242. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [13]

Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

242. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [13]

When I mustered my courage and told her, “I would like to give this ring to you as a present,” Ria leaned forward with her big gleaming eyes.


「Aa. You always cook meals and take care of me. So, I just want to thank you for everything.」

As I immediately added that explanation,

「Y-Yay… Allen is going to… for me!」

She held her hands tightly in front of her chest and burst into joy uncontrollably.

(…Thank goodness.)

I never thought she would be so happy.

(I got to see Ria make such a happy face. I’ve already got enough for the value of 10 thousand gold.)

An indescribable large sense of fulfillment welled up from the bottom of my stomach.

Then I asked one of the employees to take the ring out of the glass case.

It seems to be a pretty popular product.

Luckily, one was left on display, and the size was perfect.

「We’re lucky today, Ria.」


After that, when we lined up together at the register to pay for it,

「Ara, is it a present for your girlfriend?」

A female employee that’s about 30 years old with calm air surrounding her, asked so with a gentle expression.

「Eh, ah… No, we’re still… umm…」


I was troubled as to how to answer, whereas Ria came closer to my side with her face flushed.

The employee who witnessed that, whispered「Oh, I see I see…」

「Fufu, I hope it works out.」

She said that and handed me the ring in a beautiful little box.

Then we stepped out of the store and moved to the back alley where there are fewer people.

I was really embarrassed to give the present while being seen by people.

(–All right, there’s no one here.)

After making sure that we were out of the public eye, I exhaled loudly.

(Well then, let’s do it…)

I want to give this present to Ria properly as a man.

「Ria. Thank you for always helping me. If it’s okay with you, would you accept this present?」

As I held out the white box with the ring in it,

「T-Thank you… I am so happy!」

She accepted it with great care.

「Nee… Can I open it?」

「Aa, of course.」

「T-Then, I’ll do it right away.」

With her heart filled with anticipation, Ria slowly opened the box and found a beautiful sakura-coloured ring shining brilliantly.

「Wow, it’s beautiful…」

She picked up the ring with her thumb and index finger and exhaled.

But immediately after that, Ria returned the ring to its original location and handed the box back to me.

「W-What is it?」

Was there something she didn’t like?

When I was driven by such anxiety and uneasiness,

「I-If you don’t mind… Would you please put it on?」

She held out her left hand towards me blushingly.


Her blushing and wording accelerated my heart beat like crazy.

「A-Aa… Of course.」

I gently picked the ring, being very careful not to drop it, and slid it through Ria’s beautiful and slender index finger.

「T-Thank you, Allen… I will treasure it for the rest of my life!」

She looked the happiest I’ve ever seen her, as she caressed the ring on her left hand preciously.

「I-I see… I am really happy to hear that.」

Thus, I was able to present a beautiful sakura-coloured ring to Ria.


  1. Index finger???
    Allen you dense swordsfreak! You’re supposed to put it on the ring finger on hey left hand shop you can cause misunderstandings that coincidentally also show your true feelings!

  2. You don’t seem to realize this is a Japanese light novel. While the idea of a ring being connected to weddings has spread to Japan, the “ring finger” (the “medicine finger” in Japan BTW) may not necessarily have significance.

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