244. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [15]

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244. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [15]

We walked along the flow of people, while wearing sakura products and taking in the air of the Country of Sakura.

「By the way, president, what are the plans for after this?」

When I asked,

「Umm, wait a minute.」

She said that and took out a lovely notebook out of her pocket.

「For the time being, We will go to nearby tourist attractions while heading for the National Treasure “Hundred Million Year Sakura”. After that, we could go for a food tour.」

「Food tour! Yes!」

The gluttonous Ria’s eyes gleamed.

On the other hand, Rose had a difficult expression on her face.

「But if we’re going sightseeing now, it will be noon by the time we arrive at the Hundred Million Year Sakura.」

「Is there anything wrong with going around noon?」

「Aa, that whole area has sakura blossoms viewing all year round. It is common to see people having fierce battles for spots from early in the morning. To be honest, even if we go now, we’ll be super lucky just to get to sit at the very edge. If we reach around noon, we might have to view the sakura while standing around.」

「T-That many people?」

When we were talking about that, the president immediately calmed our unease.

「It’s okay, don’t worry about that. The servants of the House Arcstria have already saved us a good spot there. And they have got all the food, beverages and everything ready!」

「I-I appreciate that, but…」

Everything from the venue to food, transportation, accommodation and spot is being taken care of by House Arcstria.

Instead of happiness, I’m feeling somewhat sorry.

「Fufu, don’t worry. My father was really enthusiastic about it this time. He said『They are the benefactors who saved my daughter’s life. We will provide the best hospitality with the Arcstria name on the line』and is working our servants hard for that. So everyone should just enjoy it to your heart’s content.」

「I see, that’s what it was.」

The super-doting Rodis-san is deeply grateful for the case in which we destroyed the political marriage. It seems that this spring training camp also includes the meaning of “thank you” from him.

(Let’s just be grateful and accept his kindness this time.)

When I was thinking about it,

「Well then, let’s go now!」

The president raised her voice cheerfully, and the tour of Cherin, the Country of Sakura, finally began.

Then we went to the nearest tourist attraction from where we were. A temple called Sakura Moonshrine.

Our objective is to light the sakura incense sticks that were enshrined in the temple.

There seems to be a legend that if you put the smoke on your head, you’ll get smarter.

Lilim-senpai, who has the worst grades of us all, was enthusiastic to go there. When we got there, for some reason, she inhaled a lung full of the smoke instead, and coughed as a matter of course.

When we asked why she did that,

「I thought it wasn’t enough just to cover it on my head. To feel the true effect of divine blessing, you have to take it into your body like this after all!」

She made a statement which could not be understood by an ordinary person.

This is just my opinion, but I don’t think the sakura incense sticks have a real effect on intelligence anymore.

After that, the next one was “Eternal Sakura” which is a pair of two enormous sakura trees huddled together.

This seems to be a power spot with a mystical effect on “marriage”, and so Ria, Rose, and the president didn’t want to leave this place for a while.

The mischievous Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai were grinning about and making passes at those three. It was a lot of trouble.

After that, we visited some more famous tourist spots and finally found a shop selling this country’s specialty, “Sakuramochi”.

The name of the shop is “Cherin’s Mochi”.

According to Rose, it seems to be “a long-established store among long-established stores” that has been running for more than 500 years since its founding.

We ordered Sakuramochi, one for each of us in order, but surprisingly Ria…

Ordered only ten.

(Is she not feeling well?)

As I asked her「Why are you only ordering ten?」worriedly,

「I really want to eat more, but… Now we are on a food tour, so I only ordered the amount I can carry around.」

She said and showed a cheerful smile as usual.

In this way, we saw various things, experienced the culture of Cherin, ate a lot of different food and had a great time all around.

And finally, we arrived at the southern end of Cherin. The Hundred Million Year Old Sakura tree that was in full bloom there.

「This is… amazing!」

A “sakura landscape” was spread as far as the eyes could see.

The brilliant flurry of falling sakura petals that I have never seen before, gripped my heart strongly.


  1. “but surprisingly Ria…Ordered only ten. (Is she not feeling well?)”

  2. “Only ten” is the part that was surprising; their thought of “Is she not feeling well?” was funny

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