched around desperately, but I couldn’t find the right apron.

In the end, when the sun started to set, I bought the biggest apron at a nearby shop.

But when you compare it to Paula-san’s huge frame, it was undoubtedly “small”.

And that evening, when she received the non-fitting apron, she was so happy, almost jumping in joy.

I asked「It’s not that expensive, and the size doesn’t fit. So why are you so happy, Paula-san?」. Paula-san then replied, with a powerful smile.

【Listen well, Allen. Girls are extremely weak creatures for “presents”. Let’s see… When you find a girl you like in the future, you should give a present which speaks of your feelings. It’s not the appearance or the price that is important, it is the thought that counts!】

(Maybe this moment is the “future” that Paula-san mentioned.)

I remembered the advice from three years ago and decided to see if Ria really wanted it.

「Naa, Ria.」

When I called out to her like that,

「Uh-oh!? A-Allen… When did you!?」

Ria raised a surprised voice and pulled her hands to her chest.

I seem to have surprised her a little.

「S-Sorry. You had a troubled expression on your face, so I was a little worried.」

「I, I see… Thank you, it’s nothing, so it’s okay.」

She said, shooting a glance at the sakura-colored ring for just a slight instant.

I didn’t miss that glance, and brought up the topic casually.

「That’s a beautiful ring.」

「Eh, ah, ermm, yes…」

When I brought up the ring all of a sudden, Ria became disordered and simply nodded.

「Beautiful, isn’t it?」

「T-That’s right…」



There was an indescribable subtle silence between us.

(H-How do I handle this? What the hell am I supposed to do!?)

Should I push or retreat?

(What if she rejects my present?)

Chills ran down my spine just thinking that.

Even so,

(I shouldn’t run here!)

Now is the time – the time to muster my courage.

I scolded myself, who was about to chicken out, and finally took a big step forward.

「D-Do you want that ring?」

「Eh, uh… t-that’s…」

Ria’s eyes widened as she started mumbling, but then, she finally looked up and directed her gaze towards mine.

(This reaction, no doubt!)

As I thought, this moment is similar to the “decisive moment in battle”.

(All right, let’s do it.)

I made up my mind, exhaled loudly, and told her clearly.

「I-If you don’t mind, Ria… I would like to give this ring to you as a present.」

The next moment,


She brought her face closer, her eyes gleaming.

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