I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space Mercenary

Author: Lute リュート

Alternate Title:

  1. 目覚めたら最強装備と宇宙船持ちだったので、一戸建て目指して傭兵として自由に生きたい
  2. Saikyou Soubi to Uchuusen Mochitannode, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei to Shite Jiyu ni Ikitai
  3. When I Woke Up, I Got the Strongest Equipment and a Spaceship, so I Went and Became a Mercenary in Order to Live as I Please while Aiming for a Detached House

Original Web Novel: 目覚めたら最強装備と宇宙船持ちだったので、一戸建て目指して傭兵として自由に生きたい

LN Publisher: Kadokawa

Synopsis: When I woke up, I found myself inside a spaceship.

I guess you guys think I’m talking nonsense here, but I also have absolutely no clue about what exactly happened to me.

I was really close to completely losing it, but fortunately, I managed to notice that this place was really similar to the world featured in a game I was playing recently.

Am I dreaming? Nope, it’s no dream. Maybe I actually got sent to a different world or something?

But didn’t those things usually involve getting sent to a magical world with elves, dwarves, dragons and whatnot?

In any case, I don’t know what caused this, but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and live properly in this world from now on.

It’ll be okay. I got my trusty spaceship so I can probably make some money. It’ll work out! It has to!

This is the story of a man abruptly thrown into space along with his private spaceship. He runs around the universe with it and saves damsels in distress along the way, flirts with said damsels, earns money as a merc-for-hire and uses his gaming knowledge to work his way into living freely and easily.

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  1. So, is the transfer from the precedent site going forward? Will the two novels you bring start again soon?

    • Hi Seoman, most definitely! SFBaka is working hard for the move. He needed to sort out a few things before at his end, and now he is in the process of transferring all his existing chapters for both novels to LNT. After that is done, he will start translating chapters again. As he will be translating both novel solo, please give him sometime to get things in order and build up some chapters to ensure that we can do a consistent release. We will be making announcement as we get closer to the release in our discord channel.

    • Like Ama-nee said, I’m in the process of moving all of the current chapters to LNT. I’m almost done with Starship and I’ll work on Galactic Navy Officer next.

  2. hello, are you still continue translation this novel?

  3. man, this story feels a bit like someone’s late stage game of Elite. Hope to see more? i guess?

  4. It’s 27th of Jan here but there’s still no updates available for this story I wonder why???

  5. Hope someone can upload the illustrations, the novel’s art is great.

  6. So is the chapter release a biweekly thing or is it an Everly weekly

  7. May I ask why NU only shows chapters starting from 23? What about the previous chapters?

  8. Due to COVID-19, SFBaka may have some difficulties with the normal releases of his two novels. We hope you will understand and pray for him, we at LNT are fully supporting him and will patiently wait until we hear from SFBaka again.

  9. Please don’t jinx it

  10. GAWD I LOVE THIS NOVEL!!!! Finally, a sci-fi isekai that isn’t a frikkin mecha! I get tired of the same old same old stories with different titles. There are so many isekai set in medieval or a game, that most of them have gotten too stupid to read, or are just repeats of each other. This is one I’ve been looking for for the longest.

  11. Is SFbaka Still around

  12. i wonder where can i see the illustrations for this novel?

  13. If I may ask, what’s the schedule for the updates? Is it random?

  14. I donated $20 because you did such a fantastic job translating this, I managed to marathon the 133 chapters in about 2 days and I’ll be looking forward to more. Thank you!

  15. cover for vol 5 is not available?

  16. Hi, first of all, thanks for translating this LN.
    Do you know how many chapters will have vol 6 when completed?

  17. Question: How many media folk will fit in one escape pod?

    Answer: All of them if Mei is doing the packing! 😉

  18. I’m kind of sad about this novel since it ends at chapter 95 on syosetsu. =(

  19. Man…I hit the bottom already… anyways, I’m looking forward to new chapters! , this has been a great ride for me

  20. The author released ch 283. Let’s goooooooo!!!!!
    P.s. Thanks for the hard work

    • No prob. Working on it now. But I’m not gonna release it yet, okay. Let’s give it some time so we can have enough chapters stockpiled first XD

      • 5 chap already. Not enough?

      • Not nearly enough. Keep in mind that there are advanced chapters for Patreon subscribers. And with the rate donations are given, we’d run out of advanced chapters in a heartbeat. Let’s give it a bit more time. But I will be updating the Patreon folders. In fact, I’ve already updated them.

  21. so when those translations will see the light up? i mean love you guys but would be great to have a date so we can come and read the chaps

  22. ehm just saying but the autor is allready at 290 so isnt it time to realease slowly?
    wolud be nice because i read the novel right now 4 times and considering a 5 allready

  23. I’m not 100% confident with the translation that I’m using but from what it translated the author said ”At least it’s a prologue of a new chapter” so does this mean we will start getting releases soon? If not any idea when they might start up again?

  24. did they drop this novel

  25. I wish to read more of this and I am being disappointed with the wait for a release in the share drive. I am bummed that there are no chaps uploaded for over a month… I hope nobody dropped this novel…

  26. 15 chaps up already? uwu?

  27. Are other novels on this site still getting updated??

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    • Every $30 will get a Bonus chapter, a chapter released in addition to those regularly scheduled.

      • well if the regularly scheduled chapters would be posted it would be good but nope nothing

      • But I’ve posted 1 regular chapter in addition to the 3 bonus chapters these past 2 weeks. I’ll be posting 1 regular chapter and the 2 remaining bonus chapters by tomorrow. After that, I’ll see if I can go back to 2 regular chapters per week. Do note that the author has paused writing the web novel again since he’s writing the manuscript for the latest LN volume.

  30. Hello, i am starting this arc (refill system) but i wanted to ask if Serena and the MC actually get together at some point, i am asking because i am seriously starting to feel sorry for her.

    I don’t mind spoilers either from the rest of the translated chapters or even the raws

  31. Updates? +_+

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    This novel has become my novel bible

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