57. New Semester and First-Year War [9]


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57. New semester and First-Year War [9]

At the top of the audience seat.

Leia furrowed her brows as she observed Allen and Ria’s match.

「That appearance and that power… Did he control the spirit core…? No… impossible. If that was the case, the output is way too low… Is it that guy’s whim…? Or elseー?」

As she was wracking her brain over that question,

「Hyohohohoho! Maan, I’m so relieved! With this, my mistake is also written off!」

An old man, who was clapping delightedly, suddenly appeared out of thin air.

He was short. His hair, eyebrows and eyelids were all white.

He had a bent waist and a crooked smile on his face.


Leia flusteredly turned back, as she realised someone easily snuck behind her without her noticing.

The old man who saw her reaction, had a pleasant smile on his face, and hit the floor with the tip of the bent cane which he held in his left hand.

「Oh dear… I was wondering what would happen if he came out mid-way, but… I’m relieved that the『path』seems to be opening up smoothly!」

「…Bastard, hermit of time!?」

Leia glared at the hermit of time while clenching her fist.

「Hoho! Long time no see, Black Fist. I’m glad you’re doing well.」

「…I got the message. You already used it on Allen, that cursed 100 million year button…!」

「Calling it『cursed』is quite harsh…」

The hermit of the time, while grumbling so, stared at Allen as he received the victory trophy on the stage.

His hair, which had been mixed with white hair until a while ago, was now back to black.

「Fumu, it’s already back to『black』so soon… It looks like it will still take a longer time…」

The hermit of time indulged in his own thoughts, while massaging his fine, white beard.

Leia’s True Fist pierced through the air right towards his face. [1. TL Note: “True Fist” or “Seiken” is a straight punch, shot from the waist, with the first two knuckles.]


「I have a mountain of things to ask you. Sorry but, take a nap for a while…!?」

The hermit of time slipped through Leia’s fist and passed through her whole body.

「Man, as expected of Black Fist. What fearsome speed… Good grief, one cannot be too careful around you…」

「Shit… Is that the rumored『transparency』…!?」

When he saw Leia’s frustrated expression, he laughed in satisfaction.

「-Well, I still have tons of work to do. Let’s meet again some other time, Black Fist…」


Paying no heed to the voice, the hermit of time disappeared like mist from the Underground Training Area..


Leia, who blew the chance that had sprung up suddenly, bit her lip frustratedly.

「…Dahlia. There is『something』that exceeds your predictions going on here… 」

On the other hand, it was around the time when Allen conquered the First-Year War.

Deep underground in the Holy Ronelia Empire, one man was screaming in joy.

「I-I did it…! I finally found it!」

Vice President of Student Council Executives of Thousand Blade Academy.

He has lived as a miner for months – sneaking through the Holy Ronelia Empire’s tight security network and slipping through the empire’s pursuers and the Black Organization.

「This is… the blood diamond that I have dreamed of!」

He had two fist-sized blood diamonds in his hands.

The crimson, which is said to have magical beauty, emitted a mysterious shine even in this state without any processing.

「Fu, Fufufu …! The president will surely be pleased …!」

A number of flashlights illuminated him as he grinned happily.

「T-There he is!」

「Contact the Imperial Guards as soon as possible!」

「Hurry up and tell the Black Organization too! We can only stall him for so long!」

The Magic Swordsmen employed by the Ronelia Empire shouted with bloodshot eyes.

Each one of them had a soul dress, and it can be seen that each person was considerably skilled.

「Tch, one after another… They’re really persistent」

The vice-president cut down the group of skilled magic swordsmen as though brushing away insects, but…

As expected, it became more troublesome to fight one by one since their numbers exceeded 100.

「Haa… let’s run…」

He shook his head as though annoyed, and fled with his back towards the pursuers.

「Wha!? Hey, wait!」

More than ten magic swordsmen desperately chased after him. But the difference in physical ability was obvious.

Every passing second, the vice president’s back started to fade into the distance.

「President… Please wait! I’ll definitely bring this blood diamond home …」

He held the raw stones of the blood diamond in both hands and ran through the underground of the Ronelia Empire.

After receiving the championship trophy from the First-Year War committee, I went to the infirmary where Ria and Rose were.

According to the teacher in the infirmary, Ria seems to have used a ridiculous amount of power and was extremely exhausted.

