72. Darkness and the Sword King Festival [3]


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72. Darkness and the Sword King Festival [3]

As a result of my spiritual power measurement,


For some reason, the magic circle shattered.


Due to the unexpected situation, the spiritual power room fell silent.

All of my classmates’ gazes pierced all over my body, and cold sweat flowed down my back.

(This is… certainly my fault… right?)

Up to now, about 30 people have measured their spiritual power, but this never happened.

Maybe I made a mistake in measuring my spiritual power.

I was feeling uneasy as an indescribable awkward air flowed in.

(T-This magic circle… How much does it cost?)

Even though it wasn’t on purpose, I broke the academy’s equipment.

Naturally, I have to pay for it.

The magic circle was installed in a dedicated room called『Spiritual Power Room』.

No matter how you think about it, there’s no way it would only be around 1000 or 2000 gold.

(I-If I remember correctly… It was around one million gold per spirit sword, right?)

There were more than one hundred spirit swords in the preparation room.

But this magic circle is the only one in this spiritual power room.

From a viewpoint of rarity, the magic circle overwhelms the spirit sword.

(At minimum it will cause at least 1 million gold… right?)

Colour quickly drained from my face.

A million gold is a lot of money.

If you have that much money, you will be able to live without working for a year.

(…This is bad)

I was supposed to become a fine swordsman and let my mother live an easy life.

At this rate, I might drag her into a debt of hell.

(…No, no, calm down. Maybe it’s surprisingly cheap….!)

Yes, it’s not decided that the magic circle is that expensive yet.

Perchance, it might be a consumable item with a limited number of usages!

With that hope in my heart, I turned my gaze towards sensei.

「W-What on earth…!?」

Her eyes widened as her fists trembled.

(…It’s over.)

That imminent expression, no doubt.

The magic circle seems to be rarer and more expensive in comparison to the spirit sword.

(What the hell, spiritual power is immeasurable… !? Did that guy interfere with anything…? No… That’s impossible. I’ve never heard of spirit rank affecting the measurement of spiritual power. In other words, the cause of the destruction of the magic circle is… the enormous spiritual power of『Allen himself』…)

I mustered my courage and called out to sensei, who was silent with a pale face.


However, there was no answer.

I guess it was a great shock for her.

She bit her lower lip and seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

(The cause is definitely that cursed『100 Million Years button』. He was probably imprisoned in the Prison of Time for quite a long time. 1000 years perhaps… No, at worst it might’ve been 2000 years. I feel sorry for him. He must have met unexpected difficulties with escaping.)

After a little while, sensei recovered from the big shock and looked me in the eye.

「Allen… How many years-」

「I-I’m sorry!」

I quickly bowed my head.

「W-What are you doing all of a sudden?」

Sensei said with a puzzled look.

「I’m sorry I broke the rare magic circle. Right now I can’t do anything, but I’m going to work hard and pay it back.」

「A-Aa… You don’t have to worry about that. The spirit ore in this magic circle can’t be used for a spirit sword. It’s not that expensive because it’s a low-quality spirit ore.」

「I-Is that true…!?」

「Aa… And it’s just a small accident that occurred during class. You’re not responsible, and of course you don’t have to pay for it, so you can rest assured.」

「I-I’m glad…」

I breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of my heart.

「L- Leia! So, what was Allen’s spiritual power after all!? There was no『black』light in your explanation!」

Ria questioned sensei.

At the same time, our classmates’ gaze was directed to sensei collectively.

「Hmm, that’s right… It’s the first time I’ve seen such a black light, so I can’t say anything about it. There is only one thing I can say for certain. Allen’s spiritual power is overwhelmingly greater than anyone else in this place. Of course, it is also better than mine.」

When sensei said so,


All my classmates stiffened in shock.

Leia-sensei has many shortcomings, but in regards to combat, she is unparalleled.

The fact that I had more spiritual power than her, took away all my classmates’ breath, including my own.

