397. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [168]

Translator: Saitama-sensei

397. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [168]


I doubted my ears for a moment.

Taking on two true soul dress users in such a weakened state is nothing short of suicide.

「That’s unreasonable!」Ria immediately opposed.

「Grandfather…」Rose shook her head with a sad look.

「Do you have a plan?」the president asked, with a serious expression.

「Bacchus-ossan, don’t tell me you’re planning to die!?」Lilim-senpai raised her voice.

「I don’t think there is any merit in fighting alone, though…」Ferris-senpai said, with a downcast look.

In response, Bacchus-san did not give a clear answer, but he just laughed as usual.

「Bararara! Come on, just get on that strange flying machine and get out of here. Don’t worry. I’ll have everyone escape from here safely in the name of the strongest swordsman in the world!」

He said, pointing to the gliders parked far behind.

We were speechless before his unwavering resolve.

While everyone was silent, only Rose started to move towards him slowly.


「What’s wrong?」

「Thank you… for everything up until now.」

She bowed her head deeply, her voice quivering.

「Un, take care of yourself.」

Bacchus-san gently stroked Rose’s head with love.

「Yes… Goodbye…」

Rose said, as large beads of tears streamed down her cheeks.

「Everyone, let’s go.」

She muttered briefly and ran towards the gliders.

「Bacchus-san, please teach me swordsmanship again someday.」

I selfishly included a “next meeting” to the goodbye.

「Next time… next time… let’s have a drink together, okay?」

Ria said, desperately holding back her tears.

「I will never forget this grace.」

The president bowed respectfully.

「Ossan… I’ll see you again someday! It’s a promise!」

Lilim-senpai shouted, with a runny nose.

「Thank you very much, though…」

Ferris-senpai said, biting her lower lip.

We each said goodbye to Bacchus-san in our own way, and started running towards the gliders.

「Barara, Rose has really good friends, doesn’t she?…That means I can die without worries.」

He laughed happily from the bottom of his heart, forcing his bloodless muscles to swell and threw himself into a hopeless battle.

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