Chapter 107: Valmour

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「Then, it’ll be bad to take Riche along, huh. ] 「Indeed, you will stand out all the more. 」
Butler remarked with a smile.

「Riche doesn’t seem to like crowded places too, so I guess it can’t be helped. 」
Riche approached my feet, so I took his cheeks and rubbed them vigorously.

「You… 」
Dinosso looked like he had a headache oncoming.

「How nice~ I wanna rub him too~ 」
Dean is definitely a dog lover, and he seemed really envious.

「Dean, maybe it’s better for you to do something about that trait of yours, huh? You seem to stop thinking when it comes to things you like… 」
Retze looked like he was tired of something. Dean is probably the reason.

「Is it alright for me to be here? 」
What a rare sight, Chris was fidgeting while he anxiously asked that.

「I’m the one who called you here. 」
I looked up at Chris from below him.

Uh, it couldn’t be helped that this angle drew my eye to his chin.

「Thank you. I, Chris, will be worthy of your trust! 」
I already know that Chris is a nice guy, but those gestures of his that make me think of sparkles and flowers blooming behind him sparks unease in me.

「Still, just what kind of spirit would be good, huh? 」
If it’s based on size, then Riche is quite small, too.

「…Maybe it’s better for me to return Az? 」
「Nah, I’m more at ease if he’s with you. 」
He would perch on my shoulders from time to time, but his favorite spot seems to be on top of Ash’s head. The contrast between him and Ash’s scary face had been quite odd at first, but I came to see it as adorable recently.

「I’ve heard that fire spirits are common among adventurers. Can you introduce us? 」
Retze said in his usual tone.

I see, so I can make Dean’s spirit as the model, huh. But then, it’s hard to determine just by size… How about by presence impact or something else? Just how do you categorize that?

「Ah, sorry. This old guy here is Dinosso, this is Retze. 」
「Stop calling me old guy! 」
Dinosso grumbled while shaking hands with Retze.

「Nice to meet yah…Wait. 」
Retze’s hand was still in the air even after the handshake was over.

「…Please forgive me if I made a mistake. …Valmour? ] 「Yeah. 」
Dinosso answered nonchalantly.

「Ehhh!!! 」
「Wait a moment, are you referring to the Wolf King Valmour who went missing in the Labyrinth? 」
Dean and Chris let out something close to a shriek as they approached us.

It was quite dark with just a single candlestick, so they probably couldn’t confirm it without getting closer.

「I’m going back to being an adventurer starting tomorrow, so I’ll be in your care. 」
「M-me, too, a handshake… 」
Dean wiped his hand on his trousers then extended it. It’s a pain in the neck introducing you, so do it yourself.

「I’m Dean, my name is Dean. 」
「Chris Eades, it is such an honor to meet a legend! 」
Not sure if they read my mind, but they introduced themselves while shaking hands.

「Dean, your way of talking is weird. 」
「Shuddap, you’re Valmour, that Valmour!! 」
Not that I know who that is.

「He is a legend. He’s so famous that only those who grew up in severely prejudiced families don’t know him. Those who know how he looks are limited to those his own age or older, though. 」
Retze explained.

Well, he’s just plain ol’ Dinosso for me, a nice dad and guy who is weak against his wife and children. Well, that dragon spirit is really cool, though.

Alright, let’s go look for a dragon spirit. They are probably up in the north where dragons fly around. Maybe….

「At any rate, don’t take that spirit to town if you don’t want to stand out. 」
「Ye~s. 」I drawled in reply.

Dinosso wiltingly waved his hand as he languidly left through the backdoor.

「So even the Wolf King Valmour would carry bread like that, huh. 」
Dean was mumbling about some weird impression he got.

「Let’s continue eating. Noth, the main dish is meat, want me to grill it for you? Or do you wanna do it yourself? 」
「Allow me. 」

We moved towards the dining table while Butler started roasting meat in the fireplace after using a poker to move the firewood.

「It feels like my brain’s breaking from info overload. 」
Retze sighed while drinking the wine they brought.

「I can see Valmour if I go to the guild tomorrow, huh~ 」
Dean continued on, and it was gross.

「Jean, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to touch spirits as if it’s a natural thing to do, but…No, it seems not only are strong spirits visible, they can also be touched, huh. At any rate, be careful. 」
Chris elegantly tilted his glass. He usually moves exaggeratedly, but his table manners are quite refined.

「Come to think of it, the guild will probably be in an uproar again. Well, someone at Valmour’s level usually goes to the Labyrinth, right? Is he here because of Jean? 」
「Nah, he said he wants to train his children. 」
I answered Retze’s question.

「Eh, Valmour has kids!? 」
「Dean, you’re acting like a head-over-heels maiden chasing someone and it’s gross. 」
「He’s just a bit older than us and yet he’s a legend, so can’t help it, okay? It’s only natural for men to admire him! 」
Retze and Chris weren’t like that, though.

「He has an adorable, pretty lassie and twin brothers. Will he train the twins? 」
「Nah, he said it’ll be the three of them. 」
Ash looked scary, and she seemed to be thinking of something.

「Is his wife the Ice Queen Shiva? 」
「Not sure if she’s the Ice Queen, but yeah, it’s Shiva. 」
So Shiva also had a nickname, huh.

They seemed to be referring to the spirit that possessed her, but then, perhaps she could also use ice magic. If so, maybe I can ask her to teach me how to use magic.

「Ugh! Strong and beautiful wife! How nice~ 」
「I agree with you. 」
A beauty who is great at cooking — yeah, Dinosso got it good.

「Is that your type…? 」
「Rather than type, his family is enviable, including Dinosso the hubby himself. 」
They might not be the typical peaceful peasant family I had in mind, but they have a great family, in my opinion. Not only his wife, but even the children’s relationship was enviable.

「If Valmour and Shiva are there, then I guess it’s fine, but I think it’s still best if we look out for the kids just in case, so that there won’t be anyone who would mess with them. 」
Retze remarked, and Dean and Chris exchanged glances and nods.

「Please. 」
I bowed my head to these trio who seemed destined to do good things in the future.

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