78. Darkness and Sword King Festival [9] – part 2


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78. Darkness and Sword King Festival [9] -part 2


Sid-san forced the senior Holy Knights to step back in fear with a single glare, and turned his gaze towards Rahm-san laying right under his feet.


He reached for his fellow Phantom Academy students with a trembling hand, and chattering teeth.

However, due to the intense bloodlust emitted by Sid-san, they were petrified on the spot.

「Haa… You’re gonna have to die now…」

When Sid-san swung down his sword without any hesitation,

「Stop, Sid!」

A woman’s voice echoed and his sword stopped mid-swing.


The woman on the stage was Ferris Dorahain, the director of Ice King Academy.

「Haa… As usual, a child who doesn’t know restraint. If you go through with it, that boy will really die, you know?」

「B-But Miss… This trash said–」

「So you won’t listen to me?」

When Ferris-san said that with a sad expression,

「Tch… I got it.」

He sheathed his sword and released〈Vanargand〉.

And then,

「S-Secure him…!」

Once Sid-san’s intention to kill disappeared, more than ten senior Holy Knights moved in to arrest him.

「No need to be so rough man…」

Sid-san was not scared at all and was taken away with his『usual』attitude.

As the hall venue quieted down, the president whispered.

「To be able to break the soul dress of four senior Holy Knights… What a frightening child!」

「Un Un, he’s grown up a lot since the summer camp! I’d like to have a match against him with all my strength once!」

「No matter how I think about it, I don’t think you can win though, Lilim…」


I was concerned about another thing, as the president and senpais talked about him.

「I wonder if Sid-san is gonna be alright…」

This is the『second time』he has caused problems following the Big Five Holy Festival.

(If I remember correctly, last time, he was suspended for a month the same as me, but…)

Perhaps, a heavier punishment may be handed down this time.

And then,

「Of course, there will be some kind of punishment, but… I am sure he won’t be expelled.」

The president declared clearly.

「Behind Sid-san is… No, behind Ferris-san is that Rize Dorahain. No one will go against『Fox Finance』by choice. It will most likely be a short suspension like last time.」

「I see, that’s good…」

And when I sigh a breath of relief,

「O-Okay now! There was an unexpected brawl, but let’s get back to the tournament and draw for the third match!」

In a loud voice that blew away the noise in the venue, the commentator resumed the Sword King Festival main rounds.

After that, the other Five Academy also won adequately, and the match of the best eight was about to start.

The first match of the best eight, the quarter finals, was once again Thousand Blade Academy.


It’s finally here.

In the best 16 round, Snow Academy withdrew, so this will be our first match in the Sword King Festival main rounds.

(I am going to express the results of all my training to this point on this stage!)

And as I clenched my fist tightly,

「Fufu, I am a little nervous!」

「Now, who is our opponent? Bring them out already!」

「I’d like to avoid a Five Academy if possible though…」

The president and senpais also seemed to be restless, and fidgeting slightly.

「Now, just which academy will have a showdown with Thousand Blade Academy!?」

The commentator then put her right hand in a large box marked『Sword King Festival』on the surface.

From the best eight onwards, first place and second place was irrelevant, so the opponent was determined at random.


「Here they are! One of the Five Academy, the all-girl『White Lily Academy』!」

We finally matched with one of the『Five Academy』, White Lily Academy.

(This is it! This is my first battle against another Five Academy since the Ice King Academy!)

As I was getting fired up,

「I-It’s over…」

「T-This might be a little hard…」

「Man… No matter how I think about it, this is『checkmate』though…」

The president and senpais said with their shoulders drooped.

Even the always positive Lilim-senpai, had a bitter smile.

「Are they really that strong…!?」

When I, who don’t know much about the Five Academy, asked – the president simply nodded.

「They’re not just strong… White Lily Academy is a super-strong academy that has been the『runner-up』in the last five Sword King Festivals consecutively.」

「Yes yes, and this year, the strongest first-year student known as『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria has joined them. Allen-kun… work hard!」

「No, you don’t really have to work hard. I just want you to do your best so you don’t get killed at the very least though…」Ferris-senpai said relatively seriously.

(T-The other party is that strong…!?)

When my eyes widened in surprise,

「Now, let’s start with the customary contestant introduction!」

The commentator began to introduce the contestants.

「Vanguard of Thousand Blade Academy – Allen Rodore! There is no affiliated school or soul dress, but his overwhelming physical strength and polished swordsmanship is worthy of mention! In the qualifying rounds of A Group, all wins were won unscathed, and he is a dark horse-like existence of this tournament!」

When I went up to the stage,

「Allen! Good luck!」

「Don’t be tense! We’re together with you!」

「You are the first-year representative, so don’t lose!」

From the audience, Ria, Rose, and Tessa’s encouraging cheers supported me.

「And the Vanguard of White Lily Academy -『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria! I don’t think there is even a need to talk about this swordsman in detail! This swordsman who is known as the “Strongest First-Year”! Let’s just quietly watch and burn her exquisite techniques into our memory!」

The moment a magnificent female swordsman climbed up to the stage, a thunderous cheer broke out.

「OHHHHH, SHE’S HERE! I came here to see her!」

「KYAAA, IDOL-SAMA! Please turn over here!」

Idol Luxmaria.

Azure pupils which almost seemed transparent.

Long, beautiful, pure white hair that was half-up.

Noble facial features as though sculpted.

Snow white skin.

Height was about 165 centimeters, which could be said to be tall for a woman of 15 years old.

She was dressed in the White Lily Academy uniform, blue accent on white fabric, giving off a vibe of『dignity』.

(Even so… She’s very popular…)

Men and women alike, sent thunderous cheers and support to Idol-san.

When she climbed up to the stage, she looked me straight in the eye without saying anything in particular.

And then,

「Are you both ready! Then the Vanguard battle – Begin!」

The voice of the commentator echoed throughout the venue.

At the same time, I pulled out my sword and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

(The female swordsman who is known as『Prodigy』and『Strongest First-Year』- Idol Luxmaria-san!)

She is the perfect opponent!

As such, the fire of battle between Idol-san and I was ignited.



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