56. New Semester and First-Year War [8]


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56. New semester and First-Year War [8]

With the tremendous power that was surging through my body, I held my sword high and swung it down at once.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow! 」

At the same time, Ria swung her sword in a large arc.

「Black Breath!」

The moment the two collided, the shadow I released cut through the black flame easily.

「…No way!?」

With her eyes wide open from the unexpected outcome, Ria immediately jumped sideways and avoided the looming Flying Shadow.

(…Yoshi, I can work with this!)

As I thought, I’m not going to lose in strength anymore…!

I decided that now is the chance to win and,


To change the state of battle into close combat, I quickly ran towards Ria.

「Draconic Roar!」

A tremendous amount of flames mixed in black and white blocked my path.

(As expected, she made that move…)

But right now – I can push through!


With a side-sweep flash, I erased the flames that obstructed the path.

「M-My flames… with just your sword pressure…!?」

Due to the surprise, Ria stiffened slightly.

I didn’t miss that opportunity, and unleashed a diagonal slash with all my strength.



She immediately defended with her sword, but was blown to the side due to the overwhelming strength difference.

「What… ridiculous strength…!」

She managed to land safely and took a great distance.

「This kind of strength even without the presence of soul dress… As expected of Allen…」

「Same goes for Ria. In just four months, you can manipulate your soul dress to this extent… You are amazing after all.」

「Fufu, thank you. But my real power is from here on out!」

Saying that, she thrust her sword onto the stage and quietly closed her eyes.

The next moment,

「-Dragon Soul!」

She was dressed in sparkling white flame and dark black flame.

「This is …?!」

A tremendous pressure that pierces the whole body.

Only the space surrounding Ria was of a different weight. An extraordinary presence.

(Wow, Ria…)

It is nothing less than remarkable that she still had an ace up her sleeve.

「It’s going to be somewhat different from before, alright?」

「Aa, it appears to be so…!」

The moment I blinked.

The figure of Ria, with her sword held high, was in front of me.


This is different from Rose’s movement technique.

This was simply Ria’s physical speed.

It was that plain and simple. No secret or trick behind it. How troublesome.

「Eat this!」

The looming downward slash,


I reflexively rolled to the right and managed to avoid it.

「I won’t let you escape! High King Style – Consecutive Spears!」

「Kuh, Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

Our attacks met fiercely and sparks flew.

After that, our sword fight fell into a seesaw state. Our offensive and defensive exchanges were equally matched.

「High King Style – Strong Strike!」


Our swords collided and stopped.

The two swords were locked in a completely antagonistic state.

The swords don’t even twitch as if time itself had stopped.

(No way… Even〈Dragon Soul〉can’t push him back…!?)

(I see… So, the cells in her body are stimulated by the white flames she wears. It’s a really good ability, with a wide range of applications…)

Our gaze intersected, and we jumped back at the same time.

(…As it stands, our physical abilities are completely even.)

In addition, the long-range black flames and the indiscriminate ranged attacks… I can deal with both of them now.

In short, what I should do here is simple. Just keep on engaging in close combat!


As I ran straight towards Ria,

「Kuh, White Coil!」

She deployed a huge white flame shield forward.

The white flame shield that functions the same as an impregnable fortress.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

I cut it down easily with the eight slashes.


Her face turned pale, and she quickly leapt back.


「Haa Haa…」

As the battle went on, Ria’s breathing visibly became heavier.

(…I see, that state doesn’t seem to last that long.)

Can her body no longer bear the burden of soul dress?

Or does it have a duration like Rose’s〈Winter Sakura〉?

I don’t know which one, but…

(There is no doubt that the flow of battle is tilting towards me right now…!)

When I was thinking about that, Ria spoke.

「Nee, Allen… You’ve been exercising that inhuman power for so long… Doesn’t your body feel weird!?」

「N-Not really an inhuman power though… Anyway, my body is quite fine.」

Unlike Rose and Ria, there was no burden on my body.

No, far from being burdened, the condition of my body was getting better.

The burns I should have suffered during the match were now completely healed.

「I see… Then, if the match lasts longer… it will be my loss.」

「…That’s probably right.」

Judging from Ria’s exhausted state, if we continue on as is, it will end as she says.

「I see… So that’s how it’ll end after all…」


However, I couldn’t imagine that Ria, who absolutely hates to lose, would stand by and accept the loss without doing anything.

When I raised my guard and maintained Seigan no Kamae,

「Now, Allen. Before I run out of gas, let’s settle it now!」

The flames that covered Ria’s body, all gathered on her sword.


White flame and black flame mix, and a beautiful but hellish flame rises.

「This is my true final attack.」

「Aa, I’ll take it on…!」

Ria slowly held up her sword sky-high and swung it down resolutely.

「This is the end – Dragon Breath!」

An enormous dragon with black flame and white flame mixed together, was unleashed with tremendous force.


On the other hand, I unleashed my ultimate attack that mobilized all my power.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

A slash that was far larger than Flying Shadow, plunged forward to slay the enormous dragon.



The two attacks clashed violently in the middle of the stage.

And then,

「Kuh, GUOOOO…」

The Dragon Breath was extinguished by Dark Roar.


The moment when I was confident of victory and made a victory fist.


Ria’s body shook violently, and collapsed forward.

「Wha, Ria!?」

The sword slipped from her hands and extinguished into fine particles.

(Damn… she fainted? At a time like this…!?)

Apparently the attack just now, genuinely used up every last bit of her strength.

Before the resigned, defenseless Ria, the absolute Dark Roar approached ever closer.

If she took that attack head on in that state… she wouldn’t escape safely.


I immediately threw away my sword and ran.

(Damn… please make it in time…!)

By utilizing the mysterious power that filled my body, I ran with incredible force which crushed the floor underneath.

And I somehow matched with the Dark Roar and,


I slammed the side of it with all my might.

A hard sound resonated and a severe impact assailed my right hand.

But – Dark Roar doesn’t stop.

While maintaining the tremendous momentum, it pushed forward towards Ria.

(No good… it won’t stop…!?)

I shifted my gaze quickly and tried to seek help…

Only at times like these, Leia-sensei was not nearby.

In other words, I have no choice but to stop it on my own.

(Squeeze out the power. The power to protect Ria…!)

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist strongly.

Then, a huge amount of power that I have never felt before, surged through my whole body.


When I poured all the power into my right hand, and unleashed a single blow, a『Black something』was produced in my hand.

The next moment, an eardrum crushing sound reverberated throughout the academy, and Dark Roar vanished, a few millimeters away from Ria.

「Haa Haa… I made it in time…」

The mysterious power that filled my whole body was completely gone now.

Finally being able to breathe, I exhaled greatly,


A sharp pain ran through my right hand.

Looking closer, there was a deep sword wound engraved on my hand.

(This arm… I have to let it rest for a while…)

I stopped the slash, which I had unleashed with all my might, with my bare hands. It’s a natural result.

No, rather, I should count myself lucky that this was all that I sustained.

「But… I’m really glad…」

When I saw Ria breathing regularly, I heaved a sigh of relief.

「Ri, Ria-Vesteria, unable to continue! So, the person who conquered this year’s First-Year War is… ALLEN RODORE! But surprisingly! What a contestant Allen! He hurt his prestige by protecting Ria! The Evil Emperor Showed Kindnessssss!???」

The commentator proclaimed my victory.

「Way to go, Allen!」

「What an unbelievable match!」

「Amazing… You’re really amazing…!」

The long-lasting First-Year War ended with my victory.



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