7. Black-And-White Princess and Soul Dress [1] – part 2


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7. Black-And-White Princess and Soul Dress [1] – part 2

I was handed the mic by the president – I was honestly at a loss.

(I was given this baton after the previous two super big names… What should I do?)

I was already crying in my heart.

But, I can’t run away here.

If I ran away with my tail between my legs like this, I won’t be able to go to the academy after today.

I squeezed out as much courage as possible and took a step forward.

At that moment, the gazes full of expectations from the new students pierced my chest like an arrow.

I steel myself and started to introduce myself.

「Well, Uh… I come from the Gran Swordsmanship Academy and am called Allen Rodore. My affiliated school is, well… self-taught. I want to do my best this year.」

The moment I closed my mouth, the gymnasium was dead silent.

About ten seconds after that, the new students began to fuss up all at once.

「…Hey, Oi… Just now, that guy… didn’t he say he was self-taught?」

「How can he say that without any shame… Just how thick-skinned is this guy…」

「I mean, where is even the Gran Swordsmanship Academy? I have never heard of such an academy.」

「He has a hopeless look… Can he even hold a sword properly?」

「The two from before made sense to be a recommended admission… but this person is a little… how do I say?」

「This is called buying one’s way into the academy… the worst!」」

With just one introduction, my likability seems to have dropped to the bottom of the earth.

When I bowed my head, only Leia’s applause reverberated in the large gymnasium.

Farewell my ordinary academy life

Hello hellish academy life.

I gritted my teeth tightly so that my tears would not overflow.

To be honest, I wanted to run straight back to the dormitory where Paula-san was, or to Goza village where my mother was.

「Now today’s entrance ceremony ends with this. Everyone can move around freely as you please after this. Thank you for your kind attention from the start.」

The entrance ceremony, which turned into hell, finally ended.

As soon as the entrance ceremony was over, I left the spot quickly.

I felt like I could hear a voice calling me for a moment… but it was probably my imagination.

「Nevertheless, what is up with the president…」

That was cruel – overdoing it.

I alone was completely humiliated.

That’s… not a humane action.

(Rather, why did she choose me as a recommended admission…)

I walked alone in the forest on the academy grounds, while sighing.

On the paved road just a little away from here, I could hear the new students happily making friends.

(…lucky for them)

I’m sure they will enjoy a pleasant student life for the next three years.

With that in mind, I went deeper into the thick forest.

After going through the forest for a while, I arrived at an empty wide spot.

「…I guess this will do」

I decided to swing my sword alone in the forest away from the training grounds.

(…I feel lonely)

The swings that should have always been fun were, for some reason, very heavy today.

My sword, heart, and soul ー were crying.

Even in such a tough situation, I kept swinging my sword.

『Effort will definitely bear fruit』ーbecause that is what mother always told me.

After that, I kept swinging my sword for a few hours.

The sun had already set in the west, and the moonlight dimly lit the surroundings.

「-Yoshi, I should return now.」

The classes will start tomorrow, so it’s a good idea to stop here today.

「Oh, right. Shall I go to the large public bath on the way?」

I decided to take a little bolder action, because my mind was calmed a little by swinging.

「Hmm, the large public bath… should be this way」

I headed to the large public bath by relying on the academy map that was in my chest pocket.

After walking for a while,

「Ah… it’s here.」

I found a large building with a signboard that read『Large Public Bath』.

After going through the elegant curtain hung at the entrance, and opening the men’s changing room door – Ria Vesteria-san was in her underwear.


She just unhooked the brassiere, and I saw a fleeting glance of the thing that should never be seen.

Ria-san’s face and white skin became reddish with every passing second.


I apologized and shut the changing room door tightly.

Due to the strange throbbing in my heart and the heavy feeling of guilt, I wasn’t sure about what to do.

From the other side of the door, I heard swift ruffling of clothes.

Somehow it felt like a sound that I shouldn’t hear, thus I plugged my ears promptly.

While I was standing like a stone statue, the changing room door slowly opened.

Ria-san, who was dressed in school uniform, looked at me and said.

「ーI challenge you to a duel.」


「I am challenging you to a duel. Will you not accept?」

She was putting tremendous pressure on me to accept the challenge.

I have never seen such a frightening smile in my life.

「E-Err… I don’t mind but… what about the conditions?」

「Let’s see. The loser has to become the slave of the winner – how does that sound?」

She presented such a ridiculous condition with an innocent looking-smile.

「S-Slave!? That is too heavy a penalty-」

The moment I voiced out my objection.

She hits the wall right next to me and brought her doll-like face closer.

「-Do you accept, or do you not?」

She whispered in my ear with a cold voice that sent chills down my spine.

She placed a knee between my thighs, so I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to.

「So… what will you do?」

「…I accept.」

The big question still remains as to why she was getting dressed in the men’s changing room… Anyway, it was my fault for seeing it.

I reluctantly nodded.

「Yes, how wise…」

She freed me from restraint with a sadistic smile.

(…Where did the kind Ria-san from during the entrance ceremony go?)

While I was thinking about that,

「-I heard everything, youngsters!」

Suddenly, Leia-sensei appeared through the curtains with a hearty laugh.


「Leia!? Why are you here!?」

「Fufufufu! I had a hunch that something interesting was about to happen. So I was lying in wait nearby!」

She smiled happily from the bottom of her heart.

「Anyway, I heard what went down! You both are gonna duel, right? Then I’ll be the witness!」

After that, I was taken into a large room called the Underground Training Area.

「Now, it’s already late at night, so let’s get started!」

Leia-sensei clapped her hands twice.

「Ria, Allen ー Are you both ready?」

「Of course, O-K-」

「Well… I’m good to go.」

After we both nodded, Leia-sensei,

「Yoshi, Ria Vesteria vs Allen Rodore ー START!」

She declared the start of the duel with a loud voice.

I pulled out my sword and assumed the stance – Seigan no Kamae.

On the other hand, Ria-san stuck out her right hand into the empty space.

「Invade ー 《Fafnir》!」

At that moment,

A giant fissure ran through the space, and a deep crimson sword appeared out of it.

「Fufu, good girl.」

When she grasped the handle of the sword, a beautiful black and white flame danced on the blade.

「Th-This is…」

All of a sudden, a sword appeared from nowhere, and a mysterious flame enveloped it.

This power which is different from deception and illusion – I know of it.

「No way… soul dress!?」

Those with innate talent, can embody their soul onto their equipment at the end of harsh relentless training – Soul Dress.

I couldn’t attain it even after a billion years of training.



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