Chapter 133: More Animals

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「You heard it earlier, it’s a powerful spirit, right? What a waste~ 」
「Hey, he’s not the size you can just bring with you without doing any preparation beforehand. Better not to mess with him. 」
「If he puts you to sleep then you’ll be rat fodder. 」
Dean looked regretful, so that’s Dinosso and Shiva talking to him.

I didn’t forget to take the ordinary ore left behind by Roza’s group. When we add this up with the ores I bought before then I have plenty enough, allowing me to make a lot of stuff to my heart’s content for a while.

We got back to the citadel late at night, and we rented a room with nothing in it, not even a bed. We then huddled together like sardines and went to sleep. Shiva and Tina were surrounded by Dinosso, En and Vak, so they’re fine, but what about Ash? Well, guess it’s a bit too late for worrying about this.

「I wonder, we should be grateful we got a roof overhead and walls around, but… 」
「No need to worry about monsters attacking us, so sleep tight. 」
「I don’t mind the snoring, but please don’t kick me again, alright? 」

「Chris, who’s kicking, Dean or Retze? 」
Dean, Chris, Retze and I were lying on the ground in that order, so it’ll be a huge problem if it’s Retze.

「I didn’t drink so it’ll be fine. 」
So it’s you, Dean.

We had our breakfast cold the following morning before heading out since we couldn’t light a fire inside the room. Dean was straddling Chris when I woke up, but since his leg didn’t harm me in any way, I just let it be.

「Sorry for the wait, Ruta. 」
Brrrr — Ruta snorted as he trotted towards me. I patted him while putting his harness on.

Pretty sure there wasn’t any branch or stick that could be used as a bolt for the stall door to prevent the horses from escaping, but… Maybe I should compensate for the damage? ‘Coz Ruta absolutely kicked that door, I’m positive of it.

I gave a huge tip to the bedraggled-looking stable boy, then we’re off. Nothing of note happened on the way home.

We then reported that there was a surge in the numbers of Tri-horns while presenting the horns we gathered. Because of that, they would be checking the place regularly, apparently.

We’re lucky we got many magic ores sooner than expected without having to stay for the estimated number of days thanks to that surge, but it seems pretty tough for the people in the citadel.

And so, we’re on our way back to Canum.

「Ruta, I’m going to prepare the place where I can keep you, so behave ‘till then, okay? 」
They allowed me to keep Ruta.

Even so, I still have a lot of things to prepare such as the horse-riding ground, so I asked them to let him stay at the rental stable in the meantime.

「You’re really a softie when it comes to animals. 」
「They’re sweet without being two-faced, after all. 」
Dean seemed astounded as he said that, but really, I want to repay goodwill with the like. Well, I couldn’t help but put my guard up against people despite their goodwill; can’t help but be suspicious if they have any ulterior motives.

We peek at the food stall, and everyone munches on barbecue as we head to our homes. Yeah, a bath’s more appealing than restaurants.

「Ah, Daifuku. 」
The rental house’s second floor is visible from 『Ash Fox’s Back』 Alley, and I saw a white cat enter there.

「….That is quite fast, if I may say. 」
「Oh dear. 」
「Seriously? 」
「Seems like he listened to Jean. 」

My words and gaze caught Butler, Shiva, Dinosso and Ash’s attention.

Dayfuku? 」
「What’s that? 」
「What happened? 」

The Sightless group — Retze, Dean and Chris.

「Kitty! 」
「What? 」
「Was there something~? 」
It’s confirmed that En can really See. How about the other two? Did they miss Seeing it enter, or they really can’t See? It’s quite vague.

「Wait a sec. Kitty, as in that thing? The one in the tunnel? Don’t tell me it’s in my room, huh? 」
Retze bombarded me with questions.

「Yeah, it’s him. I’ll bring you a bed mattress and some blankets. 」
「You…! You’re already assuming that it’s gonna put me to sleep!! 」
Retze apparently gathered some info from Sara, so he was well-versed regarding Whyle’s ability, apparently.

「You keep him on your own second floor. It’s fine even if it’s the third floor! 」
「It’s pitiful leaving him on his own, and I already have Riche in my house. It’s fine, he’s quite docile when you put him inside the box! 」

「Noth…? 」
「He went overboard. You should rebuke him. 」
Dinosso and Noth were talking about something while Retze and I bickered on.

「Spirits can understand addresses…? 」
「This is a new addition to my pool of knowledge! 」
「Mm. 」
Dean didn’t seem to get it, probably because he can’t See, while Chris and Ash were still the same as ever.

「How about we go home first and enjoy a nice, long bath before talking about this? 」
「Yes yes. 」
「Ack! Hey! Get it back! 」
I obediently listened to Shiva and tried to go down the alley leading to the house, but Retze stopped me by grabbing me by the scruff.

「He’s a powerful spirit, you know. 」
「I’m not suited for this! I don’t dabble with things that are beyond my control, that’s my principle! 」

It can’t be helped then. I transferred the cat to the bed in the room on the third floor that Retze helped me set up.

The more I looked at Whyle as he curled up meekly on the bed, the more I saw it as a daifuku. Hey, can I knead him for a bit?

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