63. Bounty Head and Awakening [6]


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63. Bounty Head and Awakening [6]

I was distressed and had completely forgotten.

(The right to borrow the help of one of the Five Wealthy Merchants…)

There is no better time than this.

「What do you mean by『this could work』, Allen!? Explain in detail!」

「Yes! Actually–」

Then I talked about the incident at the Daido Commercial Festival three months ago.

When we were working as Magic Swordsman, we took on an escort mission from Orest to Drestia.

During the Daido Commercial Festival which was held once a year there, the Five Wealthy Merchants held a meeting at the Daido Firm.

The Black Organization aimed at that opportunity to blow up the Daido Firm, and attacked the Five Wealthy Merchants.

We happened to be there, and fought off the Black Organization and I received the “right to request help just once at any time” as an expression of gratitude.

「I see… So that’s what happened.」

Leia-sensei, who was quietly listening to the story, murmured.

「Yes, I’m sure Rize-san will help me!」

Then sensei frowned silently.

「I don’t know what kind of impression she gave off to Allen, but… Rize is a heartless, rotten personality.」

「Is that so?」

The day when I saw her at Drestia, she didn’t give off such an impression at all though…

「She is a shrewd proprietor who established『Fox Finance』within a single lifetime. She always smiles and smiles around people, so she looks like a nice person.」

As sensei said, Rize-san was basically smiling and smiling.

「But behind that smile, she always uses methods which are barely legal – sometimes completely illegal, to crush rival firms and people who oppose her, one after another. Rize, who monopolized 50% of the financial market in that way, was then connected to various『shadows』. They would be the『backers』who’d protect her from people who seeked revenge and government regulations. Nowadays, we don’t even know which organizations are connected to Fox Finance – It has become a darkness that couldn’t be shaken at all. To be honest, I don’t trust her one bit.」

Leia-sensei concluded the story, and added a single line at the end.

「But… I’ve never heard of her breaking her promise.」


「Aa, since we don’t have time or any other way… Allen, can I ask you to use that precious right?!」

「Yes, of course!」

As such, I finally saw a sliver of hope.

「Please wait a minute!」

Rose, with a bandage around her forehead, came into the director’s office.

「Ro-Rose!? I’m so glad that you’re safe!」

「Oo, so you’ve regained consciousness!」

When we ran up to her,

「Thank you, my body is all right now. That’s why I want you to take me with you.」

Rose looked straight at me and said clearly.

「Rose… I appreciate your feelings, but with your body in this condition…」

Her hands and legs were covered with bloody bandages.

「My body is fine. In combat, with the power of〈Winter Sakura〉, it will move as much as I want!」

「Well, even if you say that…」

That power has a limited duration and she doesn’t have complete control yet.

Taking Rose’s body condition into consideration, it is pretty obvious that it would be better for her to rest here.


「–Yoshi, that’s fine.」

Leia-sensei readily accepted Rose’s request.


「At present, we can’t use No.18 who was issued to border security. So it’s better to have a little more fighting power. And with Rose’s strengthening-type soul dress, a few injuries won’t be a problem.」

If sensei, who is much more familiar with soul dress, says so, I have no choice but to agree.

「…Rose, please don’t overdo it, alright?」

「Thank you, Allen.」

And when we finally agreed on it,

「Then, let’s leave for Drestia! I’ll arrange for fast horses, so you guys go wait in the schoolyard!」

Sensei quickly rushed out of the director’s office.


Then we were pulled to Dresstia by the Director’s personal fast horses.

The capital, Orest, is not far from the Merchant Town, Drestia.

After riding in the horse coach for some time – we finally arrived at our destination.

「…Returning to Drestia for the first time in three months.」

I looked around while walking down『God Street』, which passed through the center of Drestia.

At both ends of the street, there were stalls lined up, and people were active as if it were still daytime, even though the time was around ten o’clock at night.

「Come… Rize’s mansion is this way.」

Following Leia-sensei, who was quick-paced, we navigated through the city of Drestia. And a huge mansion came into view.

「As usual, it’s a nasty house which shows off her wealth…」

The beautiful mansion, reminiscent of a white palace, was remarkably huge.

It reached about six stories, no, seven stories.

The vast garden had a large pool and a beautiful fountain, and a magnificent stone garden can be seen in the distance.

A stupendous mansion with a mix of different cultures, was surrounded by elaborately designed iron fences.

(A-Amazing… )

As the overwhelming mansion captivated me, a number of flashlights shone on us.

