39. Vesteria Kingdom and Elite Guard [2]


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39. Vesteria Kingdom and Elite Guard [2]

After that, Leia-sensei carried the fainted Claude-san over to the infirmary.

According to the academy nurse, it is similar to the symptoms of anemia caused by severe stress, and if he rests as is, he should wake up soon.

When asked what caused this, Leia-sensei replied vaguely,「Well, there was something that was a little too stimulating.」

Ten minutes later.

「Uh… where am I…?」

Claude-san slowly opened his eyes.

「Ah, you woke up, Claude!」

「R-Ria-sama…? Aa, I’m glad. It was all just a dream…」


He patted his chest with relief and smiled softly.

「I just had a really long dream… That Ria-sama went to study abroad, and of all things, you became the slave of a filthy worm… It was a painful and agonizing nightmare…」

「E-Err… that wasn’t a dream.」

「……Eh? 〜〜!?」

As Claude-san looked around restlessly, his eyes met mine, and

「Bastard, aren’t you the filthy worm!? So that means, it was all real…」

Immediately jumped out of bed and turned his sharp gaze mixed with hostility and hatred.

「…Nice to meet you, Claude-san. I am Allen-Rodore.」

I didn’t want him to keep calling me a filthy worm, so I gave him my name for the time being.


「I don’t give a damn about your name, bastard! Don’t get close to Ria-sama, you fiend!」

He was completely hostile to me and we weren’t even able to have a proper conversation.

(This is a problem…)

Personally, I want to stop the information from being spread beyond Claude-san.

I definitely don’t want to let the King of Vesteria know about my relationship with Ria.

(For that purpose, I’d like to get a conversation started, but…)

It seems to be quite difficult…

And when I sighed heavily in my heart,

「Hey, Claude! You’ve been going too far since just now! Apologize to Allen!」

Ria, who was clearly offended, scolded Claude-san severely.

「Ria-sama…!? Have you yielded even your body and mind… to this filthy worm…」

Reprimanded by his beloved Ria, he began to grit his teeth and trembled.

「Ria-sama has been unreliable ever since she was little… Undoubtedly she was deceived by this low-life worm…!」

「Just who are you calling unreliable!」

Ignoring Ria’s rebuttal, Claude-san glared at me.

「Remember, you filthy worm! I’ll give you the pain of hell! And Ria-sama! I will surely free you…! Well, this is good-bye for now.」

Saying that, he jumped out the window of the infirmary.

At that moment,

「…Puh, ahahahaha! Claude is amusing as always! Really worth teasing!」

Leia-sensei, who had been desperately enduring her laughter so far, held her stomach and burst out laughing.

「Haa… Leia-sensei…?」

「Leia! What are you planning to do!?」

「Fufu, don’t make such a scary face. It’s just a small joke.」

I think this is beyond the scale of a『small joke』…

「Well, let’s get serious now… It’s about Claude, who will probably attempt to contact Allen before soon. At that time, you can explain the situation and convince, or fabricate a story and confuse Claude – well, choose whichever one you like.」

「B-Both seem to be quite difficult though…」

I don’t think Claude-san, who was so angry with me, would listen obediently.

「Well take care of it somehow! Now that the『visitor』has disappeared, I’m going home!」

Saying that, she turned around and went out of the infirmary.

Apparently, the『visitor』that sensei had mentioned earlier was Claude-san.

「Haa… for the time being, we should go home too.」

「I am worried about the mess that Claude is going to stir up. Be careful of your rear, when going out at night, and places which are hidden from view… alright, Allen?」

「Aa, understood.」

Then we left the infirmary and returned to our room.

A whole day has passed since then, but…

Since then, Claude-san hasn’t showed up in front of us again.

(Nevertheless, I can’t let my guard down…)

Perhaps he is cooking up some kind of strategy right now.

I need to brace myself for the next few days.

「Fuu… I guess it’s about time to return.」

The time is 7am.

When I finished my daily early morning routine and went back to my dorm,

「Fuwaa… Ah, good morning, Allen. You woke up early today as well.」

Ria, dressed in pajamas, said so sleepily.

I guess she just woke up.

「Good morning, Ria. Oh, right. There was an envelope for you.」

I handed her the envelope I had just picked up from the mailbox.

「…For me? I wonder from whom?」

「That is… there’s no sender’s name.」

There were no stamps on this envelope, let alone the sender’s name.

Perhaps someone posted it directly to our mailbox.

And then,

「T-This is…!?」

Ria gazed seriously at the imposing red stamp pressed on the back of the envelope while turning pale.

「What is it…?」

「This is… a letter from my father…」

「Your father… you mean the King of Vesteria?」

「Un, this might be a little bad…」

I’m sure it’s definitely about that.

Apparently, Claude-san reported to the king immediately after that.

「For now… let’s check the contents.」


Carefully open the envelope and take out the high-quality paper folded inside.

It was written in beautiful letters:

To my dear daughter, Ria.

I heard a certain story from Claude.

You seem to be struggling with a lot of special circumstances there.

Papa is very worried and can’t concentrate on work.

Will you come back home one time this summer vacation?

On July 6th at 10am, I directed an aircraft dedicated to the royal family to arrive at Thousand Blade Academy.

Please bring your friend, Allen-Rodore, with you.

Please bring him no matter what.

I love you.

From Papa.


At first glance it’s a gentle letter addressed to one’s daughter…

It would be obvious to anyone who reads it that there was an inconceivable anger oozing from it.

「Your father, seems to be really angry…」

「Maa, I suppose…」

He heard that his beloved daughter that went to a foreign country, became the slave of a man with shabby background.

Naturally, he would be angry.

(And it was Claude-san who reported this story…)

Surely he must have inserted some malicious dramatization.

「What shall we do… Allen!? July 6th is today!」

「…No other choice but to go.」

The other party is the king who rules an entire country.

Unlike Claude-san, he must be sensible and intelligent.

If I explain the situation properly, I’m sure he’ll understand.

「S-Sorry… I’ve been causing you nothing but trouble…」

「You don’t have to worry about it. -Rather, we should get ready quickly. There’s not much time left.」

「U-Un, understood… thank you.」

After that, Ria ran to the back of the dressing room.

「Fuu… Heavy…」

The fact that I was summoned directly by the king of a country was very heavy for me, as a student.

(All things considered, after the resort in Veneria Island in the southern sea, I’m going to Vesteria Kingdom across the sea… Even though it’s summer vacation, I can’t rest at all…)

Then, I began to prepare for the trip while heaving a sigh.



  1. Sometimes I forget Ria is a princess

  2. I hate it when MCs get strong without getting the appropriate change in personality. He’s still acting like a twat when faced with hostility.

    • This is the bad thing with the protagonist, he returns the fucking insult.

      For that reason that princess is annoying, he should not have put such conditions and simply accepted to incline the slave.

    • Well this is a jp story
      Jp MC’s are beta as fuck unless he gets betrayed or someone kill his family his attitude won’t change.

  3. I hate it when MCs get strong without getting the appropriate change in personality. He’s still acting like a twat when faced with insults.

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