75. Darkness and Sword King Festival [6]


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75. Darkness and Sword King Festival [6]

Following the instructions of the commentator, students other than Thousand Blade Academy and Werewolf Academy got off the stage and headed to the contestants’ waiting room.

As the crowd of swordsmen moved, I took a glance at the audience.

(Wow, there’s a huge number of people in the audience…)

The venue was a full house. There was not even a single empty seat.

As expected of the Sword King Festival.

Even though it’s still the qualifying rounds, there was a remarkable difference in public attention.

(It would be very difficult to find Ria in this crowd…)

Finding Ria from tens of thousands of spectators when I don’t even know where she is.

Honestly, it’s not realistic.

Still, I kept looking through the spectators as there was nothing for me to lose.

「Now then, from here on, we will start the『Vanguard battle』between Werewolf Academy and Thousand Blade Academy!」

The female commentator declared loudly.

The next moment, the enthusiasm in the venue reached climax at once, and cheers burst forth as though the earth itself was rumbling.

「There we go! The atmosphere in the venue has fired up. Let’s introduce the contestants without delay!」

The commentator cleared her throat, and began to introduce the contestants enthusiastically.

「First of all, Vanguard of Werewolf Academy – Gallow Yundler! According to the information at hand, he is a super genius swordsman who manifested his soul dress at ten years old! In addition, he has fully mastered the『Blooming Flower Style』which is famed in the west! It seems that he was supposed to enrol into the Five Academy, but… due to a violent incident that occurred just before that, he unexpectedly entered the Werewolf Academy! In other words, in terms of simple ability, he can be said to be Five Academy class!」

The swordsman who was introduced, slowly went up to the stage.

Gallow Yundler.

Perfectly styled, flashy blonde hair .

There was a big hint of confidence on his face together with his good features.

He was a little taller than me, about 175 centimeters tall.

He was dressed in the uniform of the Werewolf Academy, with a crimson cross running on black fabric.

And then,

「UUOOOOOOHHHH! Make the festival bloody, Gallow!」

「Slaughter the trash of Thousand Blade Academy!」

「Demonstrate that the times have changed to those『Losers of the Capital』!」

From one block of the audience, foul-mouthed cheers flew.

They all wore the same uniform as Gallow-san.

Probably the students of the Werewolf Academy.

As Lilim-senpai said, it seems to be an ill-natured academy.

「Now, the vanguard of Thousand Blade Academy – Allen Rodore! According to the information at hand, he is… Eh? …Ah, E-Errr… he is unaffiliated to any school, and he seems to be just doing practice-swings every day. As for the soul dress… Ah, it seems not to have been manifested yet.」

What can I say…? It was a very sad introduction.

(Everything you said is true, but… I think you could have made a little more decent introduction than that.)

When I was thinking about that,

「Pu… Gyahahahahaha!『Unaffiliated swordsman』,what a joke!」

「Isn’t the quality of the student way too bad?」

「In the end, Thousand Blade Academy has fallen that much huh…! It’s about time they got kicked out of『Five Academy』,right?」

From the audience seat of Werewolf Academy, terrible mockery and abuse flew.

(It somewhat… feels nostalgic…)

Recently, thanks to the gradual increase in the number of friends, I have encountered less of these jeers, and due to my days being full of ups and downs, I completely forgot that I was unaffiliated.

And then,

「Allen! I’m with you! Don’t lose to these guys!」

Just behind me, in the front row of the audience, Ria shouted loudly while waving.

Behind her was everyone from Class A, including Rose and Tessa, and seniors dressed in the uniforms of Thousand Blade Academy.

(Ria…! And everyone…!)

When I waved back to Ria, I felt something was off.

(Eh, that’s strange…)

Despite Thousand Blade Academy being mocked, everyone from Class A and the seniors were strangely quiet.

On the contrary, they had a smug grin on their face for some reason.

(What the hell is going on…?)

As I tilted my head looking at the audience seating,

「Oi Oi, what’s up? You can withdraw if you’re too scared you know?」

Gallow-san said that and laughed at me.

