30. Recruitment Period and Strange Group [3] – part 2


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30. Recruitment Period and Strange Group [3] – part 2

After that, the vanguard match and the center match were conducted… the results were an overwhelming defeat.


Secretary Lilim-Tsuorine.

Accountant Ferris-Magdalot.

The undefeated Ria and Rose, were unable to lift a finger against the both of them.

「S-Sorry, Allen…」

「We failed…」

「Don’t worry. I’m glad you two were not injured.」

After calling out to Ria and Rose, I glanced back.

「As expected of Lilim and Ferris! With this, the victory of the Student Council Executives is determined!」

「Well, it’s a natural outcome.」

「We won, but they were stronger than expected? Are they really first-year students? …I’m starting to doubt if their age is false?」

The members of the student council were happily exchanging high-fives.

(To think there was this much difference in basic abilities…)

While thinking about that, when I glanced at the members of the student council executives,

「Now, the student council executives have won two consecutive wins! The defeat of the practice-swing club has already been decided, but this is the finals! So we’re going through with the General match!」

The commentator resumed the announcement, and the audience’s cheer voltage rose rapidly.

「Then, let’s go! The General of Practice-Swing Club! He overpowered the soul dress user at the Big Five Holy Festival, but was disqualified and suspended from academy due to poor behavior! The problem child of Thousand Blade Academy! Allen-Rodore!」

Yup… they got it right.

It’s all correct with zero lies… though it was a bit of an ill introduction.

「And then – the ultra-genius swordsman who has taken the president seat in her second year! The President of Student Council Executive! Contestant Sie-Arcstria!」

Long beautiful black hair tied behind.

Snow-white skin.

Height of about 160cm.

She had a very cute face, and somewhat felt like an『Onee-san』.

「Fufu, please be gentle, Allen-kun?」she said, holding out her right hand quickly.

「Me too, please don’t be too hard on me, President.」

I took her hand and shook it firmly.

(The head of the student council executives who defeated Ria and Rose – she is definitely a superior opponent.)

Let’s face her with the intention of learning from her.

Then, as we stood in the middle of the stage, the commentator announced.

「Both parties, are you ready? Well then, General match – START!」

At the same time as the signal to start the match, I went on the offensive at once.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

Shoot a big flying slash, hide behind it and close the distance right away.

This is one of my best tactics that is difficult to deal with at first sight.


「–A technique that blocks your vision is perfect as a camouflage, isn’t it?」


The president calmly warded off Flying Shadow, and firmly grasped my position hiding behind it.

(…She read me!?)

「C-Cloud Style – Cirrocumulus!」

I became flustered and unleashed four simultaneous slashes which has the shortest launch time.

It’s a feint.

「Ara, four is completely insufficient, you know?」

She was able to evade the two slashes brilliantly and easily defended the rest.

Composure, kinetic vision, swordsmanship – everything is at a high level.

(Strong… and as opposed to Sid-san’s brute strength, hers was『Skillful strength』…)

This is probably the first time I’m facing such a skilled opponent.

Surely half-baked attacks won’t work against her.

「That’s true, how about this then…? Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

A total of eight slashes were unleashed simultaneously, with four strikes from left and right each, like mirror alignment.

「So pretty. But still, not good enough.」

Without even using any school techniques, she cut down the eight slashes in a single flash.


I never imagined that it could be cut down perfectly like that.

In terms of simple skills, she was definitely better.

However – I still have that thing.

That deadly slash that tore through the prison of time and defeated Dodriel’s〈Shadow Ruler〉…!

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」

The slash that can cut apart space, the world,

「Wow, an amazing slash…!」

She nimbly dodged with time to spare.


「But… Doesn’t it take a little too much time to swing? If you can’t hit, then it’s no big deal.」

Just by witnessing it once, she saw through the weakness of World Judgement.

As she says, World Judgement’s power is tremendous, but… there was a weakness, the skill was slightly slow.

(……I am speechless.)

Her swordsmanship was so sharpened that I was at a loss of words to praise the president.

「Fufu, come, Allen-kun?」she said with a gentle smile, as if inviting a small child.


Then I attacked her over and over again.

However, it was avoided, parried, warded off – none of them caught the president.

The swordsmanship that I’ve been polishing up to this point was ineffective against her..

The pinnacle of swordsmanship – I was vividly shown the definition of『the best of skill』.

I couldn’t help it – it was so much fun.

(Fu, haha, hahahaha…!)

It was fun to know that I am still immature.

It was fun to swing the sword freely with all my strength.

It was fun to fight against an opponent whom I couldn’t cut, try as I may.

(Aa, this is truly fun… Truly – So much fun!)

At that moment.

Only for a brief moment – tremendous power surged through my body.



The next moment.

A terrific slash that even blew my mind, cut through the world.

Her sword coincidentally tried to ward it off but – it couldn’t bear the monstrous power, and snapped in half.


The president and I took in a breath at the same time.

An attack which boasts an astounding power – a simple cross cut.

(F-For just a moment there, did that guy come out…?)

I put my hand on my chest, but I didn’t feel the soul being strung up like when holding a spirit sword.

(W-Was it my imagination…?)

When I raised my head – there was the figure of the president who stood in a daze.

「Umm… what should we do?」

Personally, I’d like her to get a new sword and face off against me again…


Then she glared at me for a moment and shook her head quietly.

「That is impossible… I give up…」

Immediately following,

「Contestant Sie-Arcstria, withdrawing! So the winner is Allen-Rodore!」

The referee announced the outcome, and the entire venue became noisy.

「Wha-wha-wha-what is this!? To think Allen-Rodore was concealing this much power!? Uproarious! Dark Horse! Surprise Victory! The head of the student council, Sie-Arcstria was defeateeeeeed!?!」

In response to the accent of the commentary on the situation, the whole venue was very excited.

In the end, the club budget war ended with the result of the;
1st-place Student Council Executives, the 2nd-place Swing Club, and the 3rd-place Judo Club.

A lot of applause was sent from senpais and classmates to us, who brilliantly placed in 2nd-place of the club budget war in the first year of the club’s founding.

I, who never had the experience of being blessed by everyone like this, was honestly quite happy.

(However, there is one thing that bothers me…)

The student council president who was defeated by me just a while ago is staring at me with a sullen expression.

(Haa… I’m begging you, please don’t bring up something troublesome…)

While sighing in my heart – I pretended not to notice the president’s sharp gaze.



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