Fortunately, her life was not in danger, and should wake up soon with enough rest.

After Ria’s treatment ended safely, she was laid on the bed.

「-Rose, how are you?」

I spoke to Rose, who was resting in the adjacent bed.

「Nn… I’m feeling alright. Tomorrow, I should be able to move as usual.」

「I see… glad to hear that.」

She stared me in the eye and let out a short laugh with a slightly complicated expression on her face.

「…Judging from the state of things, I’m guessing you won.」

「Aa, somehow」

「I see…Un, congratulations」

The victory of the swordsman who defeated her. As a swordsman, of course, there will be some complicated feelings

Still, Rose genuinely said「Congratulations」.

「Aa, thank you.」

I expressed gratitude honestly for her feelings.

After that, I ended up chatting with Rose until Ria woke up.

After the battle with me, her spirit core seemed to have been strangely strung up, thus she did not get to sleep much.

After 10 minutes passed.


Ria, sleeping on the adjacent bed, slowly opened her eyes.

「Ah, Ria! You regained consciousness…!?」


As she slowly raised her upper body, she looked around in confusion.

「Where are we…?」

「It’s the infirmary. Is your body all right now?」

「Ah, un… I’m alright, so I’ll be fine if I sleep a little.」

「I see.」

Come to think of it, Leia-sensei also said,「Ria is unusually strong」the first time we dueled.

As I recalled those old days,

「I see… so, I lost…」

She murmured so, and clenched her fist with frustration.

The bed sheet crumpled greatly, and a heavy silence fell inside the infirmary.

As the silent state continued for about 20 seconds,

「… Hurting two girls… Allen is terrible.」

Rose sitting on the bed next to Ria’s said something ridiculous.

「Eh, n-no that’s… It’s a match so…」

『Hurting girls』is not exactly wrong, but…

(Isn’t it a little misleading or a slightly malicious expression …?!)

When I was panicking about how to come up with an excuse,

「… Really, that’s right. How do you plan to take responsibility?」

「E-Even Ria…!?」

Jumping on Rose’s remark, even Ria began to say such a thing.

「Hey, Allen … what will you do?」

「You’ll take responsibility, won’t you?」

Two vs One.

I found myself overwhelmingly disadvantaged in numbers.

「N-No… Even if you say take responsibility… 」

And as I was acting flustered,

「…Fufu, it’s a joke.」

「Fufu, just kidding.」

Saying that, Rose and Ria laughed happily.

「Both of you… Give me a break…」

I’m already called the Dropout Swordsman, Problem Child, Evil Emperor, etc.
I have a bad reputation in the academy.

(To be honest, I don’t care about people’s reputation anymore…)

It’s better not to speak ill of people at all.

As I sigh a breath of relief,

「-Next is the Sword King Festival. I’m cheering for you, so don’t lose!」

「Do your best for us too.」

Ria and Rose cheered me on.

「Aa, of course. I’ll put in my best effort.」

Sword King Festival.

I know this well, even if I am not familiar with Five Academy.

No, this is a swordsmanship festival that everyone in this country knows.

(From the Ice King Academy, Sid-san will appear in the first-year student spot…)

It’s not just the Ice King Academy.

There will surely be outstanding first year swordsmen who will also appear from the other Five Academy’s.

(Fufu, I’m looking forward to it…!)

And when I was excited about fighting at the Sword King Festival,

「Eh…? Come to think of it, Allen, what’s that wound?」

The sharp-sighted Ria found the bandage wrapped around my right arm.

「This is… Uh, umm… a small injury」

I decided to tell a small lie so as not to let her feel extra responsibility.

And then,

「……………Nee, that’s a lie, right?」

She stared into my eyes and immediately saw through the lie.

「T-That’s not true…」

「Are you sure… When Allen tells a lie or talks about something you don’t really mean, your eyes shift to the upper left corner… You know, like right now.」

Saying that, Ria looked me straight in the eyes from the front.

…Do I really have such a habit?

「A-Anyway… This wound is like a side effect due to recklessly using my power! Now, let’s end this topic here!」

And I broke the topic a little forcefully.

「That’s right, both of you! Get well soon and let’s continue swinging together!」

I switched to another topic, trying to escape Ria cornering me.

「Muu… understood.」


Thus, the First-Year war full of turbulence ended safely, and we briefly returned to our usual fun-filled regular days.



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