27. Return to Academy and Civil War [3] – part 2


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

27. Return to Academy and Civil War [3] – part 2


「Are you alright, oi!?」

「B-Bring him to the infirmary!」

Reyes-san who saw the clamouring Class A,

「Puh-ahahahahaha! So weak! Is Class A, a gathering of such a weak bunch!?」

He laughed whilst clapping. In response, the four people behind him laughed at Tessa as well.


Perhaps, Tessa was much better in terms of simple swordsmanship.

(However, looking at them in terms of『swordsman』… Reyes-san was better.)

The only difference between the two is the presence and absence of a soul dress. Whether or not you can manifest your soul dress as a swordsman…… is a crucial point. In fact, this determines whether or not you can become a Senior Holy Knight.

That is why the power of soul dress is given that much importance.

As we were heartbroken by Tessa’s defeat,

「Indent -〈Kongomaru〉!」[1. TL Note:”Kongomaru” is an armed merchant cruiser during World War 2.]

「Coil -〈Sarasouju〉!」[2. TL Note:”Sarasouju” is a tree, scientific name “Shorea Robusta”]

「Play -〈Flame Children〉!」

「Pierce -〈Awl〉!」

The remaining four manifested their soul dress all at once.


「This guys, just in one month, they mastered soul dress…!?」

「Tch, so they weren’t just all talk…」

Class A became uproarious before the unexpected situation. I alone quietly pulled out my sword and stood in front of them.

「Allen, I will assist you!」

「Me too…」

Ria and Rose stood side-by-side next to me promptly.

「Sorry, but please let me take care of this.」

「A-Allen!? Your opponents are five soul dress users!?」

「It will certainly be difficult alone…」

They said that, but I’m not going to change my mind.

「Sorry. No matter what… this time, I want to do it alone.」

「…I see, understood. But, promise not to do anything crazy, alright?」

「…If you feel that it’s too difficult, step back immediately.」

「Aa, thanks.」

Ria and Rose reluctantly accepted my request.

Then I glanced at the five people in front of me.

(…If it was just me, I could have forgiven it. As Reyes-san said, I was mocked as dropout swordsman during middle-school, and I didn’t belong to any sword school. Thus, it can’t be helped that the society would call me a『dropout』.)

But, I can’t forgive them for making fun of Rose, and everyone of Class A…

Rose is not a drab bounty hunter. It’s not a bad thing to earn a bounty, and it’s the same for everyone who can’t live without money.

Students of Class A are not weak. A month of earnest and painful strength training — these geniuses who made the effort are not weak.

(I have to make sure that Reyes-san and the others, properly understand that they were wrong…)

This is the best way to convey it clearly.

(If these five people lose to me, the『Dropout Swordsman』…they won’t be able to make anymore excuses.)

Regardless of how much they struggle, they will have to admit that they were wrong.

For Rose, my precious friend. For everyone in class A, who delayed the soul dress class for someone like me.

(I absolutely must win this fight!)

The moment I resolved my determination.

The center of my body became mysteriously hot – and power began to swell up.

(…I see, so this is『resolve』huh?)

I finally understood what that guy was saying.

This determination to win no matter what. To fight with such resolution. The fighting spirit on behalf of Class A.

With these as my source of strength, the mind will become stronger – and it’ll open the way to soul dress!

As I was experiencing the mysterious power that was overflowing within me,

「Hee, so you finally felt like debuting, heh? Dropout Swordsman-san?」

「Fufu, I’ll overlook it if you cry and apologise…」

「Oi, you… are you thinking of taking us on alone?」

「How reckless… this is going to be like bullying…」

「To not even understand the difference between our abilities… how laughable」

While wielding their soul dress, they laughed boldly. There was smugness on their face.

But…… I understood something after standing in front of them.

(I don’t feel『pressure』from the soul dress of Reyes-san and the rest…)

When I faced that guy – the tremendous pressure which felt as though dwarfing my whole body – was nowhere to be found.

I assumed Seigan no Kamae and,

「Well then… Shall we start?」

「Ou, Ou, anytime you want-」


The next moment, I closed the distance in an instant – and crushed the three dragons with a single blow.

The bones rolled to Reyes-san’s feet, and the five fell silent.


I broke through his defense, and strike his neck which was full of openings with the back of my sword.


He suffered a severe blow to his neck and collapsed with his eyes rolled to the back of his head..

「Did you know? Soul dress seems to have something like『rank』?」

Perhaps, all five’s soul dresses are low ranks. Or because of immaturity, they have not been able to draw out enough power from the spirit core.

「Fu, Dust Earthquake!」

「Souju Binding!」

「Flame Body!」

「Great pierce!」

With their faces burning with anger, the remaining four unleashed the power of their soul dress and launched an attack simultaneously.

On the other hand, I,

「Eight Sword – Yatagarasu」

I unleashed eight slashes and shattered all of their soul dress.

「N-No way…!?」

「I-It’s a lie, right…?」



They muttered in a daze, witnessing the disappearing soul dress,

「Certainly… soul dress is a powerful ability. However, if the one that handles it is immature, the effect will not be fully exhibited.」

Sid-san’s〈Vanargand〉is a perfect example.

It could only exhibit its full atrociousness due to Sid-san’s overwhelming physical ability.

Even if Reyes-san had〈Vanargand〉, it probably wouldn’t be that much of a threat.

Then the next moment when I sheath my sword into the scabbard – they all collapsed on the spot.

They probably didn’t even realise that I had struck their necks right after Yatagarasu.

「Well, you are all simply – lacking training.」

This was how I swept away the sudden civil war.



  1. Kongomaru remind me of Air Gear

  2. I wish allen had a little more confidence in himself in every fight he describes the opponent as a undefeatable god. Like my dude your trained your swordsmanship for a billion years but you didn’t train your confidence and self-esteem for a day

  3. I know that its to make it look like the opponents are op and mc beats them to be even more op but still 1 billion years of training aint nothing when you dont have confidence to even fight. Every time he has to fight hes like “man I can tell this guy is strong I dont think I can beat him” or “am I really gonna die like this?” these words are repeated over and over again in different styles the mc dosent believe in himself I think thats what the spirit core ment when he said your resolve is too weak to compete against me it just makes me a little frustrated that mc still hasent realized that he isn’t his past weak self anymore. like seriously he dosent need more sword training he needs to train to believe in himself

  4. Well, before pressing the button mc was always the weakest, and he doesn’t realize just how much his hard work paid off. As he is fighting more strong opponents he will slowly start to have faith in his abilities.

  5. Silent Moonlight

    Dude…… Don’t use your class as resolve… Don’t fight completely for their sake… Allen always thinks about others and never thinks of himself unless it’s for self depreciating himself… That’s why I don’t really like him… Every win he has had was always him getting pushed to the point of the “For the class, not just for myself” realization kicks in.. in other words he could win much faster if he simply had the confidence to do so.. It’s honestly getting old, he should be getting the message by now…

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