「Who are you!? Why are you peeking into Rize-sama’s mansion at this hour!? Depending on what you next answer… Wha!?」

They seemed to be Rize-san’s private soldiers,

「Y-You’re『Black Fist』!?」

「What!? Did you not learn your lesson from the last time?」

「…What business do you have here?」

They surrounded us in no time.

I don’t know what happened in the past, but their piercing glares zeroed in on sensei.

「W-Wait, you guys! I didn’t come here for that today. I’m just here for a discussion!」

「Fuun, that’s a shame! Rize-sama has already gone to bed!」

「If you have business with her, come back tomorrow!」

And then,

「…No, wait. The boy over there, are you『Allen Rodore』?」

One of the private soldiers turned a sharp look at me.

「Y-Yes… That’s right.」

「Fumu, I see… For some reason, we were told to let you pass if you came to visit. Now, go in, Rize-sama should be relaxing in the hall upstairs.」

Saying that, he opened a small gate.

「Hey, wait a minute, you guys! Didn’t you say that Rize was sleeping a little while ago?」

「You fool! Obviously that was a lie!」

「Black Fist, I can’t let a dangerous person like you to pass!」

「…I’ll have you wait over there quietly.」

Apparently, the private soldiers here seemed to be completely hostile towards sensei.

「…Sensei, Rose. Please wait for a while.」

「Allen, be careful…」

「Be careful, Allen… The other party is that bloody fox. If anything happens, just shout right away!」

「A-Ahaha… I don’t think Rize-san would do such a strange thing.」

Then, I parted with Rose and Leia-sensei, and went through the gates of the mansion alone.

I slowly opened the grand door and followed along the crimson carpet. A white staircase continued towards the floor upstairs.

「She should be on the second floor…」

Remembering the words of the private soldier, I slowly went up the stairs – there was the figure of Rize-san, sipping tea from a silver tea cup.

A beautiful fire-like kimono with red and white as the basis.

Long red-and-white hair put together on the side, and an ornate hairpin which imitates a brilliant fire stands out well. Healthy, youthful and smooth skin. And long slit fox eyes.

「-Rize-san, pardon me for visiting so late at night.」

「Ara, If it isn’t Allen-kun. What’s the matter? Coming so late…」

She had a gentle smile on her face and asked in a soft manner.

「I’m sorry. I don’t have much time, so I’ll get straight to the point. My precious friend, RiavVesterria, was kidnapped by the Black Organization. They hid themselves in a『laboratory』 somewhere in this country. Rize-san, do you have any idea of their hiding place?」

「Aa, of course I know.」

She said so very easily without concealing anything or putting on airs.

「I-Is that true!?」

「I don’t like to lie.」

Saying that, Rize-san brought the cup of black tea to her mouth.

「That… Could you tell me the location of their laboratory with『the right to request help just once at any time』!? 」

「Un, of course.」

When Rize-san readily consented,

「-That is right, but are you really okay with it? Are you really going to use it for something like this?」

While tilting her head, she brought up that question.

「Though I am the one who is saying this… Even if it’s only once, you can request anything of this Rize Dorahain, you know? Why don’t you use it for yourself?」

She stood up with elegant conduct and slowly started circling around me.

「Truly『anything』you know? Treasures of gold and silver, master-crafted sword and authority – If you use my power, I can prepare anything for you. Even though it is such an incredible right… Don’t you think it’s absurd to use it to know the location of a dirty laboratory?」

As expected… Rize-san is a kind person.

She thought of my well-being and presented me with a lot of possibilities.

I’m really grateful to her, but -『my answer』has already been decided long ago.

「Thank you very much. But still, I want to know where Ria is.」

It’s not that I don’t want any money.

Money will be needed in the future to make my mother live an easy life.

(But I’m sure mother won’t be happy with the money I got by forsaking my friend…!)

And then,

「I see…Fufu, Allen-kun… is just like Sid-kun said…」

Rize-san whispered something and took out a rolled up map from the sleeves of her kimono.

「Take it. I knew you’d come, so I had prepared it in advance.」

「T-Thank you very much!」

When I expressed my gratitude, Rize-san smiled gently.

「There’s a red dot on the map. That’s their laboratory.」

When I spread the rolled map – there was certainly a red dot.

「Well, I still have work to do. So, you will have to excuse me.」

「Thank you, Rize-san!」

When I conveyed my thanks,

「I just gave back the favour I received, so don’t mind it. Hope you will be in good terms with Fox Finance from now on.」

Rize-san said that and went up to the third floor of the mansion.

「Thank you very much, Rize-san…!」

I expressed my gratitude one more time and ran out of Rize-san’s mansion.

「Even so, Allen-kun is really something else after all… What kind of『colour』will that pure and innocent child show in the future? Fufu, I am really looking forward to the future…」



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