Important Announcement: Nefarian’s Journey

Hello everyone, it’s me Nefarian~ There is a couple of things I want to talk about and share with you today. This announcement will cover a myriad of important topics so be sure to have a read for some information.

My Translating Circumstances

As some of you might have realized, I haven’t been outputting as many chapters as I have for the past 3 weeks (I have been releasing chapters just not as much). The reason for this is because I burnt myself out trying to do too many things simultaneously, namely: to output seven to ten chapters a week four of which were chapters of Himekishi Ga Classmate (due to popular demand) and I also had to focus improving site interfaces and fixing site errors, the simple one being modifying colors or fonts, the more complex ones pertain to fixing database errors and or adding a light and dark reading mode to the site, with the latter problem I had the luck of obtaining some coding help from Benny (shout out to him!).

Other than this I also had to search for more translators, editors and then proceed to test them individually and beyond that I also had to teach them some things to make sure everything was going to be in the correct format. Doing all of these things combined was extremely time consuming and I really couldn’t just focus on what I wanted to do, which is reading novels and translating them for you guys.

To put things in perspective on a translators (Nefarian’s) work schedule: it takes a good 5-6 hours to translate 4600 English words (around 8000-9000 Japanese characters) of a Himekishi Ga Classmate Chapter and then around about another 1 hour to edit my own work. I then spent another 3-4 hours improving the site, and finding more translators/editors.

Road to Kingdom and Man Eating Dungeon.

I haven’t been in contact with FF (Translator for Road to Kingdom) as of late and I know he told me that he was going to be on a trip somewhere and needing to travel a lot in the next few months, so he can’t spare much time. This means that releases for this series won’t be as fast as I expected it to be on a collaboration project (I’m thinking of doing another translation of RTK in a couple of days).

In terms of Man Eating Dungeon, Natsu has gone MIA and I am not entirely sure about Manga0205, I think all translators just get lazy from time to time as we are pretty much working for free, albeit the rare and delicious donations >.<.

In any case I am definitely looking for high quality translators who want to help in these two projects specifically, but honestly, any translating help is appreciated (I don’t really need as much editing help as there isn’t enough translations to warrant editors just yet).


I created my Patreon page about 2 months ago now, and just a couple of days ago something surprising happened whilst I was being inactive, WarStalkeR actually pledged $80 per month for the “Overlord Reward”, which allows him to choose any novel I’m currently translating and make me do one more chapter of it each week. He chose Himekishi and wanted me to do at least 2 chapters a week considering that I was doing 4 Himekishi chapters a week for free before going into inactivity I feel guilty but I agreed to not let him down with at least 2 chapters (1 Regular chap per week and 1 sponsored chap by WarStalkeR). The $80 pledge is pending next month, and normally it is customary to start delivering after I’ve received the $80, but I thought I’d accept the challenge to restart a more active translations schedule starting from now.

I changed some things in Patreon and added milestone goals, instead of just saying that I will guarantee at least seven chapters each week on Patreon without reaching any particular milestone, I decided to create more realistic goals which would motivate me. Right now my first milestone goal is at $500 a month, if this goal is reached I will guarantee seven chapters a week is released on the site (Still even if I don’t reach this milestone I intend to continue translating, I just won’t guarantee seven chapters). Btw for those who are curious, I’m currently at $187 per month~

I also added Road to Kingdom and Man Eating Dungeon on the Patreon page and because these are very recent novels, I am not going to make any huge promises on them as of yet, as I am still trying to figure out where they stand.

I want to start creating a backlog of chapters ASAP, which will relieve a lot of the pressure in case I can’t translate that day, at the same time, I will be able to reward my Patreons with exclusive chapters making them potentially weeks ahead (I should have done this earlier tbh my bad…).

I’m very grateful to all those who stuck with supporting me this month on Patreon and I will make sure you guys get some form of reward starting from now~

Himekishi Ga Classmate (Important)

As I have been saying above, I went on a Himekishi translating spree last month and I did about 4-6 Himekishi Chapters a week. The results of this is that I am about to catch up to where the author EKZ is currently at and I need around eleven (11) more chapters before it’s all caught up.

For those that don’t know EKZ has been on hiatus for quite a while now on the web novel scene for around 6 months.  I have purchased all four volumes of the light novel myself in order to support the Author (The web novel actually exceeds the fourth light novel, but in this way I am able to support the author whilst providing you guys with the beautiful illustrations) I am planning to continue all the extra side chapters and juicy side scenes of the novel so please rest assured.

With this being said there is also some good news. The Manga is still being released by EKZ at Comic-Valkyrie and Chapter 12 has just been released on 09/05/2017 (9th May 2017), with this I can confidently say that EKZ has not abandoned the series but is focusing on other areas. So whilst I am sad that we will soon catch up to the web novel and exceed the light novel, I can also see a bright side in the fact that I will be able to concentrate on other novels like Road to Kingdom, Living Cheat, Re:Master magic etc while we wait for EKZ’s glorious return.

I wanted to be honest with you readers about the current circumstances and hopefully some of this has been informative to say the least.

I want to end with saying that I have so much gratitude and love to people who have supported me in the past and continue to do so, sometimes even the smallest of encouragements has motivated me to continue translating~




  1. Thanmks for your work and your work ethic!
    Just dont’ burn yourself out naah?

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

  3. Fight on man!
    Take your time and don’t forget, anything is better than nothing
    We all know how hard your trying so just take it at your own pace!

    P.S. Cheat FTW!!!!

  4. Road to Kingdom 4 life…seriously though, you guys r awesome. Thanks for TL’ing

  5. Thanks a lot for your hard work you’re awesome !!

  6. As much as I want to help you Nef, as I can handle the Editor Position, but sadly I can’t for some reasons,

    Thanks for the updates and for the hardwork, Fight on!

    Ps: Is the limited edition bookmark of Himekishi ga Classmate is still on the market? Nef?

  7. Omg thanks for the support guys, I didn’t think this many of you would read and comment on this measly post of mine T.T

  8. Thanks for always nefarian-sama! Just dont overwork urself and always take care of ur health

  9. Philippe Spalla

    Thank you for always sharing your work.

  10. Thanks for all you do bro!! We all appreciate you and your hard work! You’re one of the best translators and boss modders I know. To take care of you site, editors, and novels and not to give up like most. That’s great dedication! We all will support you in the best way we can!!

  11. Well, I appreciate the update.

    Anyway, I got scared for a second by the title of this post, thinking that you’re abandoning the project or moving to a new site or something. I’m happy I was wrong :D.

    I personally wouldn’t start releasing the extra chapter because of the 80$ pledge, mainly because I have seen instances where people start doing stuff early or announce it at least, and then they don’t receive the pledged money at the end of the month. I’m not saying that it’s going to happen to you, nor am I saying that it’s necessarily malicious, people trying to get stuff for free, it can happen for a number of reasons, but it is possible.

    Well, that’s just my 2 cents, keep up the good work.
    I wish you all the best!

    • Hey thanks for the advice, I will keep this in mind, but I want to assume the best in people. Besides I can also take this opportunity to motivate myself and become more active in translating~ Even in the case that people back out on the pledge, although I will feel disappointed and sad, at the very least, I know that I’ve done my best and I know that at least some of you readers will appreciate the extra effort I put in, so it’s not all a waste!

  12. Thanks for all the hard work!

  13. Thank you for keeping your community updated. I greatly appreciate your transparency and dedication.

  14. Thank you always for your great work.

  15. Is there any recommendation page or your not accepting any recomendation novel?

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