34. Meeting at Summer Camp [2]


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34. Meeting at Summer Camp [2]

The moment the mysterious group surrounded us.

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Sakura Flash!」

「Wha- gaha!?」

Before I realised, Rose had already drawn her sword – and suddenly unleashed a strong thrust that blew a man out of the store.

「This way! Fighting a large number of opponents in a confined space is disadvantageous!」she said, immediately running out of the ocean house.

(…As expected of Rose.)

This is probably from her experience as a magic swordsman.

Despite the sudden battle, she was very calm.

ーHow reassuring.

「Ria, let’s go!」


We ran out of the store, through the collapsed corner of the encirclement.

「Tch, after them!」

They pursued after us while crying out angrily.

After that, we got out of the ocean house safely, and we stood back to back and covered each other’s blind spots.

「These students are getting too cocky…! You guys, we are going with the slashing encirclement!」


By the order of one person, they immediately separated into groups of three.

And then,




Downwards Slash, Thrust, Diagonal Slash – each of the three unleashed a large attack.

(Commanded movement, similar swordsmanship… Are they perhaps soldiers?)


「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Lightning Sakura!」

「High King Style – Strong Strike!」

Individually, their skill level was low.

「Ga, haa…」



With half-baked swordsmanship – they can’t even reach me, the Dropout Swordsman, let alone, the genius swordsmen Ria and Rose.

「-The fight is over. If you still want to continue this, there will be no mercy.」


In the end, we were able to suppress them in a matter of minutes.

「Rose. Just in case, tell the employee at the ocean house to contact the Holy Knights.」


For the time being, this is the end of the case.

It’s better to leave the questioning and identification to a professional, the Holy Knights.

As we started settling down,

「These people… were after me, right?」Ria muttered.

「They did say『Princess』, so they were undoubtedly aiming for you, Ria…」

Since their movements resembled military personnel, they might be assassins sent from a country which holds hostility towards Vesteria – It would be reasonable to think so.

Then the fallen men on the ground,

「…We’re going with that.」

「Are you s-serious…!?」

「Those of us who failed in our mission will be killed even if we return anyway…! In that case, we’ll just have to bet all or nothing!」

They started a strange exchange that didn’t make sense.

「What were you talking about just now…?」

Immediately after that, they all took something that looked like blue glass out of their pockets – and threw it into their mouths.

The next moment.



They rolled around on the spot, crying in agony.

「Wh-What’s going on…!?」

「They swallowed something strange just now!」

Obviously it doesn’t look normal.

We distanced ourselves and increased our guard just in case.

Then, in their hands, who rose up slowly like a ghost,

「Haahaa… he-hehe… this is the end for you guys…!」

They were grasping soul dress.

「Wha!? Were all of them soul dress users!?」

「But something feels wrong…!」

As Ria said, it was certainly odd.

(What is that soul dress…?)

Their soul dress – was changing its form every moment.

「W-We don’t have long either… We’ll finish this immediately…!」

As soon as someone muttered that,


One of the enemies, slammed the huge soul dress against the sandy beach.

When our field of vision was filled by the knocked up cloud of white sand,


They came at us all at once.

And their movement was,


Their speed was beyond recognition.



Not just the speed… but their strength has also increased…!?

(Everyone one of them has a strengthening-type soul dress…?)

No, that’s quite unlikely.

「Just what did you do…!?」

I asked the man in front of me, while deftly managing the successive consecutive attacks that were unleashed one after another.

They were breathing raggedly, and eyes were out of focus – they are not normal.

「Haahaa, spirit pill… I swallowed a powerful drug that causes the spirit core to rampage and manifested a pseudo-soul dress…」

「The spirit core, rampaging…!?」

If you do such a reckless thing, your body would be burdened with a tremendous load.

「I-If you do such a reckless thing, your body won’t be able to survive!」

「Aa… That’s why we’re in a hurry!」

Saying that, they swung again and again – the『sword that holds their life』.

「W-Why do you go so far… To target Ria, even to the extent of throwing away your life…!?」

「That’s because, His Majesty, the Emperor’s orders were… the erasure of the princess!」


He unleashed a diagonal slash of ridiculous force.

In order to kill that force, I jumped back greatly while defending with my sword firmly.




They immediately closed the slight distance.

Though unstable, it is a soul dress that elevates power.

Amazing physical ability born due to the removal of the limiter.

And above all else, their hearts which was resolved for death.

(…This is dangerous)

But, I’m not going to lose to them, who abandoned their swordsmanship, and solely rely on their physical abilities and an out-of-control soul dress.

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」

To suppress their power, I brandished a much larger power.

The slash which can tear the world asunder, easily smashed their slashes.



「We couldn’t reach you, even after putting our life on the line…!?」

As they fell to the ground, they groaned and did not stand up again.

Perhaps their body has reached its limit.

「Haa Haa… we can’t kill this guy! But… we can kill the princess! EVERYONE, CHARGEEEEEE!」

The next moment, the remaining forty people – out of desperation, started charging towards Ria.


No defense was taken into account – it was literally a do-or-die charge.

(This is bad…)

Even〈Fafnir〉can’t burn down that number at once.

No, even if it had such power – the gentle Ria won’t be able to do it.

She doesn’t have that much coldness and ruthlessness.

「Run, Ria!」


Ria calmly retreated.


By now, Rose should have called for the Holy Knights – we don’t have to attack them unnecessarily.



The man who was lying at her feet – grabbed her ankle tightly.

「He, hehe… You alone, we must definitely kill…!」

「R-Release me!」

「Ria, in front you! Defend!」

In front of Ria, who was preoccupied with the man who caught her ankle,


The men with bloodshot eyes was closing in on her.



The moment when 40 rampaging soul dress were released towards Ria all at once.

「-How disgusting. Oi. So many of you, going after a single woman… Aaa?」

A huge ice wall appeared suddenly.

In addition to that – it wasn’t any ordinary ice wall.


「W-What on Earth is this!?」

「Whose soul dress…!?」

It’s a special form of ice with frightening hardness – not a single crack even after stopping forty rampaging soul dress.

「T-This technique…!?」

And the next moment,

「-Freeze Lance」

More than a dozen huge ice lances that appeared in the sky, fell like rain.



「What the hell is this…!?」

Cold-hearted and ruthless – merciless attack assailed them.

I know of this power which can even turn even the resort of the southern sea into the cold of mid-winter.

「Oi Oi, Why the hell are you having trouble with these small fries…? You trash…」

As I turned my gaze to the voice,


The Ace of Ice King Academy – Sid-Euclius was there.



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