398. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [169]

Translator: Saitama-sensei

398. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [169]

The moment Allen and the others rushed to their gliders,

「Who said you can escape?-Flatten them, Black Whale!」

「Don’t ignore me, bro! –Venom Waltz!」

A huge sand whale fell from the sky and nine poison dragons bared their fangs.

「Kuh– White Scales!」

「Please stop it– Aqua Mirror!」

Ria and Sie immediately brought out their soul dress and activated their respective defense techniques.

The two shields were created at an angle to deflect the attacks, not to stop them head-on. However…the difference in their abilities were too clear.



The giant sand whale wrapped around the white flame shield, and the poison dragons brought down their fangs on the water shield.

「T-The… output is too big…」

「It’s not going to hold…」

Half a second later, the two shields shattered in vain. But at the same time, Bacchus stomped his right foot powerfully.

「Thousand Root Kannon!」

Seven huge roots shot up from the ground and easily crushed the giant sand whale and the poison dragons.

「Phantom Spirit〈100 Million Year Sakura〉, huh…」

「To be able to brandish this much power even with that almost dead body… His Majesty Barrel’s wariness was right…」

Von and Deal muttered with scorn, and shifted their sights to him.

「Bararara, it was just a light attack!」

Bacchus desperately displayed a confident smile while throwing provocations.

This was simply to attract the attention of the two enemies onto himself and to secure time for Allen and the others to escape. In fact, Bacchus was almost at his limit.

(Hahaha… I’m in a miserable state…)

Thousand Root Kannon was originally a technique which skewers an enemy with “Thousand” roots.

In his dying state, Bacchus could only manipulate “seven” roots.

「We can’t have you interrupting us anymore. We’ll get rid of you first.」

「We don’t have much time. Let’s finish this in an instant!」

Von and Deal kicked the ground and closed the gap in one step.

On the other hand, Bacchus raised his beloved sword that he has been with for many long years over his head.


「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Sty– Gofu, gaha…」

The recoil from using Thousand Root Kannon assailed his body.

Two swords approached him as he fell to his knees and coughed uncontrollably.

「Hmm, seems like you just uselessly shortened your own life. True Soul Style – True Thrust!」

「I’ll aim straight for your heart! –Venom Bite!」


Von and Deal’s sharp thrusts accurately pierced Bacchus’ heart.

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