250. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [21]

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250. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [21]

What the servants of House Arcstria carried over was a small flying glider – a machine commonly known as a “glider”.

It was shaped like a dragonfly without a tail, and looking closer, it had something like wings folded on both sides.

「Eh, ummm… What is that strange machine?」

When I asked on behalf of everyone,

「Simply put, it’s a low-noise, super small airplane for one person!」

The president then began to explain in more detail.

「This is manufactured and mass-produced by the Holy Ronelia Empire as a means of “transportation of swordsmen”. The developer is “Magician” Rod Garf; Appearance, gender, age are all unknown. He’s the Empire’s super-genius scientist shrouded in mystery.」

「The Magician, huh.」

Come to think of it…

(Zack said something similar when we invaded the Empire.)

The president advanced the explanation as I thought back to events of about two months ago.

「The first time this glider was launched in combat was on January 1st of this year. That’s the day the Empire joined hands with the Demons and attacked the Five Great Powers. They used this machine to send the members of the organization into the Principality of Teresia – and took them by storm. The Holy Knights, who barely escaped with their lives, said, “It was enough to fill the sky”.」

Ria twitched at those remarks.

「It filled the sky? What was the border security of Teresia doing to have allowed so many of them to invade?」

「He said excellent soul dress users with long-range means of attack were stationed along the national borders of Teresia as an anti-aircraft force.」

「T-Then why?」

「What’s good about this glider is its fearsome “mobility”.」

The president turned her eyes to the four wings with two on each side.

「The reason why “airplanes” have not been adopted as a means of transportation for swordsmen is due to their low mobility. It’s just a big “target” for a soul dress user with powerful long-range attacks.」

She continued with a difficult expression.

「But this “glider” is different. When you ride it later, you will see that you can fly it horizontally and vertically as you wish. Almost like flying through the sky with wings. An average long-range attack can’t do anything about it.」

The president said so, and shook her head.

「Tenshi-sama came to the conclusion that “If they hold air superiority unilaterally, it would not even be a fight”, so she immediately contacted the “genius scientist”.」

「…Genius scientist?」

How do I put this… that line felt like “deja vu”.

「Yes, the genius scientist that Ringard Imperial Kingdom brags to the world, Chemy Festa-san.」

「Aa, I see…」

Just as I expected…

The name which I have heard several times before popped up.

「Tenshi-sama sent a message to her, who was living under a bridge. “If you succeed in developing a glider within a week, I will take over your over-bloated debt”.」

「No doubt she must have been overjoyed about that.」

Her “mad dance” suddenly came to mind.

「Chemy-san responded to those expectations splendidly and completed it in just three days.」

「That’s really amazing…」

She seems to be a lot of trouble as usual, but her brain seems to be undoubtedly super-first class.

(But man… that’s really wild.)

She should have had an outrageous amount of money for the accomplishment of discovering “Allen cell” at that time.

(Even so, to think she would go penniless in such a brief moment.)

I’m sure she blew it all on gambling again.

Chemy-san’s luck with money seems to be disastrous.

「The Five Great Powers, including the Ringard Imperial Kingdom and Vesteria Kingdom, are now preparing a mass production system for gliders in preparation for the “war against the Empire”. And so, this is a prototype.」

The president said, and tapped the glider lightly with her finger.

「According to Chemy-san, this mechanism is incorporated with a spirit stone and uses a completely different power source. In a nutshell, it’s a machine that can fly freely in the sky with our spiritual power.」

And then,

「This prototype has a problem with “energy conversion efficiency” as it seems to have high fuel consumption, but… I am sure everyone here will be fine.」

She added that information at the end and concluded the explanation on gliders.

And then,

「From the looks of it, it’s less than one tenth of a small plane, but… I wonder if it can fly properly at this size?」

「It’s really hard to believe.」

Ria and Rose were skeptical of the performance of the glider.

They seem to distrust this unfamiliar machine.

On the other hand,

「U-Ultra-small flying glider… S-So cool!」

「Ultra-small flying glider sounds so cool though…!」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai were excited like teenage boys.

(Glider, huh…)

It’s tempting to be able to fly freely in the sky, but I wonder if the safety side of things is really okay.

When I was thinking about that,

「Go on then, Allen-kun. Please give it a test drive.」

The president said, and pushed my back.

「E-Errm… Why am I…」

「Like I said just now, this flying plane is slightly less fuel efficient. To fly stably, you need a fair amount of spiritual power.」

「It would seem so.」

「Among us six… No, Allen-kun’s spiritual power is outstanding even if you compare it throughout the world! Which means, in theory, you are the person who could fly most stably in the world. And if Ria-san and Rose-san see you flying freely, that would take away their distrust too, right!?」

「I see. It would surely help with that.」

It’s not possible for me to fly “most stably” in the world, but…

I understand where she’s coming from.

「And… Even if you fall by chance, you’re going to walk out unscathed anyway, right?」

「That seems to be your real intention, huh.」

Apparently, that’s the reason I’ve been given the role of testing this not so reliable method.

At any rate, this is how I decided to test drive the new mysterious ultra-small airplane – glider.

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