99. Five Kingdoms and Thirteen Knights of the Oracle [6]

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99. Five Kingdoms and Thirteen Knights of the Oracle [6]

『Allen Rodore』vs. Fu and Dodriel.

Fu took the initiative in this battle which is comparable to a clash between nations.

「-Supreme Wind Seal!」

The moment he swung down his thin sword, a compressed gust was fired towards Allen from four directions.

Four wind slashes with terrifyingly short launch time.

If his target was an ordinary swordsman, it’d spell instant death.

(My fastest ultimate attack, Supreme Wind Seal! What will you do now?!)

Fu assumed a follow-up stance, not letting down his guard, and waited for Allen’s next move.



For some reason, even while watching the looming wind slashes, he didn’t make any movement.

A fraction of a second later, the four slashes which concealed fearsome power made direct hits.

Cloud of dust rolled up together with an ear-crushing sound.

「…It …hit?」

Fu, who stared in amazement by the unexpected result, immediately staggered back in shock a moment later.


When the dust cleared up, Allen was standing unscathed with a ferocious smile on his face.

「-Pu, Gyahahahahaha! What’s this breeze, y”O!? After playing with “ice”, are we gonna play with “wind” next?」

Recalling his fight with Sid, he shook his shoulders in a good mood.

「Kukuku, seriously… Bastard! Are you looking down on me, A”a?!!!」

Allen, who had been bursting with laughter just a while ago, turned a complete 180 and emitted shuddering wrath.

(H-He’s coming…!)

Fu concentrated all his nerves and carefully observed Allen, not missing a single twitch. And the next moment,


Just before his nose tip, the figure of Allen with his left fist pulled back.


A straight left that almost made Fu close his eyes out of fear.

「W-Wind Wall!」

Fu deployed an invisible shield of compressed wind.

A powerful outward blowing compressed wind. Incredibly effective in defending against physical attacks.


「Such a flimsy shield! Are you even trying, A”a?!」

Allen’s fist easily smashed the wind wall and pierced deep into Fu’s abdomen.

「Ga, fu!」

The dull sound of bone breaking resounded, as he was blown away high and far like a ball.

「HahaH”A! Look at you fly!」

Despite being in the middle of battle, Allen laughed in good spirits watching it.

Right then,

「Die! Black Shadow!」

Twenty tentacles fired by Dodriel rushed in.

Consecutive attacks of shadows that gouges out human flesh just by a slight graze, landed directly on Allen.

「…Did I get him?」

When Dodriel’s lips curled, he heard laughter from behind.

「-Kuku. Who got whom, E”e?」


He looked back in a hurry. And a strong kick sank into his side.


A shock that he had never experienced before.

Dodriel, unable to take a defensive posture, was blown away bouncing on the ground.

「HaA”a… Oi, Oi, it’s over already?!」

Fu Rudras, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, who is even said to be a national force.

Dodriel Barton, a swordsman reputed to be a candidate for the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

Allen finished both of them with a single blow and sighed loudly.

And then,

「Well then… Are you guys next?」

Allen zeroed in on the remnants of the Black Organization who could do nothing but watch the current brutality in horror, as his next plaything.


All of them were speechless due to extreme fear. Some collapsed on the spot, some shed tears without being able to make a sound, some lost consciousness while foaming at the mouth, and various other reactions of pure dread.

「Gyahahaha! Don’t be so scared, nA”a? It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the『outside world』. You won’t be punished even if you go along with my rehabilitation for a while, right?」

Allen, who called the current brutality a rehabilitation, was hit by a sudden gust of wind filled with bloodlust.


He easily warded off the obvious artificial wind and turned to the direction it came from.

「Yo, Monster. It’s not over yet…」

「Alleeeeen… I’ll never lose to you!」

There was Fu and Dodriel, who recovered completely from the damage they received earlier, gripping an unstable soul dress.

「O”o, you can still stand? So you’re not entirely useless toys!」

Allen looked at the broken toys in front of him in a slightly better light.

Fu and Dodriel began exchanging secret talks in whispers.

「This will be your second one, right? Can you do it, Dodriel?」

「Ahaa… To be honest, I don’t want to do it…」

The two men, who suffered deadly injuries a while ago, took a special spirit pill.

An item of the highest quality distributed only to executives and a few close to them.

Due to a number of experiments, they successfully developed a pill with reduced side effects and increased self-healing abilities.

However, the maximum dosage is one per day.

More than that, terrible pain assaults the body and it wouldn’t even be possible to stand straight anymore.

「Fuuu… I agree. I just want to run away right now, but… There’s no way we can turn a blind eye to that monster.」

Fu resolved himself to fight and gave instructions to Dodriel.

「That ridiculous physical ability… we have no chance of winning in close quarters. We’ll entomb him with our strongest long-range attack by pouring in all our spiritual power!」


Immediately after that, the two of them fired a single attack with all their might simultaneously.

「-Supreme Wind Blade!」

「-Shadow Phantom!」

A turbid stream of 『shadow』 that swallowed everything.

