32. Recruitment Period and Strange Group [5] – part 2


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32. Recruitment Period and Strange Group [5] – part 2

「Truth is… I want Allen-kun to join the student council for the position of『general affairs』」

「Me, into the student council?」

「Yeah, we traditionally follow a perfect supremacy principle. Lilim and Ferris over here, were very strong, right? I scouted the both of them.」

As she turned her gaze over to Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai,

「Fufu, You saw our match right, Allen-kun? I am quite strong!」

「At that time, Sie was super persistent, though…」

They each responded differently.

「I wanted Allen-kun to join by all means. That is why I proposed the poker match.」

「I see, so that was why…」

The president seems to have intended to pull me into the student council using the 『right to order any one thing』.

It’s a pretty pushy measure, but… I guess it’s a very president-like measure.

「Won’t… you?」

She asked me fearfully.

「…Then, I’m not going to join the student council using my right from just now.」

「That’s so sly! No!」

「…Is that so?」

She sure does have her childish moments, for someone who refers to herself as『onee-san』.

Although she’s my senpai, she seems a little adorable.


「H-Hey, did you just laugh!? You laughed while looking at me!?」

「No, it’s just your imagination, president.」

Then I reverted the talk that was about to derail.

「Well, putting aside the jokes… About the matter of joining the student council, it’s not something I can decide on my own.」

「If you’re thinking about interference with the activity of the practice-swing club, there’s no problem at all, you know? There’s almost nothing to do with『general affairs』, and if you only show up at regular meetings held during lunch break, there’s no problem at all.」

「Understood. I’ll take that into consideration. Then, I’ll give my answer on another day- Excuse me.」

Then, after summarizing the discussion briefly, I left the student council room.

After that, I returned to Class A and told Ria and Rose what had happened in the student council room.

And then,

「Allen joining the student council? That is an absolute NO!」

「Allen belongs to us!」

「I-I see.」

It’s uncertain as to when I belonged to Rose and Ria, but…

At any rate, I understood that they were against it.

「I see, I’ll turn it down then.」

Yoshi, there is still another 15 minutes of lunch break left.

It’s better to convey it early.

As I stood up from the chair thinking so,

「Wait a moment! I will also go this time!」

「I will go too! We should clearly turn down things like this!」

For some reason, the two got fired up and said they would come with me.

「I-I see, that’s reliable.」

Then, with Ria and Rose at the lead, I headed to the student council room.

After walking about 2 minutes through the vast academy building, I saw the student council room in front of me.

「This is the place, right…」

Ria knocked three times without any hesitation, and opened the door without waiting for an answer.

「Excuse me!」

「Excuse me!」

In the student council room, the president, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai were playing『millionaire』together.

「Ara, you guys are from the practice-swing club…?」

「Aaー, what was their name… I forgot.」

「They are Ria-Vesteria and Rose-Valencia… They’re quite famed as『princess』and『bounty hunter』, though…」

As Ria and Rose stood before the president and the senpais,

「Stop trying to take away『our』Allen!」

「We resolutely reject the prospect of joining the student council!」

They said with a strong, firm tone.

Then the president stood up on the spot and spoke.

「Let’s see… why do you two reject it?」

「Because Allen is the head of our Practice-Swing Club!」


「I think you already heard it from Allen-kun, but… There’s really nothing in general affairs, so it won’t affect the activities of the practice-swing club, you know? It’s okay just to go to regular meetings held during lunch break.」

「A-Allen always eats lunch together with me!」

「M-Me too…!」

When they made such a strong rebuttal,

「Aa, I see… that’s what this is all about…」

I have no idea what exactly the president understood, but she was nodding her head understandingly.

「Well then, how about Ria-san and Rose-san join the student council together with Allen-kun?」


「Into the student council…?」

「Yes. The frame of general affairs is still vacant, and you are also welcome in terms of ability. If you join the student council, you’ll have a lot of fun, you know? For example… we spend a lot of club budget and hold a candy party several times a month!」

「Together with Allen…」

「Candy party…」

「No, president… Let’s use the club budget for managing the student council properly…」

The president seemed to have narrowed the target to Ria and Rose, and brought up various stories to convince them.

「Other than that, there are also training camps in the summer, you see? If I’m not mistaken, this year we decided to go to a resort in the south. Barbecue in the beach together with Allen-kun… What do you think?」

「Going to a resort together with Allen…」

「Beach barbeque…」

……I feel like the story is heading towards a strange direction.

Then, suddenly, the president leaned towards Ria and Rose – and began a secret conversation by whispering.

「Allen-kun is also a boy, right? If you appear in an open swimsuit, unlike your usual formal uniforms… wouldn’t he fall easily?」


I don’t know what on earth the president told them, but the two of them blushed brightly for a moment.

And then the next moment,

「Allen… let’s join the student council!」

「Thinking about it calmly, I think it’s a pretty good idea!」


The two reliable swords – fell into the hands of the president before I knew it.

「…President. What did you whisper to the two?」

「Fufuu, it’s a『secret』! I won’t tell it to a naughty child who cheats!」

Perhaps she was still bitter about losing that poker match, as she said so childishly.

「Now, Allen-kun! There is nothing obstructing you from joining the student council! Naturally, you’re going to join, right?」

As I glanced at Ria and Rose, they both nodded.

(Even though they were so strongly opposed to it… just what exactly was whispered to them…?)

I’m not sure, but at any rate they seem to agree.

Well, personally, I have no complaints as long as the practice-swing time doesn’t decrease.

「Haa… I understand. I’ll join the student council.」

「YAY! We got Allen-kun!」

This is how my student life as a concurrent member of the practice-swing club and the student council executive began.



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