66. Bounty Head and Awakening [9]


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66. Bounty Head and Awakening [9]

After defeating the swordsmen who were enhanced by spirit pills, we advanced to the depths of the laboratory.

We went through the dark, narrow corridor for a while – into a dimly lit, slightly wider room.

(…There’s something here)

I felt someone’s breath in the depths of the dark.

「Thor Sammons, right?」

When sensei asked – from the far end of the room, a short woman in a black cloak appeared.

Light pink hair curled at the end.

A constant displeased look in her sharp eyes.

It was Thor Sammons, a member of the Black Organization that kidnapped Ria.

「Aa, you’re Black Fist… ga-ha!?」

Leia-sensei’s fist pierced deep into Thor’s abdomen.


I almost couldn’t see any of her initial movements till the point where her fist was unleashed.

「Sorry, but I don’t have time right now. I’ll interrogate you later…… What!?」

Sensei, who should have landed a fierce blow, suddenly leapt far back for some reason.

「…Tch, so that’s what it was.」

Fresh blood was dripping from her right hand, as she murmured annoyedly.

And then,

「Gyahahahaha! As the information said, you really are a simpleton, Black Fist!」

Another Thor appeared from behind the first Thor.

「「Two Thors..!?」」

When I and Rose said that at the same time – the『Thor』in front of us, turned into a sword that was thrust into the ground.

And then,

「Bewitch -〈Mimic Art〉!」

The moment Thor said so.

A kind of white clay overflowed from her sword, and it started to take the form of Leia-sensei.

「So I was right… The one I hit was the soul dress which copied into Thor herself. Guessing from the current act, I guess… the condition to copy is『cut the target』?」

With a keen eye, sensei calmly analyzed the opponent’s soul dress.

「Kuku, I heard you were a muscle brain, but… surprisingly you figured it out!」

As Thor said that, she held up a dagger in each hand which she took out of her bosom.

It seems that she herself will participate in the fight while controlling the copy.

「… Allen, Rose. You guys go first.」

Sensei whispered so that only we could hear it.

「I’m not sure how much performance my copy will have. It’s going to be a hassle if it targets you.」

If that copy possesses the same strength as sensei…

Rose and I will be killed helplessly.

「And… we don’t have much time anymore. Depending on the result of the『analysis』, Ria might be『disposed』of as is. Rescue her as soon as possible before that happens. I’ll follow right after you, once I’ve beaten this guy.」


Leia-sensei herself should know the best about the ins and outs of her copy.

In that sense, it would be best to leave this place to her.

「Let’s go, Rose!」


As we agreed, Rose and I immediately started running to the back of the laboratory.

As we ran – Thor silently let us pass.

It seems that her role is to halt Leia-sensei here.

We ran down the corridor and came out to a larger room than the previous one.

But there,

「Y-You’ve come…!」

「Intruders… must be eliminated…!」

There were an absurd number of swordsmen.

「This is…」

「Aa, it’s going to be a long fight…」

Hundred, no… There were about two hundred or so.

With their eyes bloodshot and breathing heavily, they were holding a distorted-shaped soul dress in their right hand.

Everyone here was definitely an enhanced swordsman who dosed on spirit pills.

The moment Rose and I pulled out our sword and assumed our respective stances.



They charged at a tremendous speed all at once.

We were overawed momentarily before the two hundred angry roars.


As I defended the looming downward slash,


A terrible shock ran through both arms.

(What… brute strength!? )

Is it the effect of spirit pills or the power of strengthening-type soul dress?

I don’t know which it is, but either way, the swordsman in front of me boasted a power different from ordinary people.

But I can’t afford to lose to the false power which relies on drugs!


I took back control on the frontal contest of strength. Keeping that momentum going, I strike with a diagonal slash.

「Wha…!? Ga-ha」

I guess he didn’t expect to lose in a contest of strength.

There was a great upheaval among the enhanced swordsmen.

「Let’s go, Rose!」


Then we slashed down the swordsmen who were at the front one by one. Already rendering more than 50 unable to fight.

The fight tilted heavily towards us – there was no doubt about that.


(At this rate, it’s bad…)

Beyond this point, a formidable enemy – Zack-Bomber is lying in wait.

I can’t exhaust my strength in this place.

In addition to that, time is running out.

This is not the time to be held up in a place like this.

(Damn, what should I do…)

And when the feeling of impatience sprang up and slowly began to burn in my heart.

「Dye -〈Winter Sakura〉!」

A beautiful sakura tree suddenly appeared.

At the same time, Rose’s movements became faster beyond recognition.

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

Like a mirror match, four strikes from left and right each – eight unstoppable slashes cut down four swordsmen.


「The worst case scenario would be if both of us are exhausted here. Allen, you go ahead!」


Rose’s soul dress has a『duration』.

An endurance battle against hordes of enemies is not her specialty.

(…What to do!? The right person to take care of this place would be me…)

Should I go or let Rose go?

As I was racking my brain, trying to figure out the right answer,

「It’s okay. Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style will not be defeated by such false power!」

Rose stared me in the eye and said clearly.

There was a strong determination and resolution in her voice.

In response to that desire, the sakura tree grew bigger.

I received her feelings and,

「Understood, thank you.」

I said and started running to break through this room.

And then,

「You won’t get away!」

「We will stop you here…!」

The enhanced swordsmen jumped at me all at once.


The moment when I took a counterattack stance,

「Dance – Sakura Blizzard!」

The petals of sakura blossom, which looked like a turbid stream, swallowed them in no time.


Each petal was sharpened like a blade, and the single attack rendered more than 10 enhanced swordsmen unable to fight.


「Aa, thanks!」

With Rose’s support, I advanced through the laboratory.

I ran down a winding maze-like path. This time, I came into a room as big as a gymnasium.

The lights here were working properly. I recognised the person who was waiting at the very end, at a single glance.

「Zack Bomber…!」

「Zahahahahaha! So you’ve come, sparkly gem!」

He had a large sword that looked like a charred cross resting on his shoulder, with a warlike smile on his face.

「…Where’s Ria?」

There was no sign of her anywhere in this large room.

「She’s right below us.」

Saying that, Zack thrusted the large sword into the floor.

「…Is she safe?」

「Don’t worry. She’s still quite lively… Well, probably hungry though.」

When I heard that, I sighed a breath of relief.

(Finally, I reached her.)

Rize-san, Leia-sensei, and Rose – with everyone’s help, I finally got a chance to get Ria back.

(All that’s left is to cut down the enemy in front of me!)

I slowly pulled out my sword and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

「Here I come.」

「Zahaha! Don’t be shy, come at anytime!」

Immediately after that, I instantly reduced the distance with Zack to zero.

「Fast!? -〈Blaze Shield〉!」

He deployed a huge flame shield ahead of him, at an instant’s judgement.

A scorching conflagration that made my eyes hurt just by looking.

But I don’t feel as much pressure as before.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

The shield I was unable to break last time, was easily torn through now.

「What the hell!?」

Surprised by the unexpected development, Zack jumped back and took distance.

「Zahaha, way to go! I can hardly recognise you, Allen Rodore!」

「I’m still not done… Zack Bomber!」

Thus, the curtain unfolded on the fight between me and Zack.



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