Chapter 109: Eclair

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Swords here are just like the ones in Japan in the sense that they don’t make clanging sounds — I refer to those that do as clang swords. They are made by pouring them into a mold. The sword molds are placed into a tube, then they put sand to fill the gaps between the tube and the mold before pouring the molten iron into the mold. Clang swords, on the other hand, are mostly done by the smithers that specialize in making horseshoes.

I learned both methods by helping out with the menial tasks. It’s a huge help that I had my 【Manufacturing Ability 】since I could memorize the process even just by sneaking glances. It also helps me understand why the process is necessary, and it also clarifies and corrects the vague knowledge I had from watching TV and reading books in my previous life.

It’s not like my cooking skill where I know something I absolutely didn’t have an inkling before, nor can I come up with the manufacturing process just by looking at the finished product, but still, it was a pretty awesome cheat as it is.

As for cooking, that skill is way beyond just being awesome enough to be illegal. The stuff from my previous world is my trump card, and anything written about the cuisine here is considered knowledge. I can also use 【Appraisal】 to check the finished products or even the raw ingredients to know how to cook them.

At any rate, I diligently studied all kinds of production aside from cooking. I’m stocking on knowledge, and I’m mainly getting it from the library. According to info found there, there is a tribe up north that was good at blacksmithing and making clang swords.

Not sure whether it’s because they didn’t have a written record of their skills, but the only thing I could find about them was some kind of order form for goods. It was another tribe who recorded that clang swords came from them.

Perhaps, they are just a mysterious kind of tribe, or maybe even dwarves? I plan to look for them later. I’m so glad I have the skills and time to solve mysteries, since they are a lot of fun.

The sword I made was a western-type one because Japanese-style swords would stand out too much around here. I’m not aiming to be like White Shroud*, but I wanted a clang sword, even as a Japanese. And so, the clang sword I made should be stronger than normal steel swords, thanks to the tenacity resulting from the manufacturing process and the addition of magic ore. Yup, if I didn’t fail, that is. I’m a bit worried because the color turned out a bit different from what I expected.

「Riche, move aside, it’ll be dangerous if I hit you. 」

I headed out of the blacksmith shed with the finished sword in hand. It’s a lot lighter than normal swords, and the blade end is tinged with the colors of dawn for some reason. It’s beautiful.
First slash, to the side —

Flames burst out from the sword, leaving a path.

Second slash, slash up from below, reverse, slash down. Flames left a trail while sparks flew in the air.

Whoa!! Cool!! I get it, I totally get it! I’m gonna be scolded for this one!!

I subconsciously glanced at Riche, who was sitting obediently in front of the smith shed. He tilted his head when our eyes met. Yup, so adorable.

No, wait a sec, what am I supposed to do with this? Ash gave that magic ore to me, and yet I turned it into a sword I can’t use…

Yokan— sweet azuki-bean jelly, a japanese confectionery — from Toraya is usually given as an apology gift in Japan, but what about this world? Ugh, no, I don’t have any idea.

Will wine and snacks be okay? I’m not really versed with wines, yet, so I just picked a wine said to be delicious in Japan and transferred it into a bottle.

As for the snack — pastry, chocolate eclairs sound good. Custard, fresh cream and strawberries might appeal to Ash’s tastes, I guess. I’ll make the chocolate dough slightly bittersweet, then spread those on top as usual.

And so, I started making eclairs.

I piped the slightly hardened kneaded dough, baked them and cut them into halves, then piped the custard made from more vanilla beans than usual on top, then garnished it with whipped cream. I gently placed three strawberries, then put the chocolate-smeared half as cover, and it’s done.

Alright, let’s go get scolded. Ah, no, Ash probably won’t get mad at me.

「Welcome, Jean-sama. 」
Butler opened the door for me soon enough when I knocked on their backdoor.

「Jean. 」
「Hello. 」
Ash poked her head out before I could reply to Butler.

Not sure if it’s because she’s a noble, but normally, she doesn’t go to the kitchen, apparently. Butler had a complicated expression at first, but he doesn’t do that nowadays. I could probably go through the main entrance, but I’m carrying ingredients most of the time, so, yeah.

「Here, wine and snacks. I came here today to apologize. 」
「I don’t think there’s anything you have to apologize for, Jean, but…what’s up? 」
Ash seemed perplexed.

「I made a blunder and turned that magic ore into a useless sword. You especially gave it to me and yet… Sorry. 」
I bowed my head and said it one go the moment my hands were free after handing the wine and eclairs to Butler.

「You don’t have to say sorry. I gave that magic ore to Jean, so you’re free to use it as you want. 」
Ash didn’t seem to mind it. She went through all that trouble to get that…I feel so guilty.

「Jean-sama also does smithing, it seems. How about melting it once again and remaking it? 」
Butler offered a solution with a smile.

「I see. I didn’t think about that. Can I still melt it down? 」
Both steel and magic ore melted down in the first place. Will it work?

「…Jean-sama. How about calling Valmour — Dinosso-sama and showing your failed sword to us first? 」
Ugh, I feel like Butler’s donning that smile as a mask!

*White Shroud from Tokyo Xanadu, a mysterious character who wears all white and belongs to a group that aims to seal the Other World —

Toraya no Yokan — Toraya is a well known brand for Japanese confectioneries, while yokan is sweet bean paste jelly.


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