146 – Request Completion, Payment, and Rewards

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

“……Good morning.”

“Ou. How about you wash your face and freshen up first?”


Elma went out of the break room while yawning. Major Serena was as persistent as ever, but since I’ve already been taken for a ride once, I didn’t bite the bait carelessly this time. I kept dodging the issue and told her I had other business to attend to before dropping the call.

And I contacted Mimi, May, and the mechanic sisters while making sure not to disturb Elma and told them to gather at the break room for a meeting.

In any case, we finally completed the transport request and earned a total of 1,500,000 Enels. We got that much probably due to the fact that this was a pretty dangerous sector as well as our fast delivery speed. However, we did get scolded by the guild staff for engaging in combat while still carrying the cargo we’re supposed to deliver.

Mm. But it can’t be helped y’know! I think we weren’t really in any danger for the most part because we warped out to somewhere well within the range of the imperial fleet’s support fire, but I’ll try to be more careful next time. If the situation allows it, that is.

I feel bad for the Commerce Guild, but in the end, my main affiliation is with the Mercenary Guild. I definitely won’t miss out on battles that’ll net me lots of rewards. If they find that disagreeable, then I’ll just have to continue with the trading side-gig without their support.

The good thing about delivery jobs is that they’re fairly simple. You just carry the cargo and deliver it to somewhere to make a tidy profit while performing some interstellar trading on the side. You can definitely amass a fortune if you do it long enough. Or rather, why are they still complaining in the first place? I mean, I did deliver the goods safely and made it way earlier than the specified deadline to boot.

I sent a reply to the Commerce Guild with those sentiments.

『It’s not that we don’t trust your capabilities. We just made a suggestion with the usual business practices in mind. We will still count on you to fulfill jobs from us in the future. We’re looking forward to a healthy working relationship with you.』

That was the reply that they sent back. Hm? Why the sudden change in tune? Did they underestimate Mimi when they saw that she was a young girl and thought they could get away with a little intimidation? Man, there sure are a lot of troublesome characters out there.

『You sure are scary, boss.』

A message popped up on the app from an account with an avatar of an anthropomorphic cartoon character that looked like a red spanner. It should be from Tina.

『Well, we can’t have them underestimating us mercenaries after all. If we just turned tail from that battle and insisted on just delivering the goods, we’ll be looked down upon by other mercenaries as well.』

An avatar of a cartoon one-eyed alien nodding repeatedly while crossing its arms popped out next. I told her to freshen up, but she actually joined the convo from the bathroom? Was she brushing her teeth as well or something?

『The mercenary business is also quite complicated, isn’t it?』

This time, the message was from an account with a blue hammer cartoon character avatar. This one should be Whisker. But the avatar characters of the sisters looked like super-deformed macho uncles, so it felt quite awkward. Why the heck are they using such avatars anyway?

『Uu…… I slipped up on my first assignment, Hiro-sama.』

An avatar resembling a cartoon rendition of a squirrel-creature mixed with a cat slumped down in dejection. Well, lots of folks judge other people by looks alone, so it really can’t be helped. Maybe her atmosphere would change if she wore glasses. How about I get a pair of non-prescription glasses for Mimi next time. Then she’ll change into a reliable-looking secretary…… Nah, it wouldn’t work. Mimi looked like your cute girl-next-door type no matter what she wore after all.

“It’s fine. Don’t let it get to you. Just face everything with a smile next time. It’ll be alright.”


“And you did manage to make a tidy profit from selling the goods we brought, right? You don’t have to feel ashamed about anything.”


The goods we brought sold like hotcakes, it seems. Customers came in droves as soon as they put up the goods for sale, and they emptied our entire stock pretty quickly. Our total profits from trading this time were 330,000 Enels. After discussing with her, it was decided that Mimi’s bonus will be 3% of the total profits, so she’ll have a cut of 9,900 Enels this time. My share will be 320,100 Enels.

And as for the 1.5 million Enel payment we got for completing the delivery request, we decided to base everyone’s cut on the usual percentages, so Mimi will get 15,000 Enels. Elma will get 45,000 Enels. My share will be 1,440,000 Enels.

So my total share this time will be 1,760,000 Enels, all in all. A part of it will go to the maintenance costs of the ships, port fees, as well as everyone’s daily living expenses. The port fees aren’t a joke y’know. The Lotus was a fairly large ship, so the fee for it is significantly higher than Krishna’s.

