6. Dropout Swordsman and Swordsmanship Academy [4] – part 1


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6. Dropout Swordsman and Swordsmanship Academy [4] – part 1

A few days have passed since I heard about the admission recommendation.

Today and tomorrow the academy is closed, so I decided to go visit my mother who lives in Goza village.

Morning preparation and breakfast have already been completed.

All I have to do is leave with my luggage.

「OK – well then, I’m off.」

When I said so from the entrance of the dormitory, Paula-san turned towards me from the cafeteria.

「Did you forget anything? Have you taken the souvenirs?」

「Yes, perfectly.」

The rice crackers and mochi purchased at the street stall yesterday are carefully wrapped in a cloth borrowed from Paula-san.

「I see. Take care on your way!」


I bowed and left the dormitory.

By the way, at the entrance of the dormitory, the trophy of the Sword Festival was gracefully displayed… and I felt slightly embarrassed.

After leaving the dormitory, I went down south of the long beast road to Goza village.

After trotting for 3 hours, Goza village finally came into sight.

Houses with thatched roofs were evenly spaced, with vast pastures and fields around them. It was a very small village with a total population of perhaps less than 100 people.

「It’s been a while since I’ve been back here…」

Even after deducting the billion years spent in that different world, it is the first time in three years I’m returning to this village.

While I was immersed in nostalgia,

「Ehh! Aren’t you Allen!?」

I heard a hoarse southern accent of an old man from the back.

As I turned around, it was the bamboo geezer, who used to play with me with bamboo stilts.

「Bamboo geezer! Long time no see!」

「Heeey there, you grew so big in the small time time y’were gone-!」

Goza village, located in the southern part of the continent, has a very strong southern accent.

「Ahahaha, that is because I’m still in my growing period.」

After that, I reminisced about the past together with him.

「Oh-ops! Rather than talking with me, quickly go to Rodore-san! She hav’ been feelin’ down er’ since you left.」

「Understood. I’ll see you later, bamboo geezer.」

「Yeeah, come show your face at mah place later!」

「Of course!」

Then I parted with the bamboo geezer and walked for a while on the path with the smell of livestock – and finally found my home.

「Uwaah… it’s been so long.」

The house hasn’t changed at all since I left 3 years ago. It’s exactly the same.

I opened the old worn out door that was not locked, sideways.

「Mother, I’m home.」

As I called out, I heard a running noise from the back of the house.



My mother, with a pot lid in one hand, appeared with glistening eyes.

She must have been in the middle of preparing dinner.

「Un, I’m home, mother.」

「Ah… you’ve grown so big!」

Saying that, mother opened her hands wide and hugged me tightly.

「It’s ben’ so long! Are you doing fine!?」

「Un, as you can see, I’m doing fine.」

「Glad to hear that! Look at me, talkin’ while standin’, sit down first.」


Then I sat at the dining table stool and talked about various stories with my mother who was preparing dinner.

And when my mom put a lid on the pan and became a little freed up, I decided to bring up the main subject.

「……Mother, can I discuss something important with you?」

「What appened’? …suddenly bein’ so serious.」

「Un, about that-」

Then I talked to my mother about the most troublesome subject, my career choice.

I am currently in my third year and am worried about my future career.

There are three choices: holy knight, magic swordsman, and advancing to Thousand Blade Academy.

The pros and cons of choosing each of them.

After completing the rough explanation of the current situation, she shrugged her shoulders disappointedly.

「That was al’… When you said『Important matter』, Aah had thought it would be somethin’ crucial… To think you were worried over somethin’ so simple…」

「N-No… this isn’t something so simpleー」

「-You want to go to Thousand Blade Academy, right?」

「How… did you know?」

My hopes. thoughts, and feelings – Although, I haven’t put any of them into words, my mother hit the bullseye on them.

「You shouldn’t underestimate your parent. Allen loved swingin’ the sword ever since he was little. Aah could easily see that you wanted to go to Thousand Blade Academy.」

As I became silent, my mother gently told me.

「Don’t worry about me. Allen, you just live your life the way you want. Aah’ll always cheer from the sidelines as you walk your path. However, you must only die after me, even if it is only one second later. That is the best filial piety you can show.」

「…Understood. Thank you, mother.」

As I thanked, mother smiled brightly.

「Okay, let’s eat the steamed rice! Today Aah made plenty of stew that you liked!」

My mother poured the freshly made stew into a wooden dish.

Stew with big potatoes mixed in.

A stew that only makes its appearance for my birthday – a special menu of my home.

「It’s delicious… so delicious…!」

I ate mother’s stew for the first time in over a billion years — it was so delicious.

「Aah see, Aah see! There is plenty, so don’t be shy and eat a lot!」

After eating a lot of mother’s special stew until I was satisfied, I got in to the dear old steam bath..

At any rate…

「Mother… has gotten older…」

Seeing mother after a long time, she seemed considerably old.

(Considering she will be 50 years old this year, it might be normal aging…)

There were a lot of fine wrinkles on her face and grey hair had increased, and I felt that she had gotten shorter.

「…I have to study hard at Thousand Blade Academy and become a good swordsman quickly.」

And then I have to make a lot of money and make my mother have a comfortable life.

I renewed my resolve, and I released my exhaustion in the bath.

Immediately after Allen headed to the bathroom, the voice of an old man rang out from the dining table where only Dahlia Rodore should have been.

「Hohoho! This stew, how delicious it is!」

There was an elder man with a bent waist – the hermit of time.

He came out of nowhere, while holding the stew dish and spoon in his hand.

「…I thought it might be you, seeing as how the seal has loosened… hermit of time」

The peculiarity of the southern accent disappeared, and the one who was speaking in fluent standard language was, Allen’s mother, Dahlia Rodore.

「Even so, you concealed it really well… It was bone breakingly hard to locate.」

「Yes, If that’s the case, should I break another one?」

Dahlia suddenly appeared behind the hermit of time and brought down her fist on his head.

However, the hermit of the time avoided that blow easily by making himself transparent.

Dahlia’s fist flew through the air and just smashed a wooden chair into smithereens.

「Hoho! How scary, scary!」

The hermit of time with enough time to spare, threw a big potato into his mouth.

「Hohoho! Such a delicious meal after a long time. Then, we shall meet again somewhere else.」

After saying that, he suddenly vanished like mist.

「…Tch, he escaped.」

At that time when Dahlia was irritated and clicked her tongue.

「Oi, that presence just now, was it him!?」

The entrance of the Rodore house opened, and bamboo geezer appeared.

He was also using fluent standard language.

「You were late. The hermit of time escaped a long time ago.」

「Kuh… so that means…?」

「Aa… it seems that the 100 million years button has been used…」

「Shit… damn!」

A grave air surrounds the two.

「Hey, Dahlia… How was the hermit of time able to capture Allen? The seal should have been perfect.」

「…Perhaps there was something that shook Allen’s feelings strongly. I was relieved when I read in the letter that he was enjoying academy life, but…」

Allen has never told Dahlia that he was bullied at the academy. It’s not because he doesn’t trust his mother, but because he just doesn’t want to worry her.

「Anyway, the hermit of time seems to want to get in our way…」

Dahlia gritted her teeth, while clenching her fist tightly.

「But this time, I won’t let you do as you wish…」

Later, bamboo geezer returned to his home, and Dahlia took the broken chair to the garbage dump outside.



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