Chapter 131: Different Types of Strength

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Dinosso and the others turned to me when Sara said that, but I’m empty-handed since I already packed away my stuff inside 【Storage】.

「 Is bread and cheese alright with you? 」
「 Thank you very much. I’m not sure if it’s because of Whyle, but my physique and condition doesn’t change, but I do get hungry. It’s been a week. 」

So meaning to say, it’s not that she doesn’t feel hungry because her body condition doesn’t change, but that she’s perpetually hungry. Seems tough.

「 Jean, can you call the other guys upstairs while you’re getting our stuff? There’s still enough time, right? Let’s disassemble this. 」
「 Will this child be alright? 」
「 It’s calm, so it’s probably fine. 」
Butler stared at the box while replying to Shiva.

「 Yeah, then I’ll be off for a bit. 」
Dinosso must be thinking of me, so he wanted me to stay away from this extremely suspicious Sara, so I stood up and moved away from the box.

Ears poked out of the box, followed by a sniffing nose.

「 I’ll be back soon. 」
He seemed reluctant, but he seemed okay with me leaving.

I ran while carrying the lantern. Once Dinosso’s team was far enough that I couldn’t see their light, I sprinted with all I had.

Tok, tok, tok — I skipped over the shaft like a ninja as a challenge to myself, but ended up bonking the back of my head hard on the wall. Ugh, okay, I will use my hands and feet properly to climb now…

「 That’s quite a loud noise. 」

「 Tri-Horn!? 」
Nope, just the back of my head.

「 Nah, I don’t sense any monsters though. 」
Dean replied to Retze.

「 Why are you still here? 」
For the last step, I jumped off and landed beautifully. No one would know my head banging mishap if I don’t say a word, right.

「Jean! 」
The kids jumped on me and hugged me.

「Jean! 」
What a scary face you got there, Ash.

「Wow, you’re safe! 」
「Seems like you’re unscathed. 」
「You didn’t wreck the floor under us, did you? 」

Retze’s the only one with a different response!

Chris’s ‘gut feeling’ wasn’t activated, so they deemed this floor safe. They decided to wait here for a few minutes because of the kids.

They decided that in case of emergency, Dean’s gonna stop the monsters while the other three will grab the kids and take them outside, so they watched over the kids while the little ones stared at the shaft.

「Everything’s almost completely under our control downstairs, so they told us to disassemble the monster.. Oh, and there’s a weird Daifu…. spirit and a possessed girl over there. No black monsters, no surge. 」
I explained the situation while patting the kids on the back.

「Weird woman? 」
「A soft-looking perverted girl. 」
A point blank answer to Dean’s question.

「Hey, aren’t you being too harsh on girls? 」
「Really? 」
「Maybe it’s the effect of the three fake confessions you got. 」

Retze and the rest were preparing to go down while Dean and I chatted.
The shaft was a little deep, so we tied the kids one by one.

Retze ignored Dean and focused on tying the rope on En. I’m not sure whether he’s about to retort but instead held his tongue..

He’s probably thinking of the manpower we’re gonna rely on in case of emergency.
I went down first and illuminated the place with a torch from below. Retze’s lantern was on his hip. Yeah, I probably should have given lanterns to everyone earlier.

「Yeah. Tri-horned rats’ nest, right. 」
「Did Shiva-dono slay more monsters than Valmour — Dinosso-dono? 」
「Hmm, what a magnificent skill this is. 」
Dean, Chris and Ash walked around the fallen monsters while checking them out.

The kids were also here, so we decided to gather them all first before disassembling. Everyone’s walking on the path we came back from.

Ash, Dean, Chris and Retze didn’t stop, but they couldn’t help but bring the lantern closer to check the monsters’ wounds along the way.

「Hey, this is quite surprising. Aren’t there way too few monsters defeated by magic? 」
「Why are you looking at me? 」
「Uh, nope, you’re not even carrying anything. 」
Retze subtly averted his gaze.

「He was worried that you’re going to demolish the tunnels, you know! We’re all gonna die if we’re buried alive, after all! 」
Chris grinned as he quipped.

「What the heck!! 」
「You’re rough, after all, plus you have a spirit, too. 」
Dean said with a wry smile.

Ah. So maybe that’s what Dinosso meant when he said strong like [normal]?

Right, if I didn’t know that spirits will be consumed, then I would’ve been firing spells nonstop, or even sticking the spirits directly onto my sword and body probably.

I don’t know any fighting techniques after all. This won’t do, maybe I should watch their fighting styles more carefully.

Ah, but aren’t they treating me too harshly?

「Mama! Papa! 」
The three kids sprinted the moment they saw Dinosso and Shiva.

The two adult’s lanterns they were holding brightened that place only. It was a really touching reunion scene. Nice, nice, great job.

「Oh, yeah, come to think of it, the girl over there dreams of becoming a wife, apparently. It’s just that she can’t do a single chore to save her life, or so she confessed. Anyway, those who wish to have a bride, good luck~ 」

「Is she a beauty? 」
「I can do whatever chore it is if it’s for my beloved! 」
「…Just who the heck will work to that point, huh. 」
Eh, is Chris also the type to wish for a bride? Retze’s really stable, or should I say realistic? Logical? Head over heart?

Ash and I followed behind the men who rushed towards Sara. The cat’s tail is still poking out of the box, so he’s probably still in there.

「How about you, Jean? 」
「Pass. 」
「I see. 」
Ash and I chatted while watching the family reunion, as well as Dean and the others boisterously arguing.

Ahh, yeah, this really is nice, huh.

… I was blissfully immersed in thinking about that, when I got pulled back to reality because of the mountain pile of disassembly work we had to do — it was huge, enough to make me sit down, cry (figuratively) and imagine good times with Riche at home and wishing this is over so I can get myself over there as soon as possible.

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