By the way, the mechanic sisters won’t be getting a cut this time. They would only receive a bonus if they played an active part in fulfilling a job, so most of the time, they’ll only get a cut from the money earned from selling the salvaged parts of defeated pirate ships or the pirate ships themselves.

“So, um, there’s a request from the major… or rather, from the imperial military.”

“Well, it depends on how much they’re offering, I guess.”

“Yeah, that’s how it is after all huh. They still haven’t contacted us again, right?”

“Yes. The imperial military still hasn’t reached out to us as of now.”

I checked with May, who was now standing right behind me, but it looks like the accounting department of the imperial military still hasn’t contacted us yet.

“Does it usually take this long?”

“Perhaps they are having a hard time deciding the final amount since there is no precedent.”

“No precedent? But isn’t it common for mercenaries to intervene in military battles and ask for rewards after?”

It was common for mercenary players to plunge right into active battlefields and fish for profits. That’s how I earned most of the money for equipment and ship upgrades back when I was just starting out in SOL.

“I believe the problem is that the weight of the merits you raised is far too valuable, Master. You did manage to almost singlehandedly tip the battle in the imperial military’s favor after all.”

“You basically went for a crazy kamikaze charge and came out laughing, after all, you dolt.”

I don’t think I did anything that reckless though. I left enough of a safety margin y’know. And it’s all backed by solid experience. I did get shot down a lot before I managed to get the hang of it back when I was playing SOL though…… But, yeah. I guess people from this dimension wouldn’t normally get the hang of the maneuvers I employed like I did since one miss would lead to their deaths for real. If you get struck down in the middle of a crystal lifeform swarm here, you’ll just end up being consumed.

“Master destroyed four large-type crystal lifeforms, thereby greatly undermining their capability to rapidly field units in battle, and attracted a large number of small and medium-types in order to herd them to the imperial defense fleet’s bombardment range. Although I believe the imperial military still suffered losses, they were greatly mitigated due to your actions. Those achievements are enough for you to be conferred full military honors and an honorary noble peerage, I believe.”


“Yep. You might be awarded a medal of honor and granted the title of an honorary knight.”

“……Can I actually refuse?”

Getting some monetary compensation and a medal isn’t much of a problem. But getting an honorary title totally smells like trouble. Geh. Somehow, I got a vision of a black-haired young noble girl waving at me with a suggestive smile.

I didn’t really hate being with Chris, but becoming a noble will just cause me some major hassles, so I’d rather not have anything to do with it at all. Ugh. Now I’m getting a vision of Chris and Major Serena forcefully pulling each of my hands.

When it comes to power and influence, it seems that House Holz, which was headed by a marquis, had an edge over the Daleinwald House, which was only headed by an earl. But there’s also the fact that Chris and I once shared the same bed. Of course, I didn’t lay a hand on Chris at all, but I kinda feel like if that terrifying granpa earl ever got wind of it, he’ll come chasing after me with swords in hand and force me to take responsibility.

But wait! Didn’t Major Serena stay on my ship that one time as well? She was the one who boarded the ship unannounced of course. And she even got drunk and made a mess. If she ever managed to record that particular incident, she’ll have solid evidence to use against me, and it’ll turn into a big mess for sure.

“Given Hiro-sama’s goal, wouldn’t it be convenient for you if you gained a title?”

“Boss’s goal?”

“He wants to purchase a detached house with a garden on a residential planet and live there.”

“That’s definitely one heck of a goal.”

In addition to purchasing a house, you’d also need first-class citizenship in order to live on a planet within the empire. If you get knighted, you’d automatically be given first-class citizenship, and you would also be able to purchase a lot and a house on a planet at a lower price than usual.

“Well, I guess it’s true that I’ll be one step closer to my goal if I accept the title… Geh! Why are we talking like it’s already a done deal anyway? There’s no need to dwell on that right now!”

“Running away from reality isn’t a solution y’know.”

“There’s no need to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. It’s ridiculous to be stressed out by something that’s still not set in stone. And anyway, Major Serena should know full well that I don’t like being tied down like that. She should be aware that forcing me into such a thing will just put a dent in our current relationship.”

“That’s true as well.”

Mimi nodded at my words. I’m right, aren’t I? And if worse comes to worst, I could always just run away. I have absolutely no intention of abandoning a carefree mercenary life. I’ll gladly accept a medal if it didn’t have any strings attached though.

“That’s such a waste. I think it would be awesome if you became a noble, boss.”

“Rising to a noble status from being a commoner is the ideal success story for most imperial citizens, isn’t it, sis?”

