Chapter 11: Butler and Lilith

Translator: Haruchin

A compromise, then. Anyway, I’d be getting clothes that were fashionable in this world — or so I thought. The measuring guy began recommending frilled ones. Scrap that ‘compromise’. Of course there’s no way I’d agree. I kept on reminding him that ‘Shirts, pants, coats, nightwear ー everything must be simple!’, before getting two sets each. Ah, I should order some underwear and winter coats, too.

It was pricey, but good thing I still got some ka-ching. Of course, men’s wear was cheap compared to the dresses of women in the royal palace, and I didn’t have any plans of buying ridiculous, rip-off weapons and armors. Plus, even if I became a collector of things that suit my fancy, I was still pretty much confident that it would be nowhere as expensive as Sis’s.

They would finish the clothes within a week, apparently. It would take time to order cloth and laces, and the embroidery was also time-consuming. Some people would also request dyeing, and that would extend the waiting time. There was no way I’d need all of that, though.

You know, only aristocrats were allowed to wear bright colors, and commoners either wore dull ones, or those who had pale hues. Well, that was an unspoken rule, but it was probably ‘coz it’d cost money to have something dyed vividly.

Adventurers were relatively famous and more significant than normal people, so it was all good even if some of them preferred wearing gaudy colors, apparently.

It was too much of a hassle so I chose white for shirts, charcoal gray for coats and pants. The design was something made with three kinds of embroidery, but it was like a suit, so I gave the green light for that. And hey, will you please stop telling me to get knee length pants and buttoned stockings already, for goodness sake!!

Usually, they would send the bill to the house when the order was finished, but since my house wasn’t in this city, it was decided that I’d return with the payment after 10 days.

「 Ojou-sama! 」

I sipped my second cup of black tea while they presented embroidery samples as we chatted, when an old guy suddenly came barging in.

「 Noth. 」

「 Ojou-sama, you’re safe! 」

Black suits, white hair, monocle, silver pocket watch ー was he a butler, or…maybe a butler?
This old man seemed like he’d be one of those ‘on the dot’ guys, and now he’s staring at Leon.
Ugh, it seemed like I had plenty of ridiculous stuff that I could point out again, but yeah. Anyway…

「 Ojou-sama? 」


「 Noth has been serving as a butler in my home ー no, the House of Adelheid since I was young. But what happened? Why are you here? 」

Leon honestly explained it to me, then he turned to the butler.

No, no, that’s not what I meant. That wasn’t the thing that’s bugging me right now.

「 I truly apologize, I am the one responsible for contacting them on my own discretion. 」

The shopkeeper bowed his head.

「 There’s nothing to apologize for, Thame. You made the right decision. Hey, you’re being pursued, you know? 」

A lady with flaming red hair entered, sauntering in as cool as a cucumber after being guided by a maid at the door. She then suddenly dropped a bomb on us. Oy, why on earth would a person being stalked still have the guts to leisurely tour people around the city!?

「 It’s true that I had been driven away from the house, but I do not recall having done anything to warrant becoming a wanted person. 」

「 I know. You’ve always been so pure-hearted. But your younger brother can’t rest while you’re still alive. That cunning guy not only unjustly expelled you, he also fabricated another crime that you allegedly did. 」

Hey, isn’t this some kind of family feud drama? So why was a guy like that sitting nonchalantly beside the well, huh! And care to explain what you mean by ‘Ojou-sama’, anybody!?

「 Stop dawdling and leave the city right now. I already arranged a plan. 」
「 There’s no reason for me to escape. 」
「 Ojou-sama, this is a strategic retreat. 」
「 Mm…. 」

Leon started to consider the smiling butler’s words.

Is this some kind of skit?

「 Jean-sama, we apologize for getting you involved. The clothes are on the house, so please do keep this a secret. 」

「 Don’t have anyone to talk to. 」

Thame softly whispered an apology, but I curtly retorted. Well, I was the one who got myself involved by calling out to Leon back at the well, so it wasn’t Thame’s fault. It’s just force majeure, or rather, I just went with the flow when he was recommended to me.

