Immoral Sisters Chapter 1 Part 9

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



His room was nothing like any other room that Tomoko knew. The room that accommodated Taketo seemed strange to Tomoko, who imagined that it would be way more gorgeous and not nearly as dull.


「For the time being, just sit there and take off your clothes.」


What Taketo showed her was a bed that was still in a state of disarray. Tomoko, unable to comprehend Taketo’s intentions, turned her groaning gaze towards it. But it seemed so cold and repulsive that she soon returned her gaze towards Taketo.




For the time being, Tomoko sat down on the bed as she was told. She took off her socks and took off her scarf next. But she could not move much more than that.


Taketo could sense Tomoko’s feelings, her fear and reluctance. Taketo suddenly took out the envelope from earlier and scattered the photos inside it on the floor. Those were the pictures of the scene where Yukie was being raped. Of course, there was no part of the photo that could identify him, such as Taketo’s face, so he was completely safe from any possible charges.




Tomoko stiffened as she looked down at the scattered photos of her mother.


「…… Mother……」


Sensing that she would soon be treated in the same way, she recalled her original purpose: to prevent the photos from being distributed around the school.


Tomoko tries to hold back herself from crying and puts her hand up to take off her jacket. Taketo stared at her, and his gaze was really painful for her. But even if she asked him to turn her back, he would most probably not comply with her request.


「What’s wrong? Hurry it up.」




Tomoko held her breath and took off her jacket at once. The rustle of her clothes was heard, and Tomoko revealed her blistered white skin. Along with her breasts, still puffy in the middle, and the pale pink bra that hid them underneath.




Taketo did not say anything. Her embarrassment started to well up, and Tomoko dyed her ears red.


With the person she longed for right before her eyes, she undressed herself fully. She felt that her act was very immoral, and she was even hotter than before as a result.


For example, could any other man have done this? With that in mind, Tomoko unhooked her pleated skirt and took it off as well. What lies underneath were the panties that she had bought to match her pink bra. She noticed that the modest lace had broken a little bit.


For the first time, Taketo, who had rested his back against the wall and did not move, took a step forward and threw off his school uniform, which made him stand almost completely naked right in front of Tomoko’s eyes.


「Ah, umm……」


She could not even look straight at Taketo’s face anymore. Looking at Tomoko, who was looking down and clasping her hands in front of her body, Taketo laughed with amusement.


「Take off your underwear, too. Or do you want me to tear it right off of you?」


「N-No way……」


Hearing that, tears welled up in Tomoko’s eyes.


「If you say you can’t take it off by yourself, you can make me take it off for you. What do you want to do?」


Taketo made it look as if Tomoko had a choice here, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth. But still, Taketo was someone that Tomoko deeply admired. Imagining him like that, Tomoko shook her head, and she hesitantly put her hand on the hook of her bra. But she couldn’t go any further than that.


「…… Do you still need some sort of incentive to proceed?」


「Ah…… No, I can do it myself……」


Having said that much, Tomoko could not hold back her tears. She could feel the drops growing at the corners of her eyes. Still, Tomoko’s hand moved obediently and unhooked her bra. The momentum supported by her cup caused her breasts to shake just a little bit. She then slowly pulled down her panties, mindful of Taketo’s gaze at all times.




Tomoko curled up on the bed in an attempt to somehow hide herself, wearing completely nothing, from Taketo’s gaze, who stared at her rudely.


Walking up to Tomoko, who was trembling like a small animal, Taketo pushed her down onto the bed, pulled her legs and hands apart, and opened her body wide apart.


「Ahh……! N-No……!!」


Staring down at her own naked body that she could not hide from him, Tomoko turned her face away with her teary eyes in embarrassment and twisted her body.


「Please don’t look at me so much……」


Tomoko pleaded with her eyes closed, and Taketo reached out towards her with his hand. He grabbed her upturned chest and violently kneaded it. In response to that, Tomoko’s small breasts and nipples went completely stiff.


「N-No, it hurts……」


Even though Tomoko’s face was distorted in pain, there was no hesitation in her as well. While Taketo grabbed her breasts and violently manipulated her soft and silky skin, it shifted and changed its shape, not staying the same for longer than a moment.


「P-Please…… Be a little bit more gentle…… Aaahhh!!!」


「Shut up for a minute, why don’t you? Before long, you will feel better even if you don’t like it at first.」


Rejecting Tomoko’s request, Taketo toyed with her small breasts with even greater force than before.


「Ouch…… I knew it, it hurts…… Nhaah!」


Tomoko tried to endure it with her brows furrowed. She wanted to feel good from Taketo’s brutal caress, so she was willing to try and endure it.


However, as Taketo kneaded her breasts with the palms of his hands over and over again, Tomoko’s skin became increasingly hotter, and a sensation different from the pain spread from her breasts to her entire body.


「Ah…… Aaahh!!」


And finally, a sweet sigh spills out of Tomoko’s mouth. Taketo, who was lovingly petting her breasts, noticed that Tomoko’s body was beginning to turn a lustrous color.


「See? How are you feeling now? Are you feeling good……?」


「I…… I don’t really know…… But somehow, my body is getting hotter and hotter……!!」


When Taketo looked up at her and pinched her protruding nipples with his fingers, Tomoko let out a sad cry.


「You are starting to feel good about me playing with your boobs, huh? See? The proof is right here, staring directly in your face.」


After saying that, Taketo bent down and sucked at Tomoko’s breasts. As he rolls his tongue all over her hard, pointed nipples and over its tips, Tomoko could feel a sudden electric shock spreading about her entire body.


「What do you think? Even though your nipples are so erect, are you still insisting that it doesn’t feel good for you?」


While making a noise that even Tomoko could hear, Taketo sucked on her nipples hard. Tomoko, who had seen Taketo playing with her own breasts, could not help it but to avert her eyes at the lewd sight in front of her eyes.


「Nkuuh…… Stop it, Taketo-san. It’s embarrassing……」


No matter how sweetly Tomoko begged him to stop, it was only something that would serve to fire up the sadistic streak inside of Taketo’s heart. While drenching her breasts with his saliva, Taketo pushed Tomoko’s knees up and squeezed her body between them.


「Kyah…… What are you doing?」


「…… Something that is going to feel really good.」


It was just one sentence, but for some reason it made Tomoko feel unbearably uneasy. A good thing, surely it would be something that would feel good for Taketo, and only him. But as for Tomoko……


「Please, stop it……」


Tomoko spoke out loud as if to shake off her bad imagination. Taketo raised his face once at those words, but he just smiled and immediately returned to the continuation of his act.


Taketo’s hand forced his way through Tomoko’s bush and touched the depths that lay there. Tomoko’s body jumped with tension when Taketo touched her directly. However, the folds that Taketo touched were soft enough even when he was slightly tense.


「Aggghh!? T-That’s……」


Taketo’s fingertips were clinging to her warm, sticky liquid. Taketo rubbed his wet fingertips together as if to ascertain that what he encountered was actually what he thought it was.


「I did not know you could get this wet just by messing with your boobs. You are one hell of a lewd woman, Tomoko.」


「N-Nooo!! I’m nothing like that! Don’t say things like that……!!」


Being called a lewd woman by someone like Taketo, someone she cared about, which made her really sad. However, contrary to Tomoko’s feelings, The continued to continue to play with her pussy with his fingers. With just that, Tomoko’s body responded really sensitively.




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