Chapter 104: Possibility of Being Targeted

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「So? Do you still want to hide, huh? 」
「Yes, yes. 」
Dinosso flumped to the ground and started on me, so I answered him.

I had been crouching while checking looking at the gaping hole, so I just adjusted my posture to sit cross-legged on the floor, facing him.

「Your actions are not in line with your words. 」
Butler remained standing as he chided me.

「Dear, I’m worried about the children so I’ll go back first. Just let me know how it goes later, okay. 」
Shiva placed her hand on Dinosso’s shoulder then she went out after smiling at me.

Yeah, it’s worrying to leave three children in a strange house to house sit for a long time.

「Jean, what are you hiding, and from whom, Jean? 」
Ash had that terrifying gaze as she looked at me.

She then sat cross-legged on the floor, copying Dinosso and me. Hey, no need to sneak glances at us while adjusting how you sit, you know. Ugh, just sit comfortably, will you!

「My abilities that might catch the attention of someone troublesome. 」
Hiding my existence from that peerless sis of mine.

My appearance is different, so I don’t think she’ll think of me if we happen to meet a bit by chance, and she is probably unaware that I’m here, in the first place. The deities did tell the details to that ball, but I already cut our ties right away back then.

I can’t trust that ball to break off the contract without putting up a fight. 【Cut Ties】should be effective as long as the deities’ power is stronger than the power of the three heroes — or was it four? — given to Ball. It’s four versus one, so I have to do my best.

「Hmm, so you’re saying you already think that it’s fine even if we discovered your abilities, huh. Thanks for the trust, but won’t the information leak easier the more people are in the know? 」
Ash’s face is getting scarier by the minute.

Are you happy or mad, or you can’t balance yourself on crossed legs — which is it?

「Rumors are easily forgotten. I have this great, convenient, forgettable body — they won’t remember me if we don’t talk to each other, much less just seeing me. 」
To be precise, it’s not about being unmemorable, but that people find it difficult to sustain interest and obsession on me, I guess. But then, documents are still valid, so I’m not sure.

「I get it now. So that’s why you just wordlessly knock them down when they pick a fight with you. 」
Er, that’s because talking is way more troublesome. I can’t correct Ash now since she seemed really convinced about it.

「No, just what kind of constitution is that, huh? 」
Dinosso stared at me dubiously.

「That must be the reason why there has been no mention of Jean-sama in the Commerce Guild. I found it quite strange that only Ash-sama and I are being talked about, even though we were just mere helpers in the production of the medicine. 」
Butler also understood.

「I do think it’s convenient, but then, that means Jean won’t get the prestige that you deserve, right? 」
「I don’t really care, it’s fine as long as I get the income according to the documents. 」
「But I feel uncomfortable that we’re the ones getting credit, instead. 」
It seemed like Ash corrected them every time they thanked her.

「Sorry for giving you trouble. 」
「Ah, no, that’s not what i mean…」

I don’t need anyone fawning over me, or getting special treatment from the bigwigs. Well, I’m pretty happy that the counter tellers have become more sincere.

「I’m pretty much aware that I’m still lacking in many ways, so I decided to avoid participating in group activities right from the start. 」
「Well, it’s obvious from the start that your physical abilities are strange, you know. Besides, the spirits don’t go near you, to the point that it’s a bit unnatural. 」

「So you can see them, Dinosso? 」
「Everyone here can, right? 」

Butler apparently told Ash that he can see too, so I guess it’s fine being open about it? And Madam seems like she can see them, too. How about En? If he can, then he has been keeping a straight face while using that squirrel as storage huh…

「Aren’t there too many people who can see around me? 」
「Wait, that’s what caught your attention? Ugh, it’s not about the ability to see or not, Daddy here wants to know why the Shadow Wolf is here… 」
I had a feeling that Butler was laughing at the crestfallen Dinosso.
「Seems like there’s a lot of fugitives with special circumstances here in Canum, huh… Uh, I didn’t run away, though. 」

「I have a feeling that you’re the most dangerous one. 」Dinosso said.
「Jean, aren’t you the one being targeted the most? 」Ash.
「I believe you should be the most careful, Jean-sama. 」Butler.

The trio commented at the same time.

「Well, I’m pretty sure he can get right away, though. If you have a contractual spirit, or even a spirit you’re fond of, make sure you have at least one stick with you, alright? I already said this before, but it’s weird that you don’t have any sticking at you with your abilities. 」
Dinosso was apparently aware about my peculiar teleportation ability, so it seemed he wasn’t worried about me regarding that.

「There are many among the adventurers who can ‘see’. 」
Just as Butler said, spirits seem to favor how free the adventurers were, so many of them acquired the ability to see under the influence of the spirits hanging around them.

There are also many who chose to become adventurers because they can already see, or were possessed, even before they become one.

On the other hand, there are also adventurers who lose their “sight” after settling down. Spirits that tend to lend their power to humans were mostly capricious wind spirits, fire spirits that symbolize power and destruction and favored human’s ambitions, light spirits who loved situations where people overcome their tribulations and have the desire to improve. They would leave once the people settled down in one place, apparently.

「Hmmm. I don’t want him influencing me in a weird way, and I don’t really like taking him with me to messed-up places. He is cute, so I don’t want him getting kidnapped by people, and I don’t want him getting involved with strange spirits, too. 」
If I need a spirit to stay with me then Riche would be the best choice, but I’m worried about a lot of things.

「Just how much of a weakling is that spirit, huh? 」
「Az doesn’t have any problems living with me… 」
「Jean-sama, normal people can’t even touch spirits… 」

Let’s just ask Riche what he thinks about it later. I probably won’t get an answer, but he might manifest his intent for all we know.


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