「…No, it’s okay.」

I’m way past getting used to the jeers from audiences.

(And I’m no longer alone…)

Even the lone cheer from Ria, outstrips ten thousand boos.

And then,

「Kukuku, I see I see… Well, you need not worry. Against a third-rate swordsman who is unaffiliated with any school and without a soul dress… haha! It would be too pitiful to use my full power…!」

Gallow-san repeated the provocation, his shoulders shaking together with his laughter.

As a swordsman, I couldn’t ignore this.

「The match between swordsmen is a serious battle.」

It is true that I was not allowed to enter any school, and I have not been able to manifest my soul dress yet.

Still – I am a『swordsman』.

To go easy on your opponent in a sword match is a very disrespectful act.

And then,

「Oi Oi, what a funny thing you’re saying… I, a super genius swordsman, a “serious battle” against a leftover scrap bastard like you? Ha, it’s not even going to be a『match』! Or rather, if you get too cocky… I’ll kill you!」

Gallow-san said that, and shot a sharp gaze.

「Is that so?」

As long as he is stubborn and says,『I won’t use my full power』, it is pointless no matter what I say.

There’s only one thing I can do.

(I just have to attack him incessantly until Gallow-san is pressed to unleash his full power…!)

As a swordsman, I was insulted so badly that fighting spirit was seething in my heart.

Right after that,

「Are you both ready! Then, Thousand Blade Academy vs. Werewolf Academy, the First Battle – Begin!」

The commentator signaled the start of the match.

At the same time, I kicked the ground hard to close the distance.

The next moment – I was already before the nose tip of Gallow-san.



At the same time, a startled voice escaped from both our mouths.

(This is…!?)

My intention was simply to get close “slightly” and examine how Gallow-san responds, but…

I stepped into the『certain kill distance』- No, I accidentally stepped in.

Because I was single-mindedly training『darkness』, I didn’t notice it.

Apparently, in tandem with my body, which adapted to the darkness, my physical ability seems to have risen remarkably as well.

(But, what should I do…?)

It’s just that, cutting down someone who hasn’t pulled out their sword… makes me feel troubled as a swordsman.

(But this is a serious match…)

It is nothing but an insult to Gallow-san if I hold back here.

(I can’t cut down an unarmed opponent… However, easing up on the opponent is not excusable…)

As I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I delivered a front kick as a compromise solution.


The kick that I threw with the intention of restraint,

「Ga, haa…!?」

Pierced deeply into Gallow-san’s abdomen and he was blown away like a ball.


The entire venue fell silent.

Gallow-san, who flew horizontally, crashed into the wall of the venue and completely lost consciousness.

An unbelievable silence, where tens of thousands of spectators were gathered, enveloped the Orest National Arena.

「N-No way…! Oh, Excuse me! W-Winner, Allen Rodore!」

The moment when the puzzled commentator declared the results,


As though their silence from before the match was a lie, the seniors of Thousand Blade Academy screamed out joyfully.

「Did you see that, Werewolf College! This is our Allen Rodore!」

「Even so, to not even use the『sword』! Returning insult with an insult. This is the shadow boss of our Thousand Blade Academy!」

「Hahaha! We’re going to win the Second and Center battles just like these!」

Because the seniors were merrily shouting strange things,

「No way, that Gallow lost in a single blow. Thousand Blade Academy… I thought they had fallen, but this year, they seem to have found a good talent.」

「But to not even use the sword in a serious match… I pity Gallow… I wonder if he can ever recover as a swordsman.」

「Allen Rodore, huh… Behind his gentle face, he is hiding his ogre-like cruel nature.」

Rumors were spreading to the audiences around them.

My『misunderstood bad reputation』went beyond Thousand Blade Academy and finally spread to the general public.

「Haa… I just hope it doesn’t boil up something troublesome again.」

I slowly got off the stage, heaving a loud sigh.

In any case, I won the first battle against Gallow Yundler-san.



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