26. Return to Academy and Civil War [2] – part 2


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26. Return to Academy and Civil War [2] – part 2

「The only strength that matters here is the 『strength of the mind』! You amateur greenhorn… You’re don’t have enough resolve to compete with me! A”a!」

Without any way of defending myself as he was still pinching the sword, the powerful front kick pierced my abdomen.


Air was knocked out of my lungs, and blood in my body jumped about. My vision flickered, and my sense of balance was all but lost.

That guy laughed happily, watching me writhing on the ground.

「HaHaa…! I guess I’ll take over your body when your consciousness weakens!」


Immediately after, my consciousness was swallowed into the darkness.

The moment Allen was defeated by the spirit core.

An unusual phenomenon occurred to his body.

The black hair changed into long grey hair, a black pattern emerged under his left eye. And above all else, the air he emitted changed. A 180 turn around from kind and gentle to something like a – bare sword.

「Gyahahahaha! Easy, too easy, Allen…!」

As he was laughing after hijacking Allen’s body – the figure of Leia with a black fist appeared before him.

「No Sword Style – Sever!」

A powerful Seiken-Zuki, which broke the sound barrier and far surpassed the speed of sound, hollowed Allen’s abdomen. [1. TL Note:”Seiken-zuki” is to punch with the fist in a way that the joints of the forefinger and the middle finger (2 knuckles) will hit the opponent. ]


「You – No, the Spirit Core『can’t move freely until it takes complete control』right?」

Hatred swelled in his eyes, as he staggered three steps back.

「B-Black Fist…!」

「That much stamina in this body, huh… You really are a monster.」


And as soon as Allen lost consciousness, all the changes that had happened to his body disappeared.

「I don’t like using such underhanded methods… Well, think of it as a handicap. If you were completely released, even I would have a hard time…」

The Soul Dress Area fell silent.

Then, Ria spoke on behalf of all the students.

「Se-Sensei… Was that…!?」

「Aa, Allen’s spirit core. I’m sure you understood with a single glance, it was a genuine monster… Such frightening talent. Although it is frightening… as a teacher, I am looking forward to his future growth.」Leia said, and showed her right hand wet with blood.

「T-That blood is…?」

「Nn? Aa… it’s my blood of course. Although, this didn’t happen even when I leveled three mountains… This mess is from punching the abdomen which is a weak point. It was absurdly hard.」she exclaimed, shaking her head whilst laughing lightly.

Ria, who judged that the wound on Leia’s right hand was shallow from her tone, finally asked what she was most concerned about.

「Is A-Allen safe!?」

「Of course. He should wake up soon, so no need to worry. -Hey, more importantly! You guys concentrate on attaining your soul dress!」

『FWEEEET!』she blew her favourite whistle.

After losing the match against that guy… when I came to realise, I was on my back, facing up.

「…Uh. W-Where am I…?」

As I slowly sat upright,

「Oh, You woke up, Allen.」

Leia-sensei was standing beside me.

「Se-Sensei…!? Oh, yeah…! That guy – what happened to that monster!?」

While my consciousness was fading, I certainly heard his voice saying『I’ll take it』.

I hurriedly looked around, but I couldn’t find anything being in ruins.

「Don’t worry. I properly subdued him …Though I did use an unfair method.」

Sensei said with a bitter face. As she herself said『unfair method』, it must not have been how she would usually do things.

However, no matter what method it was, she stopped me from rampaging… I felt really grateful.

「I’m sorry, thank you,」

「Don’t mind it. I had already predicted it in the first place.」she grinned.

As things finally settled down – I thought to myself.

(『Strength of the mind』huh?)

That’s what that guy said.

『The only strength that matters here is the strength of the mind』to be more precise.

And he added『you don’t have enough resolve』.

In other words, in order to win over him in that world – I need to train my mind in order to attain soul dress.

(But… how do I train the『mind』?)

I have never thought about that.

It’s easy to get an image of how to train your body and polish your swordsmanship. Practice-swings, learn techniques from someone – and such.

But, when it comes to training the mind… it’s quite difficult.

Silent Meditation? Waterfall Meditation? Or… what else?

As I was racking my brain over that,

「Now, Allen, this is your chance!」

Sensei clapped her hands twice and cheered.


「Yeah, that’s right! Once the spirit core appears on the surface, it will wear out tremendously! Right now, you might even be able to get back power from that monster!」

「I have to do that, o-one more time?」

「Obviously, right? Come on, hold up your spirit sword! Don’t miss this opportunity!」

Sensei took my hand and made me hold the spirit sword tightly.

「B-But… what if that guy rampaged again…?」

「No matter. Such a trivial thing is not something that you, as a student, should care about. And most probably… he won’t come out again today. As long as he’s a spirit core, he will have that weakness. And it’s fine since I’m on the lookout.」

Then, sensei gave me a piece of advice.

「-However, never ever get involved with him when I’m not around… alright?」


Sensei said in a strong, firm, and serious tone that I’ve never heard from her before.

「Allen, your spirit core is a literal『monster』. It is on a different『rank』from the average spirit core. You, having just fought him, should know better than anyone how dangerous he is, right?」


Certainly, that guy’s strength… is on a completely different level.

「Initial stiffness – if you miss that weakness of the spirit core, even I do not know what will happen… Therefore, always perform the soul dress training within the reach of my eyes. If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter no matter how much you rampage. I will make sure to stop you.」

「Y-Yes! Thank you very much!」

After that, I tried to fight him many times over…

The difference was so huge between us that it wasn’t even a decent match.

However, except for the first time, my body was never taken over again.

And he was certainly weaker. I think he was worn out from taking over my body.

(……But no matter how many times I keep going, I can’t beat him.)

In order to win, I have to strengthen my『mind』.

(……I got it! If I can’t get an answer by thinking on my own, I just have to ask Leia-sensei!)

Fortunately, she is very knowledgeable about spirit cores. She will surely know a good way to train the mind.

「Sensei, in order to strengthen the mindー」

And the moment I spoke,

「-Cheese, I’ve come to pick a little fight!」

The doors of the Soul Dress Area swung opened wildly.

A group of five entered from there.

They all wore the uniforms of Thousand Blade Academy, some of whom I have seen in the academy buildings several times. They are probably, our first year students.

「Now now now! Who the hell is Allen-Rodore the『Third-rate swordsmen』?」

…It would seem that I was their objective.



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