Chapter 7 – Becoming Stronger at the Dragon Village! Part 1


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「ーYou should have come the day before yesterday.」

A shortcut hair hanging on the shoulder.

A girl with light blue hair and wearing a white robe said that before anything else.

「As I said I have to meet the Dragon King.」

The place where I am right now is the Great Dragon Library.

The girl with the light blue hair is sitting at a receptionist desk and she is supposed to be a clerk.

By the way, she seems to be about 12 years old, which is about the same age as I am…… she seems very young for a librarian.

The Dragon Village.

An unexplored region deep in the forest area at the center of the continent.

This place existed in the Kirla Plateau through the steep mountain range.

With a number of stone buildings lined up on the open mountain surface, this place has a similar image to Machu Picchu, the archeological site of the high-altitude city of the ancient Inca Empire on Earth.

Because it was called the Dragon Village, I imagined it to have a large size similar to that of a dragon, but it was different in reality.

In the village, all the dragons are human-sized by the law of humanization.

The reason for that is when it was necessary to construct a building, it would be more economical, that’s the blunt explanation.

By the way, this large library may look like it has no limit to it, but it’s just really really big.

Though…… I don’t really have an idea on how deep and wide the left and right sides are.

The bookshelf and passage are intricate like a maze, and the structure is completely incomprehensible from the inside.

When it comes to that, there is no other choice than estimating its size from the appearance alone.

However, this facility is part of the Dragon King’s Castle, and I’m not really sure where the castle starts and the library ends.

In conclusion, I can only say ambiguous expressions such as the library is really really spacious.

「It’s Dragon King-sama…… use honorific…… you fool!」

The one who said that is a bearded middle-aged man with a scary face.

Unlike an ordinary human, his limbs’ fingertips are covered with red scales…… Well, this is the man who brought me here.

「Ahh, you’re right…… Dragon King-sama…… right.」

When I rephrased my words, he nodded satisfactorily.

「Then I want you to give me your status plate as soon as possible. I have other things to do.」

「As I said I want to meet Dragon King-sama, isn’t this the reception?」

The librarian nodded.

「…… This place is also the Great Library, and the very first window to do matters in the royal palace…… And Dragon King-sama who is the ruler of the Naga God Tribe is busy. Only the selected few can meet him. 」

「You are also a hard to understand person huh……. I guess you are telling me to do something about that somehow. I don’t really have the time, you know.」

「……not you.」


「…… I am Lilith. I have the name that my parents gave me.」

Said Lilith, frowning her eyebrows in displeasure.

「Ahh, I’m sorry……」

I was also a little forceful. Let’s reflect on this.

That being said, if I didn’t meet the Dragon King, I wouldn’t be able to get the Dragon’s Divine Protection. And that means…… I can’t level up in a while.

I may have hunted goblins so grandly at that time, but my level is still level 1.

Well, it’s because I myself refused the experience points……


Lilith extended her palm to me.

I also presented my status plate obediently.

While nodding, she took out a crystal ball from under her desk.

「……Start the Resident Registration. Eligibility to stay in the Dragon Village…… Naga God Tribe…… Red Dragon’s guarantee……」

A guarantee is required to live in the Dragon Village.

Basically, the race called dragons hated humans…… or rather, they tended to downplay the existence of powerless people.

They admit that they are a proud and noble species, and for them, the weak who crawl on the ground are a subject of ridicule and the dragons tend to avoid being involved with humans as much as possible.

However, the dragon race do not like indiscriminate killings and violence, and their temperament is much closer to the word isolation.

For that reason, the dragon race’s way of life…… is either living alone in an unexplored region, or a flock of strong ones forming a village like this one.

Naturally, this land is not a land where humans are allowed to live.

There are exceptions however.

If a dragon were to “ Recognize someone to be sufficient to have their identity guaranteed” like what happened to me, that person is allowed to stay as a special case, with the credibility of that dragon’s own power as collateral.

So, I can stay here because of Red dragon, the nice middle-aged uncle…… Well, that’s the reason for that.

