60. Bounty Head and Awakening [3]


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60. Bounty Head and Awakening [3]

I took a step forward to help the fainted Ria and Rose, but

「Wait, Allen-kun!」

The president immediately pulled on my hand.

「You can’t fight properly with that arm. I know how you feel, but you have to calm down!」

That finally brought me back to my senses.

My right hand was so deeply wounded that I could not even hold a spoon.

I can’t fight properly in this situation.


Inhale deeply and exhale to cool my head.

「…Thank you, President」

「Don’t worry about it.」

She whispered with a gentle voice, and turned a sharp gaze towards the giant in front of her.

「…You’re Zack Bomber, aren’t you? I heard that you’ve been missing for a few years, but I never imagined you joined the Black Organization…」

「Oh? I’m happy, so you know me too?」

「Naturally, for someone of House Arcstria…. Even so, to allow such a big-shot to invade… I wonder what the border guards are doing…」

The president whispered so with a bitter face, and brought up yet another topic.

「So what is your purpose? As usual, are you going to burn down one of the Holy Knight’s branch again?」

「Zahahaha! That doesn’t sound bad, but I’ve a little work today. I came to nab Ria Vesteria.」

Saying that, Zack turned his eyes to Ria, who was laying on the ground.

「Ria-san… and your『work』is related to Black Organization, isn’t it?」

「Ooh! If I do my job and get results, I can also become『sparkly』! Not the dull shine like right now, but much brighter!」


And when the president continued to talk with Zack,

「Don’t move! Are you the reported ruffian!?」

「We’ll take you to the Holy Knights Association!」

「Citizens! It’s dangerous here, so stay away!」

More than thirty Holy Knights surrounded Zack in an instant.

「Fufu, you guys arrived early.」

The president, who confirmed the arrival of the Holy Knights, laughed with satisfaction.

Apparently, she was just stalling for time with those series of conversations till now.

As expected of the president, it was a composed decision.

「Holy Knights, I have been waiting for you. I will take the lead, so I would like you to support me.」

While still keeping Zack in her sight, she told the Holy Knights so.

「What are you saying…!? Arcstria-sama!?」

The moment when they learned that president was a government official – a woman of House Arcstria,

「Understood! All men, support Acrstria-sama!」


The Holy Knights immediately saluted and followed the president’s instructions.

「Thank you very much. And can I get a sword?」

「Of course! Please, take this!」

The Holy Knight pulled out the sword he had fastened on his waist and handed it to the president.

In this way, the president gained a specialized sword and readied her military strength in a matter of seconds, and thrusted the sword tip towards Zack.

「Surrender quietly, Zack Bomber. Soon the senior Holy Knights and the Directors of the Five Academy will arrive. You don’t have the slightest chance of winning.」

And then,

「By Directors, you mean that『Black Fist』…! Zahaha, I wonder how『sparkly』she is now… How thrilling…!」

I don’t know what he was imagining in his mind, but his mouth distorted into a grin.

「Fuu… it doesn’t seem like I can get through to you.」

The moment the president said so,

「-Hey, are you guys『sparkly』too?」

Zack, who moved behind the president in an instant, had already raised the huge sword high up.


「President, please avoid!」

I warned immediately, but it was too late.

「-〈Blaze Circle〉!」

A huge explosion, with Zack at the center, devastated the surroundings.

A tremendous shock wave destroyed the surrounding buildings and intense heat waves melted the road.


The president, blown away by the blaze, banged the back of her head and lost consciousness.

「Gu, ga…」

「Burns… it burns…」

「You monster…」

The Holy Knights, who boasted so many in numbers, were devastated by just one attack.

「N-No way…?」

He clearly demonstrated his overwhelming, extraordinary power.

「Zahahahahahahahaha! None of you are…『sparkly』enough!」

Zack’s laughing voice echoed throughout Oriana Street, which had become scorched earth.

After he laughed at the president and the Holy Knights for a while,

「Now then!」

Holding the fainted Ria under his arm, he started walking away.

I stared at it hazily as though it was happening somewhere far away on the other side of the planet.

(…How did this happen?)

Today, I should have had a busy and enjoyable day with the free-spirited president.

The sun was beginning to set, so I was to accompany the president back to her mansion soon, then go back to the dorm and have dinner with Ria, and then sleep together in the same bed.

(I was supposed to have had such a happy day as usual…)

Why did this happen?

「…Oi, wait.」


In response to my whisper, Zack slowly turned around.

As I looked closer, blood dripped from Ria’s shoulder, who was carried on his side.


The anger that I had been suppressing sprang up from the depths of my body.

「…Give her back.」

「What did you say?」

「…Give… Ria back!」

I borrowed a sword from an unconscious Holy Knight and gripped it tightly with my right hand, which was wrapped in bandages.


A sharp pain ran for a moment, but it quickly disappeared.


I ran straight towards Zack, and

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

With all the power I could muster, I unleashed a single attack.

Both hands, legs, head, neck, chest, belly – eight slashes rushed to his body.

「Haa… Such a weak light…〈Blaze shield〉」

When he lightly swung the huge sword, a heavy flame shield appeared.

The shield, which was red enough to make my eyes sore, swallowed the eight slashes in the blink of an eye.


The output slightly surpassed Ria’s〈Fafnir〉.

When I was stunned by the difference in power,

「There we go!」

Zack went on, and landed a strong front kick.


A nasty sound rang from my abdomen, and I was blown away greatly.


The broken bone probably damaged some internal organs, and the taste of iron filled my mouth.

Even with my vision flashing, I somehow managed to stand up.


「Oh, you’re weak, but your body is strong! Zahahaha!」

I paid no heed to his ridicule,

「Give… Ria back…!」

With my body riddled with wounds, I ran at him again.

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」

Enduring the pain, clenching my teeth – the moment I swung down the sword with all my might.

「Slow, slow… I’ll fall asleep by the time the sword arrives…-〈Blaze Lance〉!」

My vision was filled with fire.

「What the…!?」

The sword borrowed from the Holy Knight broke in half and the blazing fire engulfed my whole body.





Indescribable pain ran through my body.


「Not… yet…」

I didn’t step back.

I took a step forward, being burned by the turbid stream of flames.

(Absolutely… get her back… I won’t let such a crazy guy… take Ria…!)

The sword to cut him has already broken.

Still, I didn’t give up, I clenched my fist tightly and took another step forward.

「O-Oi Oi… are you really human…? A normal human would usually die from that…」

I could see Zack’s face slightly through the gap of incessant fire.

(This is my last chance…)

I released a straight right with all my power towards his face.


「Zahaha! Only your guts and conviction are full-fledged, but sadly that doesn’t extend to your abilities! -〈Blaze Shield〉!」

A huge shield of fire appeared in front of him,


The blazing flame burned my right hand.

(Not yet… I won’t let it end here…!)

I pulled my right hand back again and shot another straight right at the shield of fire.


At that moment, a『black something』with tremendous density was produced in my right hand.

The jet-black darkness that overflowed from my right hand, very easily consumed the shield of fire.

「What the hell!?」

Furthermore, the darkness maintained its momentum and rushed towards Zack, pushing forward murderously.

「Guh,〈Blaze Lance〉!」

He immediately threw Ria to the side and unleashed a blazing fire.

『Black』that swallowed everything and『Red』which burned everything, clashed violently.


「Impossible…!? What is this ridiculous output…!?」

And then,

「Nuh, Guh, OOOOOOOOOO!?」

The jet-black darkness devoured his flames, and Zack, swallowed by the darkness, was blown far away.



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