37. Meeting at the Summer Camp [5] – part 2


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37. Meeting at the Summer Camp [5] -part 2

「-And after that! My father, who mistook the letter as a love letter, furiously said,『If you want my daughter, demonstrate that you are the strongest in Vesteria!』」

「Fufu, that’s quite the misunderstanding.」

「Ahaha, that’s a rather pitiful story.」

It was so much fun to talk in a different environment that I even forgot the time.

And as I was lightly floating around,

「…I suddenly feel like wanting to swing.」

『Want to swing』has seethed up from the depths of my body.

In this situation, where my feet does not touch the ground.

What kind of weight transfer is the best way to unleash sharper slashes?

To know that – I want to swing.

「Fufu, Allen really loves to swing, huh?」

「Always thinking about swordsmanship.」

「Is that so? I feel shy…」

「「It’s not a compliment!」」

And when the three of us were enjoying ourselves while floating in the floating rings,



「Ria, Rose!?」

Suddenly something emerged from the sea – the two on the float were turned upside down due to the momentum.


And then, they appeared from the sea,

「-Hahaa! This is tonight’s dinner!」

「Amazing, Sid! You grabbed a swimming fish!」

It was Sid-san, who grabbed two fishes in both hands each, and Cain-san who praised it.

「Sid-san, Cain-san!? W-Why were you under there!?」

「Aa?… What was that, Allen?」

「Oo, Allen-sama! I am deeply sorry for frightening you. Currently we are trying to experience『dive fishing』…This is really interesting!」

「I-Is that so…」

It seems that both of them are just enjoying the sea.

「You… You two! Swim up slower next time!」

「You frightened us!」

Ria and Rose managed to return to the floating ring, and naturally complained.

「You fools! Speed is the most important thing in this!」

「No, Sid… That is only when we’re catching the fish, it has nothing to do with surfacing… It’s our fault this time, we will be more careful next time.」

「Tch… you’re just stretching the reason…」

「I’m sorry for the racket… Well then everyone, let’s meet again later.」

Then they went back to the bottom of the sea again.

After that, we finished swimming with the floats and joined the president and the others to play to the fullest.

That night, we decided to have a barbecue with everyone from Ice King Academy.

The meeting time is 19:00 hour in front of Ferris-san’s villa.

After having finished playing, we headed to Ferris-san’s villa with the president and others.

「T-This is amazing…」

「Uwaa, looks so delicious!」

「It smells good!」

Ferris-san’s villa was also amazing though…

Now that I was hungry, I was attracted to the many ingredients that were lined up in front of me.

「Welcome, people of Thousand Blade Academy. The preparations are complete so – let’s start the barbeque!」

The moment Ferris-san said that,

「YAHOOOOO! Thank you very much!」

「Ferris-sensei is the best! I love you very much!」


Cries of joy burst out from everywhere.

「It’s going to be a feast, Ferris-san.」

「Thank you very much, Ferris-san!」

「I am grateful!」

After we expressed our gratitude, we took the ingredients that were piled up on the central desk.

「Well… shall we sit over here?」



When I found an empty seat and sat down,

「Here we go.」

「Move in a bit more.」


Somehow, they sat down next to me on both sides.

(Normally, I think one of them sits in front of me, but… Well, that’s okay)

As we lined up the ingredients we each picked on the table – I realized that the fire had already been set.

「Oh, even the fire has been set. That’s really helpful.」

「All we have to do is barbeque it!」

「First of all, we have to stick it on a skewer!」

Then I stabbed the meat with plenty of fat on two skewers and put it on the wire mesh.

Ria stabbed the meat into a skewer one after another and barbequed a tremendous number.

…As expected of Ria.

Rose has a good balance. She alternated between meat and vegetables, and then put a small fish on the wire mesh.

Two minutes later – a pleasant, appetizing smell rose.

It’s time to dig in.

「Well then, itadakimasu!」

「UnUn! Let’s dig in!」


Then when we picked up the skewers we wanted.

「Oi, you!」

Sid-san, who crossed in front of us, snatched the fish skewers that Rose had.


「What are you doing all of a sudden?」


When we quickly threw questions at him,

「Tch… it is a『Scorpionfish』after all.」

Saying so, Sid-san nonchalantly threw the fish away.

At that moment,


「Ah, that is a poisonous fish!」

「Wait, Wait! Everyone, don’t eat the fish!」

The surrounding became noisy.

Scorpionfish – a fish with a small amount of paralysis poison in its body.

「Miss, what’s going on!?」

「T-That’s strange…? I showed all the fish to a local fisherman, and I was told that there was no poison, though…」

「Tch, he didn’t do a proper job… Oi, bring all the fish over here! I will personally check them!」

Then he quickly examined a large amount of fish in the cooler box.

「S-Sid-san is very knowledgeable about fish…」

As I muttered, Cain-san, who happened to be nearby, spoke.

「Yeah, calling him a『fish expert』wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It seems that Sid-san grew up in a very peculiar environment when he was a child, so his『knowledge of living』is very rich. If you can only take one thing to a deserted island, I’d recommend taking him.」

「I-I see…」

Just what kind of environment did he grow up in…

He has a lot of mysteries.

「A-Anyway…… The fish seems to be a little dangerous, so let’s eat meat instead.」

「Yeah, let’s do that!」

「Un, sure.」

Then we pulled ourselves together and resumed the barbecue.

「Un, tasty!」

「This is delicious!」

「So juicy!」

Eating outdoors feels very delicious for some reason.

Then, when the three of us were enjoying the grilled meat – large fireworks bloomed in the night sky.



「Aa, it’s really pretty.」

Red, Blue, Green – Such beautiful fireworks painted the black canvas of the night sky.

「Nee, Allen, Rose…」

「Nn, what is it?」


「Let’s go to summer camp together, next year too.」

「Aa, we definitely will.」

「Of course.」

Thus, the joint summer camp of Thousand Blade Academy and Ice King Academy, which was full of turbulence – came to an end safely for the time being.



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