「By the way, can I by any means meet Dragon King-sama?」

「Stop being obstinate. The Naga God Tribe is a proud race. It’s a miracle that humans, including myself, are allowed to live in this village.」

「Is Lilith also a human?」

When I look closely, I can’t actually see any scales on the tip of her hands.


「Then, I’ll ask it the other way around, in what way can I meet Dragon King-sama?」

Lilith sighed lightly, as if it was bothersome to explain.

「Why do you think I am taking your status plate, do you think it’s just for your registration?」

「What do you mean by that?」

「The Naga God Tribe are a truly proud race. No matter if your identity is guaranteed or not…… you are naturally restricted.」


「……I’ll be measuring the extent of that restriction. And have you wear a bracelet as you stay here.」

Lily points at the white bracelet on her wrist.

「What’s with that bracelet?」

「…… According to the measurement, the bracelet will be provided according to rank.」

Lilith points on the gold lines running on her bracelet.

「These gold lines represent your rank from one to five. If you have five lines, you will be given rights equal to a dragon, even though you are a human.」

By the way, Lilith has three gold lines.

「The weaker you are, the larger the restrictions. If you only have one gold line, it’s considered rude to even talk to the dragons…… you won’t be able to complain if you are killed by that alone. There will be also other restrictions from entering some buildings, and is some cases, even restrictions for going out.」

「…… I see.」

「……Not being able to meet Dragon King-sama is one of the restrictions. And the rank of the dragons you can meet changes depending on your power…… that’s how it is.」

Fumu, I put my hand on my chin.

I see, it’s a class-based society formed completely by strength.

Highly proud, and solitary…… Well, I did hear they are a race with a warped way of thinking……

「So, how much status is necessary to be able to meet Dragon King-sama?」

「…… The conditions are severe. Five gold lines…… The condition that your HP or MP needs to exceed ten thousand. It is at a level where humans would be called an A rank Adventurer…….It’s very difficult.」

I see, I nodded.

「Should have told me that first.」

Lilith tilted her necks questioningly, before turning her eyes to my status plate for the first time. 

And her eyes opened wide.

「……How distorted…… no… but…this is……」

She shook her head from side to side as if she couldn’t believe it, and she began quivering on the spot.

Then, she manipulates the crystal ball while thinking about something.

「…… I made a reservation for an audience with Dragon King-sama. Two hours from now on…… that’s the period of time where it’s good to go.」


Red Dragon-otchan was the one who got surprised.

「Librarian? What are you talking about? A reservation for an audience with Dragon King-sama……」

Lilith shook her head from side to side again before presenting my status plate to Red Dragon-otchan.

Then he made a very astonished expression.

「……Unbelievable…… You, just what……」


On the contrary, I was the one who should be surprised.

「No, you shouldn’t have gotten surprised, right? You read my heart and memory didn’t you?」

Otchan shrugged and said.

「I……only read your heart and memory that I have permission to. I got a general idea of what’s going on, so I brought you here…… Just what’s going on in your third life…… I don’t know how the you right now are able to get that kind of status.」

「What do you mean?」

「……There is a magic barrier on your heart, so I thought something was strange.」

「Magic Barrier?」

Haa…… With a frightened expression on his face, Otchan said.

「Your magic power exceeds two thousand…… I honestly can’t believe it, even Dragon King-sama will have difficulties to read your memory.」


I noticed it somehow or another before, but as I thought I did grow too much.

「In other words, hallucination, confusion, charm, petrification…… it would be very difficult to effectively perform mental magic on you.」

That will be helpful.

I was thinking of acquiring various skills to deal with abnormal conditions, but it seems like I am saved from the trouble.

「…… Audience with Dragon King-sama……huh……a human……audience…… since when something this rare happened……」

Seems like Otchan has a lot of things to think about.

Well, it’s a good thing for me…… and I chuckled.

It seems that even in the Dragon Village…… I can also strengthen myself at the fastest pace.

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