「Se-Sensei, isn’t that too much of an exaggeration…?」

I asked nervously.

「No, there is no mistake. Solely in terms of『spiritual power』, you are ahead of me. You can take pride in that. There aren’t that many swordsmen who have such enormous spiritual power.」

Sensei said so and laughed.

「T-Thank you, very much.」

I was very, very happy.

In my fifteen years of life, I, as a swordsman, have never been praised by a『sensei』.

This was especially true when I was at Gran Swordsmanship Academy.

-Allen, you don’t have any talent.

-No matter how much you swing, it’s no use.

– You’re an eyesore, quit it already.

『Sensei』said so with emotionless cold eyes.

And today, I… Was praised as a swordsman.

At the Five Academy which is far superior to Gran Swordsmanship Academy.

From the person who is revered as Black Fist; known and recognised by everyone throughout the world as a remarkable swordsman – From Leia-sensei…!

(Being praised… I feel so happy…)

And when I was biting my lips in tremendous joy,

「O-Oi Oi… Seriously, your spiritual power is more than the Black Fist Leia Lasnode!?」

「This is the spiritual power of a national strength class, isn’t it?」

「You’re incredible after all, Allen…!」

All of my classmates praised me.

After a little while, as the noise calmed down, sensei clapped.

「Now that we’ve finished measuring spiritual power, I’ll teach you the specific training methods to strengthen your spiritual power.」

She coughed once to get everyone’s attention and began to speak slowly.

「The training method is very simple, it’s about pushing yourself to the limit! The moment when the mind is worn out and the heart screams out, spiritual power grows greatly! It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s practice-swings or endurance running! Keep repeating the hardship which makes you want to give-up, single-mindedly, again and again!」

『Repeat the hardship which makes you want to give up, single-mindedly, again and again!』– It was the training method that I went through.

No matter what, I simply swung my sword single-mindedly for more than a billion years in that hellish『Prison of Time』.

Patience, Endurance, Continuation – such plain things are already familiar to my body and mind.

In fact, it is even fun these days.

…Perhaps, my spiritual power was due to that experience coming to fruition.

「Until the end of the second period, there’s still thirty minutes left. Then, we will return to the Soul Dress Area and resume the training of soul dress! For the strengthening of spiritual power, we will conduct a strength training session in the afternoon!」


We, who learned the『spiritual power』which is indispensable for soul dress, began to speak with our spirit core again.



  1. thousand years of pain

    and hes worrying over money than the fact his mental energy is insanely high

  2. 2000 year?
    that guy inside Allen gonna laugh at her if he hear that….

  3. The button is named 100million year button, why would Leia think he was only in there for a few thousand years?

    • por que se puede escapara, alllen escapo rompiendo el boton aun k tarod 1000 millones de años, pero leia cree k fueros solo 1000 o 2000 años

  4. Presumably, other people have escaped before. In fact, Allen, who is admittedly talentless with the sword and right now is only able to compete due to having one billion years or maybe more of experience, developed his way to escape too, by cutting space itself.

  5. I won’t say the exact number of what (since it will be a spoiler), but Leia also experienced “it” and broke down after some hundred or thousand.

  6. Oh that’s a very important reveal we got, so Leila thought Alen only trapped at most 2000 years, even though she knows he should be trapped for 100 million years at the minimum (if only pressed once), so she thought Allen got rescued somehow from the time prison, not from his own effort (’cause i’m sure no one still knew how Allen even able to cut the world/dimension)

    • Leia thinks it was less, because while it normally is 100 million years, one can escape from the button.

      Allen, however, took way longer, but outright destroyed the button(cut straight through it) rather than simply escaping.

  7. Makes sense for him to have so much spiritual power, given the only limitation is the human lifespan. Training for 100 million years plus, you’d better have some OPness or else there’s something wrong with you. Though it’s too bad that its only his spiritual power (which he doesnt know how to use), and not his sword skills as well that peaked.

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