29. Recruitment Period and Strange Group [2] – part 1


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29. Recruitment Period and Strange Group [2] – part 1

As I sighed loudly, Silty-senpai laughed.

「Don’t worry, don’t worry! We will exclude the use of soul dress from this match!」

「…Why, thank you.」

…That wasn’t what I was worried about, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

(Thinking over, this might actually be a good experience)

The opportunity to cross swords with the deputy head of Swordsmanship Club is not easy to obtain.

(And most of all, Silty-senpai doesn’t seem to be the kind to listen to what others have to say…)

In order to quickly conclude this scenario, facing off against her would be the best way.

「Nee nee, I’m going to fight in my club uniform but… what about Allen-kun? Will you change clothes? Or are going to fight as is?」

「I’m fine with fighting as is.」

Thousand Blade Academy uniforms excel in elasticity, and even provides better freedom of movement than their club uniform.

Silty-senpai asked while comprehending that.

「I see. Well then, here you go!」she said, and handed over a wooden sword used for practice activities.

「Thank you.」

After we both finished our preparations, the student who served the position of referee, announced.

「From here, we are going to hold the match, Silty-Rosette vs Allen-Rodore! Both participants, please come to the center of the gymnasium!」

Silty-senpai and I, headed to the center of the gymnasium as beckoned by the referee.

「Both participants, are you ready? Well then – START!」

At the same time as the start of the match was declared, Silty-senpai and I both assumed Seigan no Kamae.

And then,



As we both sank into silence, it was time to analyze her.

From senpai’s body build and form. I analyzed her『sword’s』forte.

(Her developed thighs can be seen even from over the club uniform… I have to pay special attention for the thrust that comes out of that leg power, and also her Iai slash…)

And there’s another point to be worried about.

(…The center of gravity is flowing slightly behind)

Perhaps senpai’s sword is a『defensive sword』 – with defense as the main axis and aims for a counter.

When most of the analysis was over, I spoke.

「…Senpai, aren’t you going to come?」

「Fufu, I’m not going to attack my junior incessantly at the very beginning of the match. I’ll let Allen-kun have the first move.」

「Is that so… Well then, I’ll take you up on your offer. First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

I fired a convenient shot that could attack unilaterally from a long distance without having to close in.

Senpai laughed boldly at my technique.

「Here it comes, the flying slash! But – too naive!」

She probably watched my fight at the Big Five Holy Festival.

Without being taken aback, she calmly slashed down the looming Flying Shadow.

However – that was within my calculation.

「-It’s just a distraction.」


I drew closer by concealing my figure behind Flying Shadow, and got behind senpai.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「Circle Style – Wind Circle!」

She rotated her wooden sword in a circular motion – cutting down the swooping eight slashes.

The movement, which was reminiscent of bojutsu, was so polished that I momentarily fixed my eyes on it. [1. TL Note: “Bojutsu” is a martial art which uses a stick.]

「You surprised me a little but… naive, too naive! An attack of that level, won’t be able to break my Circle Style!」

「That seems to be the case…」

Circle style huh… it’s quite amazing.

I didn’t imagine that she could cut down my attack from that disadvantageous position.

It is surely because her school specializes in『defensive』techniques.

(This has gotten a little interesting…)

So far, I’ve only been fighting with opponents who were good at『Offensive Sword』, like Dodriel and Sid-san.

To deal with a『Defensive Sword』like Silty-senpai’s…… If I think about it, this might be the first time.

「In that case, I’ll earnestly come at you…」

「Fufu, come already!」

Then I narrowed the distance between us in one step – and started attacking with the『foundation of slashing』.

I don’t use techniques of schools.

Diagonal Slash, Bamboo Slash, Upwards Slash, Downwards Slash, Trusts – I attacked incessantly with basic swordsmanship.

(It was clear in the first act that simultaneous slashes like Yatagarasu does not work against Circle Style…)

It will surely be defended with『Wind Circle』again.

In that case, much faster, much heavier, much sharper.

All I have to do is unleash such sharpened slashes consecutively…!


「Waa, too fast, wai…!?」

Following the bombardment of the consecutive attacks, senpai’s stance was gradually thrown out of order.

And a momentary opening presented itself.


I unleashed a thrust aimed at that opening.


「Hyaa…!? Da-Dangerous…!?」

Her wooden sword blocked my thrust at the very last minute.


That was a little disappointing.

I had reacted at the last minute, but if my thrust was a fraction of a second earlier… It would’ve surely landed on her shoulder.

However, I won’t miss the next one.

If it’s the next – I can break through!

And when I assumed a forward-bent position – she spoke.

「Ne, nee, Allen-kun…!? Were you perhaps, holding back at that time…!?」

At that time – she was probably asking about the time I fought Sid-san.

「Not at all, I always give my best.」

「But I feel that you’ve become faster than you were before…!?」

「Is that so? That makes me happy.」

It’s honestly pleasant… when other people praise my growth.

It makes me want to train harder.

「Well, here I come.」


When I sidled up half a step forward – she dropped her center of gravity and assumed a complete defensive posture.

(…I feel thankful)

If she’s going to take such a complete defensive stance, I don’t have to be wary of counters.

In other words – I can solely concentrate on attacking!



At the same time as stepping into her range, I brought down a downwards slash, and senpai firmly caught it with her wooden sword.

After that, with the threat of counter being nil, I slashed forward more and more than before.


「W-Wait…! Wait wait wait!?」

While repeating so, she desperately handled all my attacks.

「What is it?」

Without slackening the attack, I responded to her.

「W-Wait a little! I beg you, give me some time to think! Please give me some strategy time!?」

S-Strategy time…?

(The time to think, while in the middle of a battle…?)

If this was a duel, I would’ve rejected such a foolish idea, but…

This time it’s just a mock battle, so it’s fine I guess.



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