243. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [14]

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243. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [14]

After giving the ring to Ria, we returned to the front of the Sakura Store.

Rose, Ferris-senpai, and Lilim senpai, were already gathered there. And the president is just right now stepping out of the store.

「Sorry. Did I keep you all waiting?」

As she trotted up to us, Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai shook their heads.

「No, we just finished as well.」

「You came at the right time though.」

「Fufu, that’s good. Well then, let’s show each other the sakura products we bought!」

After that, the unveiling of the sakura product started.

Rose’s was a folding-fan drawn with elegant sakura petals.

The president’s was a lovely straw hat with a sakura-coloured ribbon around it.

Lilim-senpai’s was black sunglasses with a flurry of sakura petals on the frame.

Ferris-senpai’s was a small accessory case with a large cherry tree as the motif.

Everyone had outstanding taste and the sakura products suited them very well.

And finally, it was my turn.

「Allen’s is a sakura-colored watch, huh. I think it looks cool!」

「Especially the sakura tinge of the strap is exquisite.」

Ria and Rose praised me without holding back.

「Ara, that’s really good. It looks good on you!」

「Certainly… It’s not too flashy. Just the way Allen-kun likes it!」

「Feels casually stylish though!」

The president and senpais also praised it.

「Ahaha, thank you.」

The price was a modest 2000 gold, but the compliments from everyone were quite good.

(As I expected, this wristwatch was a good buy after all.)

After that, everyone’s eyes were directed to the last person, Ria.

「Ria’s sakura product is a ring, huh… It’s beautiful.」

Rose let out a breath of admiration.

「It’s a lovely ring. The light sakura color is very beautiful!」

「This is good! You’re almost like a princess… Wait, you are the actual princess of Vesteria!」

「It looks great on you though!」

The president and senpais also complimented.

And Ria, who was praised a lot by everyone,

「E-Ehehe… Thank you very much.」

She couldn’t hide her feelings of joy and had such an innocent, adorable smile.

Rose and the president, who saw her enraptured expression, gasped for some reason.

「R-Ria… I-Is that ring?」

「I-I don’t want to believe it, but… Is it a present from Allen-kun?」

When she was asked so,


With her cheeks blushed scarlet, she nodded happily.

The next moment,

「「…… !?」」

Rose and the president were greatly taken aback.


Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai leaned forward curiously.


Tension, curiosity, and anxiety – an indescribable and difficult atmosphere loomed, mixed with those various emotions.

(W-What the hell is happening?)

When I was puzzled by the mysterious situation that occurred out of nowhere,

「A-Allen… It may be strange to demand something like this, but… I, too.. want… a present from you…」

「O-Onee-san would like one too…」

Rose and the president requested, with their faces flushed.

「Eh, err…」

Rose has always helped me at every instance.

When Ria was captured by the Black Organization, and the time when I went to the Holy Ronelia Empire to rescue the president, she has always lent her strength.

The president brought me to Cherin for spring training camp and Veneria for summer training camp. And I am indebted to her for all the help in Thousand Blade Academy.

I don’t mind giving presents to the two of them at all – No, rather, I would actually like to present them proactively.

「S-Sorry… I’m a little low on cash right now, so can I do it at another time?」

Sad to say. I only have 3,000 gold on hand.

It’s not very realistic for me to buy two more presents at this time.

When I told them about my tight situation at the moment,

「S-So you will “next time”?」


Rose and the president tried to confirm it.

(T-They’re really into it now…)

As Paula-san said, girls really love presents.

「Yes, of course.」

「I, I see!」


The two of them smiled very happily when they got the “promise of a present”.

(But I’m in trouble now…)

To be honest, I have little money even back at the dorm.

(When I get back, I think I’ll have to start working part-time.)

……No wait.

(Just like before, I can participate in some regional Sword Festival and aim for the prize money.)

As I was thinking that to myself, the now very cheerful president clapped her hands.

「Well, we’ve all got our sakura products, so let’s start our tour!」

Then, we decided to go sightseeing in the Country of Sakura in earnest.

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