36. Meeting at the summer camp [4] – part 2


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36. Meeting at the summer camp [4] – part 2

「Ria, this is the decisive point…!」

「Yeah, we’ll definitely finish it…!」

Then Ria exhaled and spun the ball with her palm.

And then,


She threw a sharp serve that took a good turn.


「Too naive!」

Sid-san picked up the blow aimed at the corner of the court with such an amazing reaction speed.

「-Here, you can have it back.」


Cain-san, who had already entered toss position, gave a perfect ball to the center of the court.

「Eat this – 〈Vanal Ball〉!」

Sid-san’s drive-in spike was an extreme fastball – a miracle ball that branched into four balls.

「Kuh… Allen, take it!」

The blow which slipped through Ria’s block,

「Cloud Style – Cirrocumulus!」

It was completely sealed by my four consecutive receive.


The ball returned in a fluffy arc – falls deep inside the enemy court.

「21-19! It is the victory of Thousand Blade Academy!」

A student at Ice King Academy, who served as the referee, announced the results.

「If the ball turns into a four-ball, all you have to do is hit it all back.」

「You trash…!」

In this way, the first match – a two-vs-two beach volleyball showdown, was a spectacular victory for Thousand Blade Academy.
「As expected Allen! That was amazing!」

「It’s all thanks to Ria’s coordination.」

「As expected of Allen-sama! Astounding receive! This Cain, is so deeply impressed, that I can’t even take a step forward!」

「Eh, ah, th-thanks…」

「Whose team are you on, shitty glasses!」


And while we were clamouring about,

「Fufu, my students are better this year… yeah, Ferris?」

「Kuh… we’re going to the next one!『Beach Flag』!」

Immediately the start of the next game was announced.

Beach Flag – A classic sport that competes for a single flag that is placed only 20 meters away.

The contestants face their backs against the flag and lie face down, and stand up with the whistle – and start running towards the flag.

The rules are very simple – first person to get the flag, wins

From Thousand Blade Academy, I, Rose, and the president participated.

「The start of Beach Flag is most crucial…」

「I’m confident in my explosive power!」

「Fufu, I won’t lose!」

On the other hand, the contestants from Ice King Academy were, Sid-san, Cain-san, and a female student of their student council.

「Oi, don’t get in my way.」

「Of course, I understand.」

「Do your best, Sid!」

When everyone was lying face down – the whistle blew.

The moment I immediately stood up and turned around.

「Ha, you’re all slow. You damn small fries!」

Sid-san had already started running forward.

「Kuh, so fast!」

There was a remarkable difference in our reaction speed…

And as he leisurely grabbed the flag,

「Hahaa! My level of talent is different! You ordinary trash fellows!」he said, with a heinous smile on his face.

(The speed of the initial response after listening to the whistle, a supple running as though his body was a spring… As expected of Sid-san.)

(…This trash, was able to keep up with my acceleration. Somehow, his physical abilities have increased remarkably… Was he influenced by the power of『that monster』? Or is this the gross result of steady training?… At any rate, I won’t drop my guard.)

And as the beach flag came to an end,

「F-False start, False start! He started 0.1 second earlier! Right, everyone!?」

「AH, no, no… It’s just the barking of a loser dog!」

Leia-sensei and Ferris-san were engaged in a heated battle as usual.

(It’s been like that ever since they were students… shouldn’t they get along well?)

After that, the battle between Thousand Blade Academy and Ice King Academy continued – as a result, we settled on a draw of 10-10.

Though, Leia-sensei and Ferris-san were hoping for another match to decide the final victor…

「We’re at the long-awaited summer camp, so why don’t we finish this at the『Sword King Festival』after summer vacation?」

The president successfully saved summer camp by guiding their thoughts to the『next battle』.

After successfully completing the first day of the joint camp, we returned to our respective lodgings.

After that, we all had dinner together, and chatted – we had a very good time.

「Fuu… that was fun.」

After parting with everyone and returning to my room, I looked at the wall clock while stretching my body greatly.

「It’s already 10pm… Shall I turn in for the day?」

If I stay up too late, it will have an effect on tomorrow.

After preparing for bed, the moment I was about to turn off the lights,

There was a knock on my door.

(Who is it… this late at night?)

「Yes, who is it?」

As I asked so,

「-Sorry for disturbing you at this time, Allen. It’s me.」

Leia-sensei’s stern voice replied.

As I immediately opened the door, sensei was standing there with her arms folded, and a serious expression on her face.

「What happened, sensei? At this hour?」

「It’s about this morning – I came to talk about the group that attacked Ria」 sensei said, with a serious look that I’ve never seen before.

「I’m sorry about the time, but won’t you follow along?」


It seems that the guys from this morning, have a rather troublesome background, after all.

(It’s quite a hassle, but… It can’t be helped this time…)

My precious friend, Ria, is in danger.

If there’s anything I can do – I’ll do my best to cooperate.


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