269. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [40]

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269. Country of Sakura, Cherin and Seven Holy Swords [40]

About five minutes have passed since Bacchus-san lost consciousness.


He groaned painfully and slowly raised his upper body.

「Bacchus-san! Are you okay!?」

「Haa, haa, I’m alright now… Sorry for worrying you.」

He sat cross-legged and slowly adjusted his breath.

(…His resilience is really amazing.)

Colour returned to his face which was deathly pale just a little while ago.

I had been worrying about his condition, but looking at this appearance, he seems to be doing alright.

「Grandfather, please drink some water.」

Rose handed out Bacchus-san’s personal water bottle.

「Oh, thanks!」

He gulped down the water so quickly that it spilled all over him.

「Puha… Man, I was truly surprised! The last time I fought with my life on the line was half a century ago! Barararara!」

Bacchus-san laughed heartily.

「So… about that… How was it?」

I nervously asked about the fight with Zeon.

「Yeah, I can’t do it. I can never win.」

He shook his head slowly, and shrugged his shoulders.

「In my prime it would be a different story, but… with this body of mine, which is ravaged by incurable disease, getting killed is the best I can do.」

「If it’s in your prime, would you have been able to beat Zeon?」

「Well, to be honest, I can’t say for sure. Because both of us have something impeding us.」

Bacchus-san rubbed his white beard with a difficult expression and continued to talk.

「Just as I have this “disease” shackling me, he seems to be carrying some sort of “massive handicap” too.」

「M-Massive handicap?」

「Aa, that’s right. That monster, who rules over that evil darkness, seemed to be struggling at times. The attacks he tried to unleash misfired for no reason, and the darkness which he condensed with great pains scattered suddenly. I don’t know the reason behind it, but he seems to have a lot of powerful constraints on him.」

「I-Is that so?」

I have crossed swords with Zeon many times before, but I have never seen him struggle.

(In other words, I am not even at the level where he has to take me on seriously.)

And Bacchus-san is a swordsman at the level where Zeon is forced to get serious.

As expected, he is at a much higher “height” than me.

(I’m going to train more and more. And one day, I will overcome that guy and leave him speechless!)

In order to do so, I must properly learn the principles of the Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style.

(Alright, let’s do it!)

As the flames of motivation was burning in my heart,

「But kid. I am surprised that you can retain your ego while housing such a monster. An ordinary man would’ve had his body snatched before he even realised it.」

Bacchus-san said a very frightening thing.

「Eh… I-Is that so?」

「Yeah. Your aberrant mental strength is keeping that monster in check. That might also explain your “One billion years of practice-swings”. That mental strength might just be your “strongest weapon”.」

「T-Thank you very much!」

After that, I devoted myself to training with momentous vigour.

A few hours later,

「Well, that’s it for today’s training! You all did well today! After this, let’s head to the bathhouse and wash away the sweat and fatigue!」

Bacchus-san said, and sheathed his sword.

「「「「「「Thank you very much!」」」」」」

We thanked him for the training and followed him to the bathhouse.

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