「 Argh, we don’t have much time. Obediently go ride the carriage! 」

Bam ー the lady dealt a blow on Leon’s abdomen.

「 Urk… 」

Leon folded in half, clutching his stomach. Eh? He seemed so strong, but he’s weak?

「 Lilith-sama, Ojou-sama is wounded! 」
「 Ah, sorry… 」
Noth was in a fluster as he tried to tend to him.

Oh, it’s true, blood’s spreading on his shirt. Seemed like his wound opened with that punch earlier.

「 Tsk, why didn’t she use potion!? 」

The lady quipped, but hey, she’s right.

「 Ojou-sama was completely banned from using the family’s fortune when she left the House of Adelheid. 」

「 … 」
「 … 」

Hey, was this guy alright? Rather than that, he was injured so severely, so why did he go around touring people around the city!?

「 …」

I wordlessly took out a potion from my bag and handed it over.

「 Oh? Thanks. Eh, you are? 」
「 Jean. 」

So not in the mood to be polite now.

She handed the potion to Butler, and he made Leon drink it. Basically, potions could be applied to wounds, or else drunk directly. It’d be more efficient if it was combined with mana within the body, so drinking was more effective.

「 We’re saved. I’m Lilith from the House of Debrand. Here, feel free to visit me if you’re in trouble. Everybody knows I’m Leon’s closest friend, so my neighborhood has been boisterous these days. Better stay away for now, though. 」

She took off a ring and handed it to me. Was this a token for when I go to her house?

「 I’ll keep this for the meantime, but I’m not a resident here in the Royal Capital, you know. Just refer me to a resto where I can have my lunch. So, what’s with that ‘Ojou-sama’? 」
She looked like someone who probably knows where to eat delicious food.

「 Lunch, huh. I’m not familiar with any restaurants except those that serve alcohol at night. 」
「 Then I recommend Romano. 」
Butler answered instead, since the woman was still contemplating it. So? What about that ‘Ojou-sama’?

「 She’s a girl. Leon’s true name is Leora Lu Adelheid. Well, she got a board for a chest, and she’s stronger than most guys, so there are more people who think she’s a boy. Besides, they call her Leon. 」
She smirked while explaining.

「 … 」

I did ask for an explanation, but you didn’t have to go into the details! So 「 Lu 」, that’s for the Duke’s House. 「 La 」 was for royalty, 「 Li 」 was for the Grand Duke. There were three dukes before, but there’s only two left now. Hey, did they plan to make it La, Le, Li, Lo, Lu like some kind of kinder phonics recitation!?

The shop next door sells sheets and towels, so Thame gave me a letter of introduction before I left. Sorry, but I wouldn’t let myself get dragged into your family feud.

I asked the shopkeeper whether the shop was going to be fine, but the answer I got was all about Leon. She didn’t get along with the nobility but she was quite popular among the commoners, though she had her fair share of making children cry. Potential eyewitnesses from the plaza till here would probably just give vague informationー or so he said.

I finished shopping without a hitch. It was a fabric shop rather than a bedsheet shop, and I got a few pieces of various sheets and a bed cover for the guest room. I didn’t have any plans on using that guest room, so this would be used to cover the bed. I bought plenty of hand towels and bath towels since Riche would also use some.

I refused their delivery service, then left the store. The goods here were either delivered directly to the house, or carried by servants, huh. They would probably mistake me for a servant, too, if not for that letter of introduction. It was pretty obvious that I wasn’t used to shopping in this kind of place before, though.

I【 Search 】and looked for a deserted place, then I chucked the sheets into the【 Storage 】 . Alright, time for that bookshop, er, food, huh.

T/N: Ojou-sama – young miss of the noble/ wealthy families.


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