The mechanic sisters were talking like it was that simple, but was becoming a noble really all that great? You’d gain lots of benefits, of course, but you’ll also be burdened with loads of responsibilities. I don’t think I’ll be able to continue living as a carefree merc if that ever happens.

“I’m not good at socializing with uppity folks, so becoming a noble is definitely a no-go.”

“Ara. It’s not like attending social parties is all there is to being a noble you know. And knights may be classified as nobles, but they are still treated as half-commoners by the rest of noble society, so they’re not that well regarded.”

“I don’t feel like being looked down upon due to my noble rank as well. Instead of something stuffy like that, I’d rather raise my mercenary rank to Platinum.”

“And you think that goal would be any easier to achieve……? But hold on a bit. Why are you so against becoming a noble anyway? Do you have any unpleasant memories regarding it?”

“Unpleasant memories……? Nah, it’s nothing like that. I just think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. It just doesn’t click with me, y’know.”

“Who knows. You might get to like it once you become one.”

“Ugh…… Let’s just stop. This talk is over! Discussion end.”


Tina pursed her lips in a pout. You’re just having a blast by making fun of me, aren’t you? I’ll remember this.

“Oh, it seems the accounting department of the imperial military already contacted the Mercenary Guild.”

“Oooh! That’s some great timing, ain’t it? What did they say?”

“Um…… Your efforts in the previous battle greatly contributed to our victory against the enemy forces and saved the lives of countless soldiers. In recognition of your achievements, we grant you a prize of 3,000,000 Enels and the Silver Sword Wings Assault medal.”

“I have absolutely no idea about that Silver Sword Wings Assault medal or whatever, but 3 million Enels ain’t bad at all.”

I’m not sure if it’s a fair amount, but it’s quite a lot regardless. In Japanese Yen, it would be about 300 million. If it was on Earth, it would be enough to last me a lifetime.

“But compared to that 3 mil, the Silver Sword Wings Assault medal’s a lot more surprising, ain’t it?”

“I’m not familiar with it after all… Is it that amazing? It sure sounds fancy though.”

I was more interested in the design. Will it look like a sword with a wing-shaped sword guard? Or maybe a fighter unit with sword-shaped wings.

“It’s the same as what Mimi-sama read aloud earlier. It is a medal awarded to those who greatly contributed to a battle or battles involving the imperial military and saved the lives of many soldiers. According to the records in the database, it has been 12 years and 7 months since such a medal has been awarded to a mercenary in the Graccan empire. Only a total of 17 mercenaries have received such an award in the entire history of the empire, including you, Master.”

“I see…… Hm? Then what about the battle at Termaine system…? Uh, no, I guess that one doesn’t count huh.”

I did raise similar achievements when we were in the Termaine system, but I did so by using a Singing Crystal, which was considered an illegal item. They couldn’t possibly recognize me for that because using a Singing Crystal in order to win a battle can be considered as unethical employment of a weapon of mass destruction and violates certain rules of war.

“So, does it have any special benefits attached to it?”

“Within the Graccan empire, the recipient of such a medal will be treated the same as a nobleman with the title of Knight.”

“You look like you’ve swallowed something disgusting, but it’s fine y’know. It’s not like you’ve really become a noble anyway. He’ll also receive a yearly pension, right?”

“Yes. Master will be receiving a 150,000 Enel pension per year.”

“That’s… Ain’t that too stingy?”

You can’t even upgrade a Zabuton ship with that kind of money. How awkward.

“No, it isn’t.”

“It’s just that your sense of value for money is really out there, boss. You’ll be able to live it large without working for the rest of your life if you get 150,000 yearly y’know.”

Whisker and Tina shot me down immediately. I see…… That’s how it is, huh. These mechanic sisters have the common sense of normal citizens living in this world after all. Yeah. Come to think of it, a yearly pension of 15,000,000 Yen does sound quite a lot.

“I won’t get dragged into anything troublesome if I accept it, right?”

“Yes, I believe it’s okay, Master.”

“Okay then. Go ahead and tell them we gladly accept, Mimi.”


Mimi fiddled with her tablet terminal nervously and started composing a reply. The rewards seemed excellent for the most part. That just leaves the new request. Judging from this, I think we can expect it to be worthwhile as well.


  1. A medal actually would be viewed more favorably by nobles than a simple elevation in rank. It’s proof of competency, rather than a commoner lucking his way into a rank up.

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    • Considering how advanced they are in the space age, its perfectly understandable why living on planets are expensive.
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