A blade of 『wind』 that cuts everything.

Allen carefreely stood in front of the looming attacks which can turn Thousand Blade Academy into a vacant lot.

「A”a… What did that shitty brat called it?」

And then,

「O”u, that’s right. It was… First Sword – Flying Shadow」

The moment he swung down the Black Sword,

Jet-Black Darkness reduced everything on its path to nothing, swallowing the attacks of Fu and Dodriel which contained all their spiritual power.

「T-To think it was to this extent…」

「…Haha, it’s over.」

Darkness swallowed the two of them in an instant. Silence descended on Thousand Blade Academy.

「-Gyahahahahaha! Oi Oi, I just shook it lightly, ya know!? Are you dead so soon already, E”e?」

Behind Allen, who laughed greatly, the bloodstained Fu stood.

At the last second, Fu had clad himself in wind and jumped high into the sky, narrowly avoiding the looming darkness.

「You’re dead – Supreme Wind Sword!」

One last ultimate swing with all the spiritual power that was left – Supreme Wind Sword.

Perfect distance.

Perfect timing.

Perfect aim.

To kill Allen.

However, the supreme attack that was kneaded just for that purpose, was unable to penetrate the『clothes of darkness』 that Allen casually discharged.

「Hard… hahahaha….」

Fu, with a broken fighting spirit, could no longer do anything but laugh.

「Tch… this isn’t a game of playing with swords, ya know? Do it properly, nA”a!」

Allen carefreely delivered a middle kick, which smashed Fu’s chest.

He recognized the difference in power while being blown far behind.

(Haha… What is this monster? Where the hell did it come from?)

There was no chance of victory at all.

Clearly understanding the overwhelming『difference』, Fu swallowed a second spirit pill.

Severe pain ran through his body as though the blood vessels in his body were splitting open.

(The second one hits really hard…)

Fu endured the pain which almost caused him to faint and shouted orders to his men.

「Withdraw! The target『Allen Rodore』is now classified as “Special Class Force”! A threat higher than phantom spirit! Everyone! Survive by any means and brings this information back to headquarters!」


The moment they answered from the background, the Black Sword flew up.


Immediately after that, a thunderous roar which could be heard throughout the city of Orest reverberated. The remnants of Black Organization, which numbered more than a hundred, were wiped out in a single attack.

Towards Fu who simply stared at the bottomless pit in the schoolyard,

「Oi, Oi… Who were you talking to? It was a little too loud for a monologue ain’t it… E”e?」

Allen had a nasty smile, holding a second Black Sword in his hand

「Allen Rodore, huh… Fufu… If I knew such a monster existed, I would’ve never accepted this job… Gaha!」

A straight right landed square on Fu’s face, who had already thrown away his sword in acceptance of defeat.

Gruesome bone-breaking sound echoed and his consciousness sank to the bottom of darkness.

Allen, who brutally beat down two people of national force class at the same time without any trouble, felt a strong dissatisfaction.

「A”a… Seriously, this doesn’t even serve as warm up dammit!」

The moment he stretched greatly while clicking his tongue,

The Director of Thousand Blade Academy, Leia Lasnode, appeared in front of him.

She arrived at this place just a minute ago and had been waiting for an『opportunity』.

The haughty and confident『Allen Rodore』will surely display a『big opening』, she believed.

「No Sword Style – Sever!」

Her perfectly timed True Fist, pierced the air in vain.

(My fist… Was avoided at this distance?! At this timing?!)

As colour drained from her face,

「Yoho, Black Fist. How’s your mood today? …E”e?」

Leia felt hopelessness, hearing the voice coming from behind her.

She missed the only weak point of a spirit core, initial stiffness, and never stood a chance of winning in the first place.

「Thanks to you, it’s the worst… How did you get out『from inside that』?」

「Haha, course of events. I was lucky!」

Allen perfectly copied the True Fist that Leia unleashed moments ago.

No Sword Style – Sever.

「Ka, ha!」

Allen’s fist, which travelled faster than the speed of sound, broke Leia’s ribs.

After easily defeating Leia, Allen turned on his heel.

「Kuh, w-wait…!」

Leia somehow managed to stand up, despite vomiting blood.

「I don’t have time to talk with you, woman. He will wake up soon… No need to worry about the shitty brat. I’ll return him sooner or later.」

Then, Allen disappeared from Thousand Blade Academy.

A remote location deep in the mountains.

An old man was enjoying fishing while humming.

「Hyohoho, big catch, big catch! It’s a feast tonight!」

Allen, who went on a rampage earlier, appeared there.

「Yo, shitty geezer. You did an extremely half-hearted job, didn’t you? E”e?」

「Hyo, hyohoho… Well, well, don’t get so angry… It was out of my calculation that『Allen Rodore』 was a swordsman to that extent!」

「Tch, that doesn’t matter. More importantly, I don’t have much time. Let’s start.」

「Hyohoho…! I know!」

Allen Rodore and the Hermit of Time -『Timeless Strategy Meeting』began with only the two of them.


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