78. Darkness and Sword King Festival [9] – part 1


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

78. Darkness and Sword King Festival [9] – part 1

The battle between Sid-san, who manipulates cold air, and Vice General of Phantom Academy, Rahm Riot-san, who manipulates poison, was fierce.

「〈Freeze Lance〉!」

When Sid-san rained down the ice lances,

「Haa, naive!〈Snake Coil〉!」

Rahm-san’s purple shield made of poison, easily defended it.

「Now it’s my turn -〈Snake Whip〉!」

When he swung his sword in counterattack, more than a hundred snakes made of poison attacked Sid-san all at once.

「What a boring technique -〈Heavenly Ice Pillar〉!」

A huge icicle rose from the stage and wiped out the serpents that rushed towards Sid-san.


It was an even battle in a see-saw state.

However, when the battle continued for a few more minutes, the trend gradually became clear.

「What’s up what’s up! Is that all you got?! Mighty vice general, haa!?」

「Guh… Damn first-year brat!」

Sid-san’s movement after the『warm up』was becoming more precise. On the other hand, Rahm-san’s movement gradually slowed down.

His hands and feet were discolored to a pale purple, and signs of hypothermia can be seen.

(The effects appeared much faster than before!)

It has only been about two minutes since the fight started. Perhaps the cold air emitted by〈Vanargand〉has been strengthened to the extremes.

(To think it has grown to this extent…)

Rahm-san was by no means an immature swordsman.

Excellent physical ability and sharpened swordsmanship. Plus a powerful soul dress with useful battle applications.

He was a first-class swordsman worthy of participating in the Sword King Festival main rounds.

However, Sid-san was a『super-first-class swordsman』who far exceeded him.

Overwhelming innate physical ability.

A powerful and unrivaled soul dress that perfectly complements his physical ability -〈Vanargand〉.

(As expected, Sid-san is extremely strong…)

After that, the flow of the battle greatly leaned toward Sid-san, and finally his Freeze Lance shot through Rahm-san’s right leg.

「Gu, ha…!」

He held his right leg and crouched on the spot.

(This greatly reduces his mobility… The match should end here, right?)

With Sid-san having a heinous smile on his face, everyone thought that the match would be settled.

At that moment,

「Fool, you’ve let your guard down!〈Snake Bite〉- OOOH!」

Rahm-san suddenly sprung up, and shot a huge snake, which was kneaded with a large amount of poison, at a tremendous speed.


「Close the time for all eternity -〈Ice Wall〉!」

A huge wall of countless layers of thin ice folds blocked its way.

The venomous snake that was unleashed at the perfect timing and at point blank range – lost against the Ice Wall.

「N-No way…!」

The difference in power was so great that Rahm-san lost his words.

「Oi Oi…That last blow was a surprise attack, wasn’t it? How unsightly! E”e!」

The moment Sid-san snapped his fingers.

Ice Wall turned into countless lumps of ice and mowed down Rahm-san with tremendous force.

「Ah, ga…」

His right leg was pierced, and his ultimate attack was easily defended. Riddled with wounds all over, physically and mentally exhausted, and shot all over by the blizzard of ice lumps, he slowly collapsed.

「W-W-What An Outcome? The victor of『Vanguard』vs.『Vice General』is Sid Euclius of Ice King Academy!」

As the commentator tried to liven up the venue,

「Way to go, Ice King Academy!」

「I didn’t think a vanguard would beat a vice-general…!」

「I think we can expect something special at next year’s Sword King Festival!」

The audience couldn’t seem to hide their excitement at the unexpected『good game(gg)』.

The fight is over! – When everyone was thinking that, I alone had a really bad feeling.

(No, not yet…)

I knew this well.

Once the fire is lit inside Sid-san, he wouldn’t stop with just this.

As I expected, he walked up to Rahm-san, who was incapacitated, and set up〈Vanargand〉in a stance.

(This stance is…〈Vanal Thrust〉!?)

It is a deadly thrust that jets out cold air and obtains explosive propulsion.

If Rahm-san, who can no longer move even a finger, received such a blow… He will literally be torn to pieces.

「Wha!? Contestant Sid!? No more, no more! This goes against the rules of the tournament!」

The commentator issued a warning quickly, but… It was too late.

「〈Vanal Thrust〉!」

Tremendous cold air jets out, and a thrust of tremendous power was unleashed.

「No, Sid-san!」

The moment I shouted out,

「「「「〈Four Gate Gravity Formation〉!」」」」

Transparent green planks about the length of Sid-san’s body, pinned him from all sides.

「What… is this…!?」

He was pinned from all sides and couldn’t move, so he irritatedly clicked his tongue loudly.

(Who is it…!?)

When I turned my eyes to the voice, there was the figure of four Senior Holy Knights.

They went up to the stage with a green longsword, which seemed to be a soul dress, holding it in front of their chests.

(Senior Holy Knights… Thank goodness!)

They were probably deployed in preparation for such unforeseen situations.

「Fuu…they came at the last minute.」

「I’ve heard the rumors, but… this guy really is a rabid dog…」

「Sid Euclius. The current attack was a clear violation of the rules.」

「Sorry, but we will have to take you to the Holy Knights Association.」

The moment a senior Holy Knight with handcuffs approached Sid-san.

The green boards that held him down, froze with every passing moment, and

「Get this disgusting thing… away from me!」

It shattered along with Sid-san’s angry roar.


「It’s a high gravity quadruple restraint!」

He thrust out the tip of〈Vanargand〉at the senior Holy Knights, who were surprised by the unexpected situation.

「Who the hell are you guys!? If you get in my way, I’ll kill you too!」



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