33. Meeting at Summer Camp [1] – part 1


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33. Meeting at Summer Camp [1] – part 1

The day after I joined the student council as general affairs.

After the morning class, I, Ria, and Rose, gathered in front of the student council room.

To participate in the regular lunch break meeting held every day.

When I knocked on the door on behalf of us three,

「-Please come in.」

The president’s clear and beautiful voice, replied.

「Excuse me.」

When I slowly opened the door, there was the figure of the president, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai.

Everyone sat in their own seats and had their lunch box placed on the desk.

「Welcome. Allen-kun, Ria-san, Rose-san.」

「This is the first regular meeting that you guys will be attending… Brace yourself!」

「Though, we just eat lunch as per usual, though…」

Our desk was already well prepared, placed with tabletop card with our names and position.

We greeted our senpais briefly and as we took our seats,

「Then, first of all, let’s introduce ourselves!」the president said, and shifted her gaze to Lilim-senpai on the left.

「Err, Ahem. I’m from Year 2 Class A, secretary Lilim-Tsuorine. Even if I say secretary, it’s just in name only, and most of my work is thrown to the vice-president! Let’s get along from here on!」


Slightly short light brown hair.

The hair is tied on the left using a pink hair clip, and her forehead shows well.

A cheerful schoolgirl with big cat eyes.

「Year 2 Class A, accountant Ferris-Magdalot. Accountant just in name, and most of the work is thrown to the vice-president. I hope we get along well, though…」


Dark blue hair, cut just before the shoulders.

The right eye is hidden behind bangs and has a face that gives a downer impression as opposed to Lilim-senpai.

She is a little taller than the president, slightly more than 160 cm.

「From the same Year 2 Class A, I am the student council president, Sie-Arcstria. Even if I say the student council president, it’s just in name, and I ask the vice-president to do all the work. Let’s have fun together from now!」

Surprisingly, all of the members of student councils were『only in name』.

(All the work is dumped on the vice-president… is that really okay?)

Unexpectedly, the relationship between Leia-sensei and No.18-san crossed my mind.

Then we introduced ourselves following the president.

「I am Allen-Rodore. At the invitation of the president, I joined the student council as general affairs member. Nice to meet you all.」

「I am Ria-Vesteria. A first-year student, nice to meet you.」

「Rose-Valencia. Nice to meet you.」

After we had finished introducing ourselves to each other, we had a pleasant lunch with the six of us.

The president, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai – all were good people and we had a very good time.

I was only concerned about one point…

(This is a『regular meeting』only in name, and in actuality just a『lunch party』, right? )

During the regular meeting, there was no talk about the student council’s work.

(…No, now that I think about it, today is like the『First Meeting』. Surely they’re just doing this not to throw us off on our first day.)

However, my expectation… or my hope was betrayed splendidly.

After that, a week passed, two weeks passed, but… the student council really did no work.

The testament to this is the pile of documents that have been piled up on the desk of the vice-president.

And one day.

The president who was not able to watch the pile of documents which grew bigger day by day said.

「The vice-president’s return is later than I expected… This might be a little bad.」

Vice-president – If I remember correctly, they said『left the country due to a punishment game』 in the announcement of the Club Budget War…

It’s something I’ve been a little worried about for a long time, so let’s take this opportunity to ask.

「Now that I think about it, I heard that the vice-president had left the country… How far did he go?」

The president then responded with a ridiculous response.

「The Underground Veins of the Holy Ronelia Empire.」


The Holy Ronelia Empire- a dictatorship in which the evil emperor lays down evil politics and is one of this country’s designated travel bans.

「W-Why did the vice-president go to such a dangerous place!?」



「Yes. While deciding on the punishment game, I said『I want a blood diamond!』and the vice-president said『Leave it to me!』… He actually went to pick it up, how troubling…」the president said, with a sigh.

Blood Diamond.

It is an ultra-rare mineral that is mined slightly deep underground of the Holy Ronelia Empire.

A rock which shines deep crimson, it is so beautiful that it is favored by the royal nobility as a jewel.

However, because the mining site is monopolized by the Empire, it is hardly distributed to the market.

When it is rarely put up for auction, it will be sold at a price that will make the eyeballs pop out, and will appear on the first page of newspapers.

(But to go to that Holy Ronelia Empire… for such a feeble reason…!?)

As far as I can tell, the vice-president seems to be a pretty risky person.

Then, Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai who were simply listening to the conversation until now, spoke.

「Speaking of, that guy is taking long to return. Did he perhaps… die?」

「No way, no way. I can’t even imagine that idiot dying, though…」

「Haha, that’s true as well!」

It seems that his robustness is given the stamp of approval by the members of the student council.

(J-Just what kind of person is he…?)

I was eager to meet him.

After that, I spent fulfilling days with soul dress class in the morning, regular meetings in the student council room for lunch break, and soul dress class again in the afternoon, and the activity of the Practice-Swing Club single-mindedly after school.

The fun times flew by quickly, and by the time I realised, it was already June 30th.

It was the last class day of the first semester of Thousand Blade Academy.

「-Yoshi, we are done with returning the answer sheets! Students with scoring mistakes and questions should come to me!」Leia-sensei said, clapping her hands together.

Because it was the last day of the first semester, all the final exam papers we took the other day were being returned.

「Un, I guess this is about it…」

I look at the answer sheet that was just returned to me and nodded quietly.

Literature – 68 marks.

Mathematics – 78 marks.

History – 62 marks.

Chemistry – 75 marks.

Military Strategy – 85 marks.

As I took in a deep breath, being relieved that all my marks were above the failing point of 40 marks, Ria exhaled relieved.

「I’m so glad, it turned out alright!」

「Aa, somehow.」

The students who get failing marks have to take supplementary lessons during the summer vacation, so it’s a great relief that I avoided this.

「Ria… is as amazing as usual.」

Her scores are all above 90 marks, and military strategy was 100 marks. I’ve heard that she has been receiving special education since she was a little girl – the results really are stunning.

「Ehehe, thanks.」

Then, I and Ria, after confirming that we both avoided the failing point – turned our gaze to the problematic Rose.

Yes. She was surprisingly very bad at studying.

When Rose muttered with a serious look「I don’t know what I don’t know」, I understood she wasn’t joking and thought「This is really dangerous!」.

After that, we held a diligent study session overnight. I and Ria took turns filling up her knowledge to the limit.

(I managed to finish everything within the test range, but…)

According to the person herself, she said「No problem」, but …

「How did you do… Rose?」

「Did it turn out well…?」

Then she slowly turned around and,


All were 40 marks – answer sheet which barely escaped the failing mark was shown proudly.

「Oo, that’s great!」

「Amazing! You really worked hard!」

「Thank you. You guys were really helpful…」

At any rate, everyone was able to avoid the failing mark safely.

Now we can participate in the summer training camp of the student council executive scheduled to begin tomorrow.

After finishing the marking mistakes and responding to questions, Leia-sensei started the last homeroom.

「Well, starting tomorrow, it’s your long-awaited summer vacation!」

The summer vacation of Five Academy is a little earlier than that of middle-school swordsmanship academy.

There is a whole month off from July 1st to July 31st.

This seems to be a care for first-year students who are tired from the rigorous soul dress classes.

「The first summer vacation of high-school. I understand the feeling of being merry, but don’t cut loose too much! Well then – Disperse!」

In this way, the first half of the course at Thousand Blade Academy was completed successfully.



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