245. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [16]

Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

245. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [16]

In front of me is the Hundred Million Year Sakura tree in full bloom.

The black-stained trunk is the thickest I’ve ever seen.

Even if a hundred adults hold hands, they won’t be able to surround that colossal tree.

Thick roots spread under the trunk, gripping the earth firmly.

The height of the tree is so tall, it gives you the impression that it might even reach up to the heavens themself.

And the falling petals of sakura blossoms under the sun’s illumination were like colorful pink jewels.


The power and magnificence of nature and at the same time the weight of time was on display.

As written in the travel magazine, it is indeed “the best sakura tree in the world”.

And I wasn’t the only one enchanted by its beauty.

「Wow, it’s beautiful.」

Ria was so moved, she lost her breath.

「No matter how many times I look at it, it’s amazing.」

「Aa, I can look at it forever and ever.」

「I could even forget the passage of time though.」

The president, Lilim-senpai, Ferris-senpai were also captivated by its powerful beauty.

However, only one person in that situation had a sad expression – Rose.

「It has weakened again…」

She whispered in a very small, weak voice.


It was directed towards the sakura tree.

(She doesn’t seem to be feeling well… I wonder what’s going on?)

As I was wondering whether or not to call out to her, I saw a group in black clothes with stiff looks on their faces, slowly approaching us from the front.

(Who are they?)

Their outfit seems to be different from that of the Black Organization, but…

Judging by the way they walk, it’s obvious that they’re not ordinary people.

They are a group of swordsmen who have trained more than the average person.

With my right hand, I reached out for my sword fastened on my waist while being ready to bring out “darkness” at any time.

And then,

「We have been waiting for you, ojou-sama.」

The group in black clothes said, and bowed to the president respectfully.

(I see… that’s what it is.)

Apparently these people are servants of House Arcstria.

「Ara, I haven’t even given the “signal” yet… but you knew exactly where we were?」the president asked.

「I am sorry. We have been ordered by Rodis-sama to provide the best hospitality for Allen-sama and company, so we were keeping a lookout on all directions.」

An old gentleman at the head of the group responded in a clear tone.

「Another unit has already saved a spot. Please follow me.」

Guided by the servants, we advanced through the sakura blossom viewing location which was jam packed with tourists.

And as we kept walking for a while,

(This is just the ideal spot!)

There was a big picnic sheet laid out at a spot where it couldn’t be more perfect to view the Hundred Million Year Sakura tree in front of us.

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