330 – Aptitude

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

Let’s see. We had such a relaxed and elegant morning, but what was our actual situation right now, you ask? Well, we were still staying within the home of the empire’s premier shipyards, the Windas system.

However, the overhaul and upgrading of the Black Lotus has already been completed, so we checked out from the hotel and returned to living inside the Lotus. The dwarven sisters, Tina and Whisker, have also completed the required procedures and formally resigned from Space Dwerg. They officially became members of our mechanic squad. Well, there were just the two of them, so I wasn’t quite sure if they qualified as a squad though. Elma’s Antlion had rolled out from the production line and promptly delivered to us.

“Elma-san is going to pilot the Antlion?”

“Yeah. It seems she really wants to pilot her own ship.”

After spending time with Mei, I returned to the break space of the Black Lotus and found Mimi and Kugi sitting side by side while checking out their tablet terminals. A short while ago, Kugi was a complete amateur when it comes to operating a portable data terminal, but she showed great adaptability and was now capable of operating portable data terminals and tablet terminals without a hitch.

“Are you doing alright with the operator training, Kugi?”

“Yes, My Lord. It’s quite difficult though. However, I plan to train well and gradually accumulate experience.”

“Mm. Don’t overdo it–”

I suddenly had an idea. It was necessary for her to study being an operator, so I’ll have her continue that. But how about I also test her suitability as a pilot and sub-pilot as well.

“Studying is important, but why don’t we go out for a bit first?”

“Go out?”

Mimi tilted her head. It was quite a sudden suggestion, so it was natural for her to have some doubts. Kugi just quietly looked at my face with a calm expression. In any case, she’d probably agree with whatever I suggest anyway.

“We’ll head to the Mercenary Guild. Let’s go there so you guys can experience the starship simulator.”

“This place seems to have a bit of a frantic atmosphere.”

“Hm? Maybe it’s related to the matter of heading to the Edge World.”

“I wonder. Will other mercenaries apart from us be taking up the escort mission too?”

“There’s a good chance some will. After all, it’s the Edge World. The military would want as much strength as possible.”

The Edge World. It was the outer edge of the empire’s borders and was a term that literally refers to the most remote areas recently incorporated under the empire’s rule.

That place was home to pirates, the mercenaries who hunt them down, criminal elements very similar to pirates who went underground there, so-called『adventurers』who come there with the hopes of uncovering ruins and artifacts of alien civilizations by exploring unknown planets and hitting it big in one shot, as well as scammers who’d sell off even the most worthless junk they could find by branding them as genuine artifacts. Depending on luck, one might even encounter space monsters or agents from hostile nations doing shady stuff. It was a chaotic theme park filled with those sorts of attractions.

Due to the emperor, or perhaps the military higher-ups, worrying about the state of the Edge World, Col. Serena was assigned to take a look at it, and mercenaries like us were requested to accompany her. Since it was such a place, you’d like as much strength you can muster in order to take it on. So, it’s no wonder that the Mercenary Guild that didn’t have enough staff as a result of the convening of mercenary forces through the efforts of Col. Serena, seemed so bustling…… Well, that was just what I inwardly speculated as we headed for the receptionist.

“Welcome. Are you here to accept a request? You are, aren’t you? Say no more. Please leave it to us. We will prepare the best request suitable for you. Now then, please show me your ID.”

I took out my data terminal and handed it to the receptionist who talked nonstop like a machinegun. Was appearance actually included in the employment requirements of the Mercenary Guild? All the receptionists we’ve met so far were all beautiful.

“Here’s my ID, but I just came here to borrow the simulator. By the way, I’ve already accepted a designated request, so I can’t accept any more requests for now.”


T-This lady just clicked her tongue without even hiding it……! She sure has a nice personality. I like her. I’m not gonna lay my hand on her though.

“You’re very rude.”

“Now, now.”

Kugi squinted and displayed her displeasure. I see. So people being rude to me was an ‘out’ for her huh. Mimi smiling bitterly while trying to pacify Kugi was kinda a fresh sight. Kugi seemed older than her, but Mimi, who had worked as a mercenary ship operator for a good while now, may have a more flexible mentality. Un, she’s really grown a lot, hasn’t she?

“You’ve been approved to use the simulator room. Please.”

The lady pointed to the simulator room as if shooing us away. She seemed to have completely lost interest in us. She seemed to be a pretty gutsy receptionist too because she didn’t even flinch when she saw my mercenary rank. Maybe she even had the potential to become a pretty good mercenary herself.


“Oh, it’s nothing. Shall we?”

I pulled the hand of the still fuming Kugi and headed to the simulator room with her and Mimi. For now, let’s retest Mimi’s pilot aptitude and confirm Kugi’s aptitude as well.

Mimi had already tried a simulator out before…… but I can’t exactly say her results were good, even as flattery.


And the result was the same today as well. The virtual Zabuton Mimi was piloting lost control and haphazardly shot its laser cannons while spinning irregularly. Mm. She was fine when piloting the ship normally, but as soon as she tries to perform combat maneuvers, it turns out like this.

Kugi’s maneuvering was quite stable. Since it was her first time trying out the simulator today, her operations were naturally a bit awkward, but reaching such a level of control during her first time piloting was already quite an achievement. Even though it hasn’t even been an hour since she first touched the simulator, she controlled the ship without any excess or lacking movements and destroyed the stationary targets with her ship’s laser cannons. She also did well against moving targets too. Judging from her results, she might be able to become quite a decent pilot with some training.

Hmm. Perhaps it’s better to have Mimi stop her sub-pilot training and have her focus solely on being a ship operator while training Kugi to be a sub-pilot instead. Of course, Mimi might still be able to become a decent pilot with more training, but performing that bad can also be said to be a talent in a sense. ……Nah, probably not. I guess I just have to accept reality.

“Okay, Mimi. Let go of the flight stick for a bit and leave stopping the ship to flight assist mode. You can go ahead and proceed to the next step Kugi.”

While coaching the two during simulator training, I was inwardly mulling over how to break the news to Mimi. Mimi seems to have been looking forward to her transition as a sub-pilot after all. Well, since it’s obvious that she didn’t have talent in that direction, that would be a no-go. Even if she was just a newcomer, it looks like we’d have to rely on Kugi instead. Telling that to Mimi straight certainly wouldn’t be good. She might even get angry. Well, it was Mimi, so she probably would follow my arrangements, but her relationship with Kugi might get awkward again.

Mm. Maybe it’s better to consult Elma about a matter like this. Yeah, let’s do that.


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  3. [have to admit reality] -> {have to admit defeat}/{have to accept reality} ~ me thinks

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