399. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [169]

Translator: Saitama-sensei

399. Country of Sakura, Cherin and the Seven Holy Swords [169]


Allen and Ria shouted at the same time.


「T-Tell me it’s a lie… Bacchus-ossan…」

「No way…」

Sie, Lilim, and Ferris’ faces turned pale.

All of them stopped dead in their tracks.

However, it makes sense that they would do so.

Although they were excellent swordfighters, Allen and the others were still teenage students.

An acquaintance was murdered right in front of their eyes. They were still a little too young to accept the harsh reality.

(Damn, shit, shit…)

As a dark flame of hatred lit up in Allen’s heart,

「Keep running! Don’t waste this precious time that grandfather has earned!」

Rose’s sharp command echoed.

She squeezed her fists to the point where it was bleeding, and kept running towards their only means of escape, the gliders.

Allen and the others, seeing the determination of Rose’s heart, clenched their teeth and started running.

The evil hands of Von and Deal loomed closed.

「Too bad for you, but this is your end.」

「Bro, you can’t escape me anymore!」

A sand sword and a poison sword containing tremendous spiritual power–.

「Bastard, how…!?」

「No, no, that’s impossible!」

Had to be swung in the opposite direction to Allen and the others.

「Sakura Blossom One Sword Style – Evening Sakura!」

A white-haired giant, with devilish fury on his face, suddenly appeared from behind and shot a diagonal slash


「This is heavy, isn’t it…」

Von and Deal managed to defend Bacchus’ slashing, and jumped back to kill the impact.


In response to Allen’s delighted voice, Bacchus replied with a small move of his chin, gesturing to “Hurry up”.

「Haa, Haa… Barararara! Did you think piercing my heart would be enough to kill me?」

Even with his heart pierced and a look of exhaustion, Bacchus gave off an air of might.

「I see. That otherworldly resilience is the essence of the phantom spirit, 100 Million Year Sakura.」

「Surviving a fatal blow like that… It seems the “Immortal Bacchus” nickname was not a lie.」

Von and Deal slowly readied their swords while being highly vigilant.

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