I’m sick

Weslykan here.

Exactly as the title says I’m quite sick.

I think it might be a rebound after all the pressure and stress fell away after all the work I needed to do.

Please forgive me for a bit longer.

I’m coming back to House Magic and CMS.


  1. Don’t worry about us readers and get better soon, hate for you to get worse due to stress

  2. Sleep a lot, drink a lot (no alcohol), eat a few times a day. Should get you back on your feet soon enough.
    Anyway: get well soon.

  3. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Hope u get healthy soon…

  4. We love you
    Sending virtual hug

  5. Don’t worry about us, worry more about yourself. Get better soon and have sometime for yourself and relax.

  6. Get well Soon

  7. Take care good man.

  8. Please get better soon

  9. It’s never fun to be sick for the holidays. Hope you feel better in time for whichever winter celebration you partake.

  10. You still alive?

    I hope you’re doing better, we’re missing you over here.

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