93. Top Secret and Thousand Blade Festival [10] – part 2


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93. Top Secret and Thousand Blade Festival [10] – part 2

「T-This means…! As long as Allen is the dealer no one can win!」

The president said while glaring at me.

「No, that’s not always the case. I was able to use card memorization this time because of you, president.」


「Yes. It is absolutely impossible to remember 52 cards in an instant. In order to use this, you need to take a good look at the deck.」

「A good look at the deck?! D-Did you perhaps? At that time?!」

「Yes. I pretended to check if it’s a gimmick card and I actually memorized the cards in the deck instead.」

From my point of view, honestly, it didn’t matter whether it was a gimmick card or not.

As long as I memorize the card order in the deck, the game is pretty much decided.

「T-That’s just… Which means this game was…」

「Yes, the winner was already determined from the beginning.」

And when I finished the explanation,

「…Nee, Allen-kun. Being able to control the cards of the deck freely means… The thing you pulled at the end, that was a little cruel, wasn’t it?」

The quick-witted president realized quickly.

「……I wonder what you’re talking about?」

I knew exactly what she meant by “the thing you pulled at the end”, but I feigned ignorance just to mess with her.

「At the end, I was very happy to get a Full House…『I did it! I can beat Allen-kun with this hand!』is what I thought, but now… I clearly understand from your current explanation that you set it up to be that way, right?」

The president shot a glare at me.

There is no way I can talk myself out of this one.

「A-Ahaha… I’m sorry, your reactions were quite interesting… so I ended up doing something mean.」

It truly was on a sudden impulse.

She’s the one who keeps changing her expression so much. It was fun to watch her, so I got carried away at the end.

And when I confessed,

「As I expected! Since you were a mean child, don’t blame me for doing this!」

The president stood up from her chair and walked towards the window behind her.

She opened the window and,

「Everyone! Allen-kun is in here! He’s riddled with wounds, so it’s the perfect chance!」

She exposed my hiding place in a loud voice.


「Hehe! This is for being a mean child to onee-san! …Achoo!」

「Good grief… I’m leaving already! And please warm yourself up before going to sleep today, so that you don’t catch a cold!」

I said and quickly ran out of the student council room.


「「「Found you, Allen-Rodore!」」」

I was found by a trio of seniors. Perhaps they were originally close to the student council room

Furthermore, the number increased one by one, and by the time I realised, I was already surrounded.

「Hehehe… As the president said, he is riddled with wounds!」

「Sorry, but I can’t let a first-year take away the victory!」

「This is a real battle. Don’t say it’s cowardly…」

They came at me with confident smiles and soul dress in hand.

(Damn, there’s nowhere to run… But there should be only a few minutes left until the end of the Thousand Blade Shadow Festival…)

If it’s just a few more minutes, I can do it!

「Can’t be helped. Let’s start the final battle!」

I poured all of my remaining spiritual power and swallowed the whole area in jet black darkness.

「What the hell is this?!」

「Idiot, didn’t you watch the Sword King Festival!? His power is『darkness』!」

「Don’t let your guard down! This darkness is still an unknown ability!」

The seniors began to make a fuss when they saw the darkness covering the ground.

「Then, here I go.」

After that, I kept fighting until the closing chime sounded.

After an hour-long battle, I returned to Year 1 Class A with a body full of fatigue.

When I slowly opened the door of the classroom,

「Allen! I’m glad you were safe!」

「To be unbeaten even after being attacked by that number of seniors… As expected, I guess.」

Ria and Rose, bandaged around their hands and feet, ran up to me.

「Aa, I managed somehow. Are you two alright?」

「Yes, this is nothing!」

「It’s just scratches. Don’t worry about it.」

「I see. That’s good.」

When we were talking about that, everyone in the class came over towards us.

「Yoyo, Allen. How much gin did you rake up?」

「Hehe, we’re competing to see who raked in the most!」

Everyone seemed to be interested in how much I collected.

「Oh yeah… I haven’t counted it yet, but I think I collected a good amount.」

I took out the large amount of gin notes from my pants and chest pockets.

「A-Are you for real?」

「This is much more than the entire class. No, it’s the top of the whole grade.」

Apparently this was a considerable amount. Dry laughs leaked out of everyone’s mouth.

A little later, the door opened vigorously, and Leia-sensei, holding a large box, walked in.

「Everyone, thank you for the hard work today! Collect the gin of Class A into this box. Hou! There’s a considerable amount of it! This probably stands a pretty good chance!」

She collected the gin that everyone had acquired into the box, and moved on to another class.

After that, as everyone was excitedly talking about who was tough and what kind of soul dress they used, an in-house broadcast began to sound.

「Everyone did a great job today! The Thousand Blade Festival and the Thousand Blade Shadow Festival were at a high level which was rarely seen in recent years! Now, let’s end the boring greetings here and move on to the results! The top of all classes in this year’s festival is… Year 1 Class A that demonstrated overwhelming earnings!」

At that moment,

「「「YOSHAAAA!」」」cries of joy broke out.

「W-We did it! This means we are the『Thousand Blade Academy’s Strongest』!」

「Yes! We are the strongest in both name and reality!」

「There’s a lot of monetary prizes, too! Oi Oi, how should we use it!?」

Everyone was so excited, and with that victory flow, they decided to hold a celebration party.

「What will you do, Ria?」

「Um… If Allen goes, I’ll go.」

「I see, then… Let’s go together!」


Then I went to the celebration party together with Ria. On this day, everyone engaged in lively conversations and celebrated till late at night.



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