3. Dropout Swordsman and Swordsmanship Academy [1] – part 1


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3. Dropout Swordsman and Swordsmanship Academy [1] – part 1

I heard a voice.

「Alle… wake…! What time… you think……… quickly… wake up…!」

As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw the clear blue sky.

I am lying on my back, it seems.

(What…? What… was I……?)

My blurry vision gradually became clearer, in addition to my other senses which were slowly returning.

The cold ground.

The smell of grass.

My dried up mouth.

The light from the radiant sun.

And the voice that was calling to me.

「Allen! Oi, quickly wake up! Seriously, why are you sleeping here!?」

Before my eyes, I saw the form of the dorm mother, Paula-san, looking down at me.


I hurriedly sprang up.

「R-Right now, what year, what month, what hour, what minute is it…!?」

I immediately tried to confirm the present time.

Paula-san shrugged her shoulders astonishedly.

「Huh… Allen? Are you still dreaming?」

「Ah, no, I see… so it’s over」

I escaped the hellish 100 million years loop, and returned safely to the real world.

「Oh right, the hermit of time…!?」

I unsheathed my sword and surveyed the surroundings.

However… there was no trace of him anywhere.

「Hermit of time…? Allen… are you really alright?」

Paula-san asked me with a serious expression.

「No, that is… I’m sorry…」

「Which reminds me, you had a terrified look on your face… Did you perhaps have a nightmare?」

「Maybe… I’m not sure…」

All that might have actually just been a dream.

No, it was surely a dream.

Thinking about it rationally, there couldn’t possibly be a 100 million years button.

「Tell me about the nightmare. If you do that, it won’t become real」

「…I don’t really remember much about it… I’m sorry」

That was a lie.

In fact, I remember every last detail.

However, she would only laugh if I told her that absurd story.

「Is that so? Then, let’s quickly head to the dorm! I’ve prepared breakfast a long while ago, you know? There won’t be any left if you don’t hurry!」

Then, Paula-san spun on her heels, and walked towards the dorm.


Right when I was about to follow after her while earnestly apologizing,

From the corner of my eyeー a suspicious red button gleamed.

There is no way I could mistake it.

That is……

「100 million year button…!?」

Shivers ran through my body.

Does that mean… it wasn’t a dream…?

I swallowed deeply and slowly picked up the button.

(If I push this… Will I be back in that hell…?)

No… it should be fine.

If it turns out to be real, I can just escape by cutting the world again.

If it was a dream, nothing will happen if I push this.

Either way, I have nothing to lose from pushing this button.


I took in 2 to 3 deep breaths andー pushed. I pushed it.

However, nothing happened.


The hermit of time.

The 100 million years button.

The Prison of Time.

As expected, all of that was a dream.

Of course it is.

That fairy-tale like story couldn’t possibly be real.

When I tossed away the button, I noticed something.

There was a large slash on the 100 million year button.

(Huh…? Did this slash exist before…?)

I approached the tossed button to examine once again.

「Hey, Allen! What are you loitering over there for! Come quickly!」

I heard Paula-san’s loud and clear voice from the front.


After that, I followed after Paula-san back to the dorm

Paula Garedzar

The dorm mother of the dormitory where I live.

She had a big frame with a height of over 2 meters with a strong appearance.

She was wearing a white apron over her black shirt.

Her sleeves were rolled up to the top, and her arms were at least three times thicker than mine.

At first glance she seems really scary, but in reality she is a very kind person

After eating breakfast Paula-san prepared, I put my hands together.

「Thank you for the food.」

「Okay! You ate well today too! Good job!」

Paula-san patted my back with a hearty laugh.

「Oh yeah, what about your academy?」


At that moment, my heart leapt into my throat.

Which reminds me, I promised to duel Dodriel at 9am today.

「Wh-What is the time now?」

「Nn, 7.50am」

Paula-san pointed at the wall clock.


No matter how much I rush, it will take at least 3 hours to get to Gran Swordsmanship Academy from here.

I couldn’t possibly reach there with only 1 hour left.

However, not going is not an option.

I absolutely don’t want them to think I ran away from the duel.

「I-I’m leaving…!」

「Take care! Don’t get hurt!」


And then I rushed out of the dorm.

I ran.

I ran and ranー and solely ran.

『Duel』is not simply a verbal promise. It is one of the systems established by the Swordsmanship Academy.

If you’re late for the duel by even a second, you will lose by default due to absence.

(Probably… No, I definitely won’t make it in time)

While that may be true, I can’t just sulk inside my room.

After that, I somehow arrived at the academy, and immediately headed towards the acknowledged duel location in the second school building.

「S-Sorry for being late! I am Allen Rodore who applied for the duel at 9am today! Is the reception still open?」

The glasses wearing male receptionist looked over at the paper in his hand and raised a voice 「Oh?」.

「You came too early. There is still another hour till the match start.」


That is ridiculous.

I left the dorm at 7.50am.

I couldn’t possibly have reached in a mere 10 minutes.

However, the small clock placed on the table, certainly pointed at 8am.

(Only 10 minutes has actually passed… Was the clock at the dorm broken perhaps…?)

At any rate… I’m glad.

「Haa… thank goodness.」

I avoided losing due to absence.

Afterwards, I just have to throw everything I have on to Dodriel.



  1. a 3 hours run in 10 minutes… around 240 km/h ? i’m pretty sure some people that saw him running must be surprised.

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    • Kelly